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The Peace Agreement on War Prevention

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King Gottwald Peter ID's
14 February 2019

The Peace Agreement on War Prevention

I King Gottwald Peter the Head of State and Government for the Imperium of Diamond's Federation, is in my interest represent the Peace Treaty Agreement for building the peace and eradication on the dispute of crime in activity of European terrorist Alliance states who are create a process of Law on own Civilization bankrupt and disease, with active risk of the war and threat agains't existence of their or foreign nation's, with International Peace and Security,
Is in interest of treaty, unite between disputed parties in strategical cooperation for centralization a process of dispute according the norm of Conventional and Civilized Process, therefore prevent a crime event which activate judicial and legal enforcement responsibility of self-destruction for actual civilization and government of criminal organizator and terrorism representative in own non-constitutional event and practice of terrorism under crime which have organizing in the level of government and supranational institution's, coordinate on crime in state prosecution and service of state control department, organize the terrorist, criminal and spy event in level of operation by civil population and national dimension of states, as the unit of terrorist organization,
The treaty prevent increasement on Fascism of States as Self-Determination for separatism and infiltration of International Institution's Law and construct the processes of World Supranational Bankrupt's of Organized Center's of all States, with overthrow of the World Order's and mechanism's of our World from Responsible Control, which effective allow build International Criminal Network's and Terrorist Organization's independent on Internationally Legal Mechanism's of World Peace Control, Security and Protection maintaince, and therefore the goal of eradication of criminal society activate as Nazism of terrorist organization is determined,
To blockade and judicially prosecute all internal crime event's which build the dis-legitimacy of own base of state, government and territorial sovereign right in legal law, which Internationally claim a right for states on their peaceful existence under respect of the rule and mechanism's of peaceful coexistence,
The treaty represent Rule of Law with based intelligence from Universal purpose of the Internationally Declared Covenant's of The United Nation's General Assembly, and The Charter of The United Nation's, if the Agreement is not signed and accepted by any entity or person, the person and subject therefore claim own resistance agains't The United Nation's Organization as executive separated body which in own statute of order and mechanism active as event of crime organization which therefore in state position abuse non-conventional purpose of state control and last state internationally diplomacy position's, is recognized the dis-legitimacy of criminal society as a whole, and the society as active resistant agains't The United Nation's Charter therefore lose own right for protection or advocacy and commitment under the Rule of The United Nation's.
The Peace Treaty is established, In effect on states in crime radicalization which create risk and active event's of conflict of war according originated purposes as terrorism, criminal assasination's, genocides, civil death's, criminal intervention and catastrophic terrorist affection in legal defendant and neutral territories of foreign states with active decentralization of legal government's in purpose to colonize, slave and rob a right of states, non conventional war as the event's of criminal belligerent which don't allow the function of Legal Treaties equally for Peaceful Dispute which legally protect the right of states on their civil integrity and protection, or recognization on right of states, and the criminal belligerent effective don't respect the legality and International rule of states, 
The Criminal Belligerent which together attempt on the effect of crimes and construction of Law of Conflict for the International Monopolization, Fraud and Threat with Risk of Catastrophe, as organized act of terrorist control and organizing in strategical abuses of bureaucratic process for protection of own stability of terrorist organization and power, during a blockade a Judicial process which must eliminate the terrorist network's infiltrated inside states, government's and supranational organization's, which in effect on decriminalization of terrorist society allow protection of peaceful existence of their states and growth of new generation's of state in not touch to the crime response, is act of self-occupation of own country and during recruitment of own state and civil population under persecution and falsification or censure a legal law and procedures, a terrorist network colonize own country and transform a state on subject of terrorist organization,
And The Crimes, in the level and purpose of terrorist organization as executive and officially effective self-determination recognized in name of states and civil population coordinated on crime event across country, effect of the state self-determination for radicalization, by the crime agains't own state jurisdiction and international declaration's, the process of state event as effect for own state self-determination as terrorist organization, the event of state therefore effective commit and long time durable in period of generation establish a claim's of own dis-legitimacy of all own legal statutes, by a resistance agains't own existence of state recognized in International Law and violation of International Rule which grant the right of sovereign existence of country policy, state and government, the people in crime event and crime acceptance activate the transformation of state and government for the position of terrorist organization which therefore control de facto own territories under purpose of International Law prohibition's,
The crimes of terrorist policies and their partner's, under their crime when their name of government and state is abused for crime which have effect on their crime violation of International Civilized Function's of Law and Universal partnership between states, is criminal partnership which create a global judicial claim's of all states, societies and institution's of the world, to claim a debt re-compensation for victim's and damaged on claim's as stable permanent executive law guarantees, a conflict is in responsibility of criminal policies of terrorist organization, in judicial and enforcement legal process with their response of crime without opportunity defend agains't the consequence of bankrupt of criminal states economy, government function and stable civilization, the criminal policies responsible for crimes in name of state is in effectivity on established state responses, recognized therefore as most traitor's agains't the state and government, most high level of national disident's, active as the terrorist and therefore is origin a duty in purpose for cooperation on elimination the criminal policies and their International crime alliance, in interest to defend the state and opportunity for state reproduction under legal purpose and justice of International law,
