List of Companies of Institution
Open for Organized Development
Category of the Industry;
Military Arsenal
Heavy Military
Space industries
Air Industries
Military transports
Security & Safe transports
Sea Ships
Military electronics
Telecomunication & Satelites
Navigation systems
Radar, spectrometers, Detectors
Sonar systems
Spyonage Computer systems
Spyonage technology systems
Robotics, Mechatronics, Mechanics
Development materials and constructions
Balistic missile
Laser technologies

Laboratory technologies and Science
...other companies, on goal 10,000 companies under own Institute management.

Please applicate The Contact Connection system in Your Office and Management of Trade Partner's:

Private Messenger Office:

The Imperium of Diamond's Government Form for Register of Commercial Subject's

Official Form type:

Registry Your New company Head Quartier and Your Cheque Claim
2,000,000,000,000,000 € in IDMD


ID's Registration of Head Quartier Company
Manager Office:

The META-National Business in Plan of Activation and profit of 10,000,000,000 € for The Acount Manager per first month.

Contractor Office:

The META-National Business in Plan of Activation and profit of 10,000,000,000 € for The Acount Manager per first month. The Contractor is Represent for Business connection between Private Security Personell's.

Message for All World Conglomeration Trader's:

The Business of partnershiop between the Conglomeration Companies in plan of building New Trade Network's in The ID's territories and found the ID's Manager Corporate Infrastructure. In the world exist more than 800 Conglomeration's, we are have capacity for every one Conglomeration on the world.

Message for every Electro-Industrial Company in The World:

Special META-National Conglomeration, Consortium of Electro Technologic Companies, active as one corporation with own source of material, industries, and marketer's, the company have own internal trades and opportunities of development, own projekt's building. First level of Society value is 1,000,000,000,000 € per start, increased from only Contract connection.
Industrial Robotic system's development
Autonomous manipulation, management logistic system's, own intelligence for product's factorization, ''Universal Worker's''.

Institution Military Colonies
Industrial Section in Izolation, and under protection, be the Military and Security Center, I. Level of development.
General Council of Institution, Act Right for Autonomous planing and Activation of Development.

List of Partner Companies of Institution
Open for Development
Strategy of Corporate Partnership between traders and corporation's.
List of Companies invited for Partnership with Institution