And conflict existence have effect on actual decentralization of The World Order on The Rule of Law of The United Nation's organization which provide for other states opportunity according their criminal interest's, open space for increasement in the new way of external conflict's and criminal dominance agains't justice and executive function of International Security Authorities, and Judicial Mechanism's, is therefore importance recognize the criminal people as Most World Terrorist Society which therefore responsible lose all right of executive political function, political statute and society participation, communication or medial representation, civilized connection, for strategy to isolate the terrorist group and legally regenerate the process for control-ship of criminal government,
Is determined important duty of all disputed parties together cooperate in Peace and prevent the conflict increasement, as a duty on The Rule of Law, together prosecute and punish all person's, organization's and societies in opposition agains't the Peace and Legality as The Major Criminal's in World Political Level.
The Agreement can advocacy, and enforce in effect, the people responsible related in Law, and the people related in justice and right of states;
International Level,
The United Nation's International Criminal Tribunal, with a right activate prosecution process agains't terrorist organization and claim freedom sentence according the taxes of International Justice, by the law enforcement in territories of The UN International Criminal Tribunal jurisdiction competence, and partnership with non-competent states for execution of crime group under the purpose of Law and UN Charter, together with the right of The UN International Criminal Tribunal for protection of The Universal Human Right Declaration with The UN Rule of Law, according purpose of The UN Charter Article 1 & 2, have a right to expand own jurisdiction in a territories of states administered by the terrorist organization's, therefore the territories without legal statute of sovereignty de jure, and therefore the statute of terra nulli give a right for The UN International Criminal Tribunal to expand's it's jurisdiction across such territories in de facto,
The United Nation's General Assembly, as World Democracy of all States with own declared response for World Security Control under purpose of The UN General Assembly Covenant's and right to prevent or punish and prosecute the crime by the terrorist organization, and in implementation of opportunity prevent dominance of Terrorist Organization infiltrated inside Supranational Bodies by the corruption and monopoly, is available for The UN General Assembly Declaration use the UN Charter rule for regulation and re-structuralization of the United Nation's Organization according need's of strategical prevention on the Bankrupt or Decentralization of The United Nation's Organization, or control-ship of important mandates by the criminal and terrorist societies infiltrated inside the network of organization, as a process for strategical security prevention on development Criminal and Terrorist Organization's in Independence on UN Justice, Security and Peace Mechanism's under protection by own criminal network inside the United Nation's,
The United Nation's Security Council with a right for activate the Resolution and a process of Sanction agains't active and executive dis-legitimacy of states infiltrated inside the United Nation's Organization, with importance for respect the bankrupt of terrorist subject's in position of the UN Security Council permanent member's and therefore without their right of vote or right of veto agains't resolution on their statute, and the UN Security Council have duty to protect International Interest which mean a protection the legality of the United Nation's without dispute on stability of UN Rule & Law, Mechanism's and Justice, which give the duty to The UN Security Council, use a right of Veto for any attempt of protection by the terrorist states in defense agains't defeating by the defender of International Peace, Security, Justice and stability of The World Order's,
The World Trade Organization and Supranational Trade Law Regulatory Institution's, as the organization's with right for the Commercial Arbitration, Ratification of Debt Bond's, and supporting the states of victim in their stabilization or stability maintaince by the protection of legal statute of state and government, unblock the criminal blockades and support prosecution of non-conventional processes of criminal violence on State Right's, also with permanent duty for activation and respect all purpose of sanction agains't terrorist organization,
The Supranational Organization's represented touch in dispute, the Political, Security and Economy Institution's which have a right prosecute a violation of their law or International interest's, as a process agains't criminal organization, in strategy for elimination of criminal superior and central bodies of control, with a right and duty to activate justice and cooperative build the process of International Judicial Prosecution agains't Terrorist Organization,
The Government's, with all right to advocacy and use legal process for own debt claim under the State Tribunal Justice, or Internationally cooperative network of State Tribunal's, and strategical protection of security of their state and partner alliance states by the Diplomacy cooperation in Public Medium and private governmental colaboration's, Secret Security international organizing, Military Alliance building agains't terrorist organization as society in statute of criminal subject which haven't a right in level of legally and conventionally recognized governmental position in Internationally Declared Law between the Legal Government's and Supranational bodies, is a purpose which conventionally origin a right for the execution of debt claim's and prosecute the justice by own intervention,
The Movement's of Policy, Legally recognized self-ordered societies recognized in International Law or Diplomacy relation between legally recognized states, have a right participate in process of defense agains't terrorist organization, or use a right to building own process of re-compensation according Internationally allowed praxes of legal classification for the political society and national or International movement's, which giving a right advocacy in national and international diplomacy own statute of pretender claim and right of re-compensation from criminal violence, together a right to build and activate the security operation's for defeating a state military force and in crime organization connected people with societies, as a claim of Self-Ordered Society for activation of own governmental function and sovereignty,
The Resistance Armies and Local Self-Defence Unit's, is a community with legal statute recognized by the Geneva Convention's, the Convention's which give a right to stand in armed opposition agains't government and develop own international diplomacy representation, or defend local area as community of free ordered scheme of people who have right fight agains't local criminal, mercenary, spy or terrorist unit,
The People Association's, association's of victim's or defender's of peace and justice have a right to participate on process of world popular cooperation and medium building, petition's share and with diplomacy advocacy a duty of states decriminalization, also isolate and separate criminal person's from their society with blockade on their touch to the criminal network's, activate application's for Judicial enforcement of crimes agains't victim's, and support their state decriminalization by activating their state jurisdiction right of anti-corruption, forcing a fraud or state self-determination agains't the disputed government with own non-responsible or non-conventional action of executive operation's.
Inter-State of Crime Event,
Supranational Associated Center of Criminalized States, in own response for security or protection of state legality, and with a right for states regulation for control-ship of their legal function, must use all own available mechanism's for controlling, limitation and elimination of all criminal policies and event's in their member countries, together with duty to support the process of justice under legal rule of law's, which strength opportunity eliminate the risk of criminal development in continue, and therefore support a prosecution of crimes by the Legal Justice or Military elimination of criminal societies as terrorist organization,
Minister's and Representative of Government's, have a right to control government representation for strategical competence on criminal network, and organize state decriminalization by the direction of state military and police unit's during coordination with state democracy bodies, media and International Legal institution's, protection of state legal function's and jurisdiction rule of state and authority, protect people democracy and freedom, support building the Parliamentary Political Parties coalition's in strategy to popularly defeating a criminal movement inside government's and states, with active application for Supranational Institution's and Neutral Government's to provide a process of cooperative intervention agains't the terrorist organization of criminal network inside their state and policies,
The Parliamentary Political Parties, in process for build a temporary coalition of Parties for Government Legality, the parties which claim a state duty to eliminate terrorist society and blockade criminal people, ruin and legally replace criminalize mandates of government and state department's, eliminate the terrorist event and decriminalize state for process of legalization and in case of stable opposition by the criminal network, the Parliamentary Coalition have a right agree for International cooperation which obtain the support of ratification the Coalition of Parties as new government of country without the member's of terrorist network, and in duty together with active building state event's for protest's agains't criminal government and process a self-determination agains't legality of criminal policies,
The Federal, Autonomy or Confederated or Possessed Province of States, have a right to claim Independence on terrorist organization, isolate the border's, build own army and security forces, manage own state trades and therefore join legal administrative body which in International Law and purpose of Justice of Trial, have a right to represent a claim on sovereignty, when the Criminal People member's and associated with Terrorist Organization will be cooperative eliminated inside the region,
The Constitutional Supreme Tribunal's, have a right to defend the legality of government and state, by the Judgment on suspect and punishment of all criminally connected policies, representatives of states and high level operator's of State Security Department's, with a right to obtain International observation on process of judicial prosecution and decriminalization of state together with mobilization of state police for active investigation of criminal suspect's, and state military for the defeating terrorist organization or control the Martial Law declared by The Justice of State,
The General Prosecutor of State Office, have a right to claim official state representation in International Level, if the State Prosecutor organize the Military and Police for activation a process on decriminalization and destruction of terrorist network inside the state together with elimination of all connected terrorist event's inside country, the Prosecutor have right to obtain International Ratification for right on transformation of sovereignty of government in representation of The Provisory Office, or use legal International Right which legalize the process of destruction a terrorist organization and re-stabilization of state constitutive stability,
State Service of Police, Military and Secret Service, have a right to recognize a determination of criminal and terrorist suspect inside the State Prosecutor Office and State Constitutional Bodies of Government, with a claim for operation of decriminalization with activate of investigation during a process of elimination of all suspected superior's and people of crime which allow for Police and Military unit's start control the mean superior position's including International representation of state, the Martial Law of state, and as Provisory Office of Government determined by the preliminary Convention's of Geneva Convention's, obtain all International ratification's on statute of government according Internationally recognized Law and Justice,
The Mayor's and Primator's of Provinces, have a right cooperate with Parliamentary Political Parties or declare own Coalition of Mayor's Political Party for re-stabilization legality of state executive function, or in case of disrespect and criminal blockade agains's right of political association, the Mayor's and Regional representatives have a right to claim independence on all criminal policies, claim detention and investigation of criminal policies, together with activation of own territorial border around the country and obtain International partnership for ratification of state legality during consolidation of all independent areas of terrorist organization, for new state re-stabilization during a process of national self-determination,