List of modern armament manufacturers

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The following list of modern armament manufacturers presents major companies producing modern weapons and munitions for militaryparamilitarylaw enforcement agency and civilian. The companies are listed by their full name followed by the short form, or common acronym, if any, in parentheses. The country the company is b sed in, if the information is available, follows that.
Company Country
Entreprise de Constructions et de Réparations Navales (ECRN) Algeria
Bersa S.A. (Bersa) Argentina
Complejo Industrial Naval Argentino (CINAR) Argentina
Dirección General de Fabricaciones Militares (DGFM) Argentina
Fábrica Argentina de Aviones S.A. (FAdeA) Argentina
Río Santiago Shipyard Argentina
Aspar Arms Armenia
Alucraft Boat Builders & Designers (Alucraft) Australia
Aluminium Boats Australia (ABA) Australia
ASC Pty Ltd (ASC) Australia
Austal Limited Australia
BSC Marine Group Australia
DMS Maritime Australia
Forgacs Marine and Defence (Forgacs) Australia
Metal Storm Australia
Noosa Cat Australia Pty Australia
NQEA Pty Ltd Australia
Strategic Marine Pty Ltd Australia
Achleitner Fahrzeugbau Austria
Diamond Aircraft Industries Austria
Fuchs Fine Guns Austria
Glock Ges.m.b.H. (Glock) Austria
Hirtenberger Defence Systems (Hirtenberger) Austria
HMS Präzisionstechnik GmbH (HMS GmbH) (trading name as STRASSER) Austria
ISSC Handels GmbH (ISSC) Austria
Madritsch Weapon Technology Austria
Rößler Waffen GmbH (also known as Roessler Waffen GmbH) Austria
Steyr Mannlicher (Steyr) Austria
STI Steyr - Sales and Services International GmbH (STI Steyr) Austria
MDI Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Naval Shipyard State Border Service (Azerbaijan) Azerbaijan
The Al Dhaen Group Bahrain
Ananda Shipyard & Slipways Limited (ASSL or Ananda Shipyard) Bangladesh
Bangladesh Ordnance Factories Bangladesh
Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) Bangladesh
Dockyard and Engineering Works Ltd (DEW) Bangladesh
Khulna Shipyard Limited (KSY) Bangladesh
Chittagong Dry Dock Limited Bangladesh
SFTUE Belspetsvneshtechnika (BSVT) Belarus
Beltechexport Company (Beltechexport) Belarus
Minotor-Service Enterprise (Minotor-Service) Belarus
SFTUE Belvneshpromservice (Belvneshpromservice) Belarus
Independent Development Laboratory Inc. (trading name as KB INDELA Ltd.) Belarus
The Unitary Enterprise Tetraedr (Tetraedr or UE Tetraedr) Belarus
CMI Defence Belgium
Herstal Group Belgium
VBR-Belgium Belgium
Džamp Corporation Bosnia and Herzegovina
Unis Group d.o.o. (trading name as Unis Group) Bosnia and Herzegovina
Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial S/A (Avibras) Brazil
Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC) Brazil
Embraer S.A. (Embraer) Brazil
Empresa Gerencial de Projetos Navais (EMGEPRON) Brazil
FT Sistemas S.A. Brazil
Gespi S/A (GESPI) Brazil
Grupo Inbra Filtro Brazil
IBRAP Brazil
Indústria Naval do Ceará (INACE) Brazil
IMBEL Brazil
Índios Pirotecnia Ltda. Brazil
Mectron Brazil
Opto Eletrônica Brazil
RJC Defesa Aeroespacial Ltda (RJC Defesa Aeroespacial) Brazil
Santos Lab Brazil
Forjas Taurus (Taurus) Brazil
Arcus Co. Bulgaria
Arsenal Corporation Bulgaria
Avionams JSC Bulgaria
Dunarit Corp Bulgaria
MTG Dolphin plc Bulgaria
TEREM Bulgaria
Vazovski Mashinostroitelni Zavodi EAD (VMZ EAD) Bulgaria
A. F. Theriault & Son Ltd. Canada
Areios Defense Canada
Bombardier Inc. Canada
Cadex Inc. Canada
Cascade Aerospace Canada
Chantier Davie Canada Inc. Canada
Dlask Arms Corporation Canada
Hike Metal Products Canada
IMT Corporation Canada
INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing Canada
Irving Shipbuilding Incorporated (ISI) Canada
Kodiak Defence Inc Canada
Magellan Aerospace Corporation Canada
MetalCraft Marine Incorporated (MCM) Canada
Ontario Drive and Gear Ltd. (trading name as ARGO) Canada
PGW Defence Technology Inc Canada
Reflex Advanced Marine Corporation (RAM) Canada
Seaspan Marine Corporation Canada
Seraphim Armoury Canada
Streit Group Canada
Viking Air Canada
Astilleros y Maestranzas de la Armada (ASMAR) (es:Astilleros y Maestranzas de la Armada) Chile
Empresa Nacional de Aeronáutica de Chile (ENAER) Chile
Fábricas y Maestranzas del Ejército de Chile (FAMAE) Chile
RMS S.A. (RMS) Chile
Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) China
China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) China
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) China
China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) China
China North Industries Corporation (Norinco) China
China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) China
China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC) China
China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) China
Guangdong Jianglong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (Jianglong or Jianglong Shipbuilding) China
Guangzhou Huakai vehicle equipment Co.,Ltd China
Hawk Group China
Poly Technologies China
Products Limited (MSB) China
Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicles Manufacturing Company China
ShenZhen HiSiBi Boats Technology Co.,LTD (HiSiBi) China
Xiaolong Automotive Technologies Co., Ltd (Xiaolong Auto) China
Armor International S.A. Colombia
Corporación de Ciencia y Tecnología para el Desarrollo de la Industria Naval Marítima y Fluvial (COTECMAR) Colombia
Corporación de la Industria Aeronáutica Colombiana S.A. (CIAC) (