National People Association's, Assemblies and Movement's, have a right organize public protest's agains't terrorist organization and in case of governmental dis-interest in prevention on state criminalization, the people have a right to build the national assemblies for state self-determination before International Organization's including the United Nation's organization, without the respect on criminal opposition of terrorist policies in protest agains't self-determination and therefore a new state party have a duty to activate the own military force, secret security service and state police unit's to protect own security of people,
Non-Citizen's life in Country of Criminal event, have a right to use a right of legal justice and International rule, if states of terrorist organization don't process the duty for their decriminalization, the criminal states lose legality and their soil is terra nullius, every foreign person no touch in a crime response have a right to declare movement for new sovereignty and start extermination of all member's of terrorist organization.
The Agreement is Deposited in Archive of all Parties in Dispute, all foreign observer's have a right applicate for Agreement Deposit and establish the communication Procurature between Disputed Parties, and Validity of Agreement have a validity immediately in time of Agreement Release by the principle as Universally Applicable of Law in event of current situation.
aDuty of cooperation and mechanism for neutralization of terrorist war process and conflict purpose, prevention on effect of civilizational bankrupt risk, is duty of all sides in dispute;
  1. Understand a true, The Person of Terrorist Response can't have the administrative right in response of whole nation or department mandate recognized by the constitution or supranational democracy of states,
  2. The National interest of War under purpose which have origin from the resolution of Criminal Policies who abuse name of government and state for monopoly and protection of their terrorist organization which abuse their state and government diplomacy, is not possible respect as legitimate interest of state, and therefore all purpose of war mechanism is blockade as suspect in criminal abuse of state. The state have a right for defense, if defense need is origin,
  3. Every agreed contract's, agreement's, new treaties and novelization's in era of criminal policies is important suspect's, control and investigate on interest of activation and use, in interest for blockade all developed mechanism's of terrorist organization's, together in process on provisory use of treaties agreed by the terrorist organization if the mechanism of treaty is important for stable security and existence of state,
  4. Investigate all properties, possession's and valuables with foreign bank account's or trade position's of criminal person's in strategy on blockade the manipulation, execution of property as a possession of terrorist organization,
  5. Build the Assemblies of State Democracy and Control, for common prevention of conflict increasement and continuing, organizing people movement's for support the decriminalization of state and strategically control the media for prevention on decentralization or growth of dispute between state parties,
  6. Unite all Parliamentary Parties and Coalition for activation of pro-temporaly Coalition of Political Parties activated for Propaganda, Organizing and Mandate control of Terrorist Suspect Person inside government or state service department's,
  7. Build National Opposition Parties agains't the organized crime event's of national societies, and blockade a parties related to the terrorist organization, censure and isolate or dis-legitimacy all national and foreign person's and companies in connected relation of association of terrorist organization,
  8. Every citizen and national institution must be informed, about permanent duty absolute disrespect every command or information from criminal policies who are under their rule and direction transform state and government on subject of terrorist organization,
  9. Every Police and Military Department, Institution, Center, Squad and Personnel must be corrective informed about duty for cooperation agains't internal terrorist organization, and the responsibility in The Code of Conduct for Law Enforcement Official in prevention on corruption of state and government, together all state personell's must be investigated on their neutrality agains't crime response and touch with terrorist organization,
  10. Strength the partnership with state police and military, for elimination of criminal person in country those who abuse conflict for their protection from judicial prosecution,
  11. Prosecute and investigate every suspected person active as the member of criminal organization, and cooperate on crime enforcement in International interest between parties of justice,
  12. Control the Justice Department's and Constitutional Tribunal's and blockade all right of Judge who are is in connection with terrorist organization and people, suspect as criminally inspired, non-respectable for urgent process according all law, corrupt, fraud or counter in monopoly and falsification, and all Judgment's of suspected judges is need again's confirm by new Judicial Tribunal and prosecution's,
  13. Open all Judicial Processes of Incident, to the Public Medium according available security opportunity or need's, and re-connect between foreign Judicial Chamber's of states who are claim justice prosecution and re-compensation,
  14. Crime connected population of country is important detain and investigate, permanently control in detention for strategical prevention of building state radical protest's and terrorism in arm's, or separation of two state inside the country,
  15. Media have open right for obtain and share a data according the rule of UN Right of Correction, and investigate the data from public or close event's, legal information and existence of legal institution's, and responsibility of people in prevention on their connection with terrorist organization, don't will be censured,
  16. No Medial Propaganda for sponsorship of radicalism, terrorism, organized crime connection will be accepted and activate, all date of crime propaganda will be save in memory for investigation database, and deleted from public source, together with punishment of author for terrorism organizing or joining the terrorist partnership, propagation of crime is crime,
  17. Legalization only, and mobilizing cooperation with Parliamentary Political Parties and National Movement's for democracy choice of peaceful government respectable for law and justice, peace and security, with crime re-compensation,
  18. Respect the national civil movement's of protester's in democracy opinion if the movement is without radical dispute agains't side of legal party, organize the national protest's mobilization for state legality, by activation of the cooperation between all state public or private institution's, the universities, trade union's, people association's, political parties, business companies and bank's, 
  19. Associate Control the Mayor's of Cities and Regional Primator's, in strategy for prevention on conflict abuse for separation by armed conflict, and building mutual tolerance for peace which prevent radicalization of state, building the unity of states and control cooperation of Mayor's and Regional Representatives for coordination in process of stabilization a society from sugestion's of criminal organization and terrorist propaganda,
  20. Diplomacy connection with another state infiltrated or administered from terrorist network, or body of supranational organization controlled by terrorist organization, and as a subject without own active internal decriminalization process, must be sanction, blocked and investigate, and during this time nothing allow violation of International Law,
  21. Blockade of State development in Political purpose will be prohibited absolute, and all parties must support open equal right for signatories and recognization of the treaties of states, treaties between states, and growth of legal governmental executive function according legally available right,
  22. The apartheid agains't foreign state is prohibited, and all Foreign States will be between us recognized under International Norm's of The United Nation's Charter, The UN Rule of Law and Geneva Convention's, together with respect for The Justice obligation,
  23. Every state and governmental political party which have faced crimes of persecution and apartheid under violation of the United Nation's Charter, must obtain responsible sanitation together with standard diplomacy connection's, and business partnership equal, together with all right openly claim and organize the re-compensation according legal law and rule,
  24. The civil business is a right of universal rule of partnership between the states, allowed during peace, conflict or war, and therefore trade and business between states no will be maintain under blockade, as blockade which meaning the apartheid and persecution or attempt for falsification of legal entities and trade right,
  25. The business is civil mechanism of state control and development, to use a trade source, partnership and business right as weapon is not conventional process which is between civilized states prohibit,
  26. The political and non judicially civil prisoners, all illegally blocked and detained person's will be released, from every country and protected in mutual diplomacy, re-compense from all blockades on freedom, and the process of judicial prosecution as constructed event agains't justice will be active punished,
  27. Attempt in abuse of people by the hypnosis for their spy, slavery, persecution, robbery, recruitment for crime action, sexual abuse, or blockade and decentralization is act of crime agains't people Human Right and never is possible use the praxes of hypnoses as legal machine and process of policy, national reality show, private or organized event, media or policy monopoly, all act's on manipulation by the abuse of hypnosis is important investigate and judicially punish,
  28. Every person non-conventionally detained or blocked in territory of criminal state or another state, every where where the person or people is accidentally in the territory without their permission or application for their visa, enforced by the process of abduction, human trafficking, hypnoses or long time blockade and violation on Universal Human Right's, is a person therefore recognized as Extraterritorial, non-responsible on rule of the local-state jurisdiction and judicial or police law enforcement, and a people have all right to under civilized purpose use local state civilized source for their protection, social stability, own state important duties and transportation into their home country or state which have available grant the asyl or specific protection, the people of extraterritorial statute haven't lose on a responsibility in International Law jurisdiction and justice according their own state declaration's or International Universal purpose,
  29. The Families of victims on terrorism will be treat in honorability, morality and justice with all support's for family re-unification, social stabilization, re-compensation, and protect,
  30. All Non-Governmental Organization's have all right of partnership between parties, cooperate and protect people, join legal purpose of organization, and every blockade, threat or criminal persecution agains't the Non-Governmental Association will be investigate, punish, prosecute and eliminate by the Legal Authority of States,
  31. Cooperation with supranational organizations for strategical control-ship and global decriminalization is priority of permanent duty, in organized partnership under The Rule of Law, and the theoretical & Internationally standardized Rule for Effective Elimination of Terrorist Organization is recognized as true, the Supranational Organization's together with a government's of victim, have a right for active observation of the state process for decriminalization as The Supervisory,
  32. All purpose of non-conventional attack as Chemical, Bio-Organic and Nuclear War is prohibit, monitored and prosecute by the Military Police under International observation between independent parties,
  33. The State in Statute of Terrorist Organization have a Right for defense by the UN Rule of Law or Geneva Convention's, and therefore the subject of crime don't can claim or diplomatically attempt to contract the partnership or own interest for War, and all parties of dispute must together cooperate for prevention of all kind's of the war conflict, dispute and claim of interest, the war is prohibited.
The Process on disrespect of treaty meaning the act of resistance agains't the rule of The United Nation's Charter and Organization, the Resistant society or subject can haven't validity on the membership in the United Nation's Organization, and therefore the criminal subject which provocate and build the war agains't any UN State or UN Trust State therefore lose the protection by The UN Rule of Law.
Signature of Parties
King Gottwald Peter, ID's
Represent of state in defense agains't terrorist organization
Date: _______________14 February 2019_____/
The Royal Council Imperium of Diamond's
ID's Diamond Oasis North East Africa Bir Tawil CGO 01
Diamond Oasis city
ID's Diamond Oasis, Africa, 000 01

The Imperium of Diamond's Federal Government official validity in International Law of UN Charter, and The UN Trust State with Official re-cognization in importance of The Justice of all states and The UN Security Council international interest and world stability of global political system.

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The King of The Imperium of Diamond's
Legal Signature of 2016

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The creation of Consortia business entity as a legal person introduced Organizer
Organiser acquires the business parties, corporations and businesses at the state level, the foreign country and internationally, for the opportunity to ensure the growth of transnational relations business sides of the same category and thus their alliance to form a single entity activating the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's like a business Consortium at a unitary corporations representing General Council composed of many of the numerous range of business entities with legal personality.
Organiser is organizing a group as the third representative of the Organizing documents such entities trading parties in the form of consortia which are composed of all acquired by business corporations, and thus create a common trade as an act collectively to expand its network of sales offices with a new name legal society over the legitimacy of the Organizing Document of the consortium and this authorization to use profits from its own program, trade and investment by the joint development of guarantee contracts between traders consortium.
The consortium thus arises that three or more, and no limit on the number of parties business corporations the same size business category and merchants together constitute an agreement on trade cooperation as a consortium of ID's, and that means that the members of such an agreement becomes General Council as the main representation for body Consortium. The consortium is a fully independent body and its representation own dimension as the General Council functioning on the territory of jurisdiction of Diamond's Imperium, and thus no obligation dual taxation for persons from foreign countries.
The consortium and its General Council are therefore legally recognized as the second person with his own foundation's headquarters under the jurisdiction of Diamond's Imperium, and not against a foreign state.
Each consortium obtains legal address within the Imperium of Diamond Offshore's under the format of principle, while the right anonymous bank account of the State Imperium of Diamond's.
Organiser therefore own position only as a contracting authority with a registry document and produce evidence common parties in order to form a consortium and the selection of the registration fee which will be handed over to the official authorities ID's government and to confirm the registry of a new business entity in the ID's Commercial Register, it means the ability to start a legitimate business activities in the Imperium of Diamond's and the extent of such jurisdiction.
Organizer subsequently obtains financial share for its activity and gain a new member of the Group Consortium. For each consortium receives profits immediately in the event that the subject of the Consortium made a first payment of income taxes and profits. Profit from the creation of the consortium is ratified by the number for every single entity, while in the second ratification of a number of active business entities in the interest of capacities necessary for the full functioning of the consortium as a stable business entity, and therefore with acreage values ​​of the capitalist system ratification by market levels.

Consortium may be founded in order to produce oil companies, firms and corporations with electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, medical center or as agricultural centers and financial services, even the side of the bank from foreign countries together can launch function as a consortium of which there is one company form.
Consortium may be established for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of another legal person status, and to the Strategic Trade Cooperation in the Imperium of Diamonds or the use of a new center for the export of the product abroad, mainly as a second source to ensure their own development resources to foreign parties.
Advantage consortium for each business group, is the possibility of cooperation in a multi-national group and develop also thanks to intelligence and technological advancement from other individuals in the group and therefore is entitled to conveniently organize and develop as a group and with global selecting the best intelligence and values. Development is organized by the willingness of commercial parties in the interest of the provisions on deposit in contracting act of the General Council of the Consortium.
Creating the Consortium on the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's is an opportunity to develop trade markets and build common commercial properties on the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's, under the name of the state Imperium of Diamond's and legal registry in the territory of international waters, as well as to free orbit and subsequently in free cosmic space and on other planets in the cosmos.
This creates the ability to dynamicly developing at advanced level and significantly grow into the largest business groups in converting the entire world. Cooperation is beneficial for all traders and their interest in growth when using the multi-dimensional nature of global cooperation organized by the Common Market.

Multy Consortium

Multy consortium becomes subject which comprises a further alliances between several different categories of Consortia which are tied together related business networks, meaning the structure of the system of Internal trade organizations to build their own modernization of all groups Multy Consortium for using common resources. Market development and financial cycle is composed of its own closed cyclisation without inflationary rhythm. The groups will jointly develop and produce advanced level of their own capabilities.
Example activities and composition of the Consortium's multi-trade system when a corporation jointly formed a consortium single category of the market, such as consortia that may be composed of one business category, such as Metallurgy, is the second category Electronics, the third category Agriculture, and so on.
Consortia are therefore then collectively unite to form a multi-consortium that it may be active as a group composed, for example, a business category markets for mining resources and their laboratory production, followed by the category manufacturing solid materials, machining category, categories of construction technology and product electrical engineering and thus the sales or the economic and strategic use of its own internal management of the consortia, or trade on the open market.
This creates a multi-consortium. Multi-consortium may also focus on the public market, as is standard business corporation.
Multy consortium is also based on a system of cooperation with the Government of Diamond's Imperium for planning grants and financial development objectives or division missions and projects, expanded categories multy national dimension.

Business Categories
Business categories of legal business associations offered by the federal government Imperium of Diamond's

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Junior Business
Trade body at the social company level, but the foundation office in the form of legal commercial entity. Business entity is intended only for small markets and easy to work voluntary nature. Junior business is a form of trafficking for children from 10 years, child's who is Freely interested.

The body as a natural person presenting a certificate of proficiency in performance in the professional field, and thus the right to form a business as a contract company. Every natural person has the right to create an unlimited number of property firms owned by qualification and profession without reference to any other form of legal ownership of the name. The company is the physical association.
Start Corporation
Start Corporation is a business association that is designed for people who obtain certification for mental health condition and ability of professional development training is. Start founding corporation formed under the authority of an autonomous government Imperium of Diamond's why the owner of Start Corporation does not need any financial resources and expertise in the profession, while losing his own responsibility activities of the corporation. Start Corporation is a business-led management of the Government Office and the authorities organize the procurement of trade and development 'trade union. Corporate profits are determined to ensure the quality of life of the owner Start Corporation, and especially for his study or family development. In the period when the owner Start Corporation received sufficient education, the business association handed over to full management responsibility and ownership. If the owner fails to achieve the necessary qualifications, it will start Corporation passed in the name of another person in order, or will be made public outcry. Start Corporation is active at the public market, and particularly for cooperation with educational centers in order to provide practice for students during their education at the level of real business environment, and is a corporation or used for public purpose.
Register Company
The company provides for the registration of copyright and the arts of individuals and society by supporting the organization of business activities with the copyright value.

Offshore Management Service
The entity which is led by the retailers who are expanding strategy of the association on behalf of other clients entrusted corporations as owners of the business entity, or the Council Offshore Service Management team takes clients to the possibility of using the service team in order to create a new business entity.
Association of firms and smaller merchants who together create a partnership agreement that arises from a commercial entity as a legitimate company in order to function according to the size category of rights trading company.

Representation Company
The company belonging to another legal entity without a shared relationship, only destined for ceremonial matters.
Public Media Corporation
Television, radio, magazine, news and commercial act before a public audience.

3DD Real Estate Company
Trading company active in the digital world and the network business economics among others 3DD Real Estate companies. Virtual entity can possess anyone, without any limit while having the maximum number of other business entities.
Capital Company
Company managing only the capitalist system-driven market and thus activate the self-development of commercial interests and strategic development under capitalist stragy.
Investment Company
Investment company creates financial and development resources for other companies and corporations that use sponsorship in order to expand their own market and profit from investments to ensure the return borrowed for Investment companies.
Prime Corporation
Ownership of the business Company, only one person, and with the established management team. Prime-Corporation Limited own capital limit.
Comand Company
The association of two parties composed of persons as a financial investor and business organizer, thus to agree on a common profit.
Interactive Comand Company
The association of two parties composed of persons as a financial investor and flexible business organizer, thus to agree on a common profit. Flexible organizer of trade is only temporary partner that can be exchanged for another candidate to Community if the candidate will possess a better business plan than its competitors.
Holding Company
Trading company in order to develop transport logistics and establish cooperation as a supplier of goods under transit and either by private taxi service charges.
Building Corporation
The corporation focuses on construction markets, development of architecture and urbanization, and therefore the possibility of establishing a dual takings as its own center of the construction industry and activities of architect engineering and construction of the building. Construction Corporation consists of a number of professional experts and companies who jointly expand the building fund.
Market Company
Market processing and sales, management uses its own market when market activity of other traders and thus the creation of common own financial profit from the value added to the price of products and services.
International Company
The use of logistics management of international markets for the possibility of interactive planning and expand contractual relationships with global traders to develop their own gain and the structure of markets. The government has the right support development of logistics management.
Joint-stock Company
Business association with the obligation upon the leadership level budgets to the limit dimension of owned capital to the level of maximum profits without limitation except for the obligation to respect tax systems. Joint-stock Corporation issued and limits their own investment securities available for sale are the foundation of their prices by size of economic power joint stock corporation.
Civilizational Corporation
State organizes business in order to build new markets and business, raw, resource and financial networks civilization.

Federal Company
Company commercial interest only active on the territory of the Federation, or between Company bodies and by expanding own multi infrastructure throughout the civilization. The company has a widespread development rights at official level synchronization.
Multy Company
The association of a consortium of one category of the retail market and thus functions as a business company.
Commercial Consortium
Association of Corporate different business categories and the creation of business cooperation such as jointly owned other person associated corporations made up for the purpose of activities as a single business entity based on the form of the Business Council dealer associations.
Multy Consortium
Association of consortia to function as one company.
Management Company
The company with the register of trade associations that own the debt level of confidence of the financial crisis and bankruptcy, and there are obligations of the act entrusting the indebted business entity into the hands Management Company that extends the strategy of the foundation property uses many of the numerous dimensions of a registry operated business associations which are therefore in the hands of management administration form internal and public business strategy of common interest for the financial management and development of business entities with a view to ensuring their deleveraging and returning back into the hands of the legal owner. Indebted corporations that are responsible of its trade name.
Interactive Corporation
Group of companies based on a system that allows immediate own immediate ability restructuralization markets and internal resources in accordance with the strategic plan and emergency situations civilization and business markets. Corporations own source benefits and the right to activate multiple forms multy trade, as well as an interactive cooperation with Federal Bank.
Private Corporations
Publicly anonymous business entity is a form of private association which is associated with the business of government, and receives orders from the authorities of the states. Military orders, arms manufacturing, technology, special resources, others.
Intelligent Corporation
Corporations that contacts with other governmental and foreign merchants or services, and always with a view to selling the business intelligence development plans and building intelligence used to grow new projects in the rhythm of state business stability and also to develop new markets or increase their dynamics.

Booking Company
Trading company with its own jurisdiction in the form of a free trade categorization of activities in the space reserved for a limited period of time and with limited territorial zone. The register is kept at the offices of the government.

Corporations with form their own principles of jurisdiction and activity for the purpose of self-interest according to the contractual provisions with the government of the country.
OFFICE Company
Trading company that supports government and local authorities, with their own financial profit from operations in the fees for use of authority and the establishment of commercial and professional intelligence networks or Multi sponsorship, development and consumerism. The Office carries out political activity in public affairs, and it is necessary to respect the obligation of the company structure in sync with the authorities, police and investigative bodies governed by public action.
Research Corporation
Form institution and business entity uses its own business entity management used for the commercial application of research and securing sources of finance.
Planetary Corporation
Corporation active in the size of the planet and as a business entity expanding its own infrastructure company.
Stationary Corporation
Corporation active in the dimension of space stations and expanding as business entity owns the infrastructure company.
Universal Corporation
Multy business entity with its own infrastructure cosmic sources and industrial centers between planets in the universe.
Space Science Corporation
Research center with free opportunities to own and expand their own resources to develop the infrastructure at the research center and to research work around the space subjects special natural phenomenon.
Business Burza
Diet merchants in common centralization of business rhythm in the same direction, thereby resulting Mercantile Exchange as traders parliament in order to increase the centralization of market intelligence and enable a steady income logistics business development. Exchange is led by the founder, or representations that have been selected from a number of traders active on the exchange. Stock representations loses other rights of ownership and management of any other business entity. Exchange may collect fees for the financial register of cooperation and business development rhythms or register a trade with investment materials. The Exchange is a legal institution.

Your Primary option for Business Start ?

Corporation in Legal possession of Register people, and under management supervisory of Manager Council's of Imperium of Diamond's and Manager's Legal responsibility.
People in registration have profit from Corporate business activity, and duties for their own education in profession until time, when owner of corporation have certification for his intellectuality and responsibility for managing corporation.

ID Corporation's Start, open to everyone around the world, the goal is to stabilize markets and civilization of the country's ID, and the growth of the body corporatocracy.
Today, because of terrorism on the part of European governments, each Applicant has own entitlement to apply for a judicial procedure which means the right for full financial compensation for blockages to develop.
The situation in Europe, the influx of immigrants and migrants, each of which owns all rights to know such opportunities for their own development, and that because the federal government Imperium of Diamonds opens right of citizenship to all people around the world.

Please certified Your register in Notari or Lawyer Quartier, and with Your own description of Your interest for business activities.

Easy Strategy for development of the Business Infrastructure:
  • Free Autonome activity, open for Every One (as The First)
  1. Offshore Management Service Logistic center (Global Post comunication)
  2. State Comerce Center of Legal Affairs and Development Business (Organizers, Advocate & Analytic cooperation)
  3. Registered Corporation's in Contact List (Corporation's and Conferencies cooperation)

Registry Your New company Head Quartier and Your Cheque Claim
2,000,000,000,000,000 € in IDMD


ID's Registration of Head Quartier Company
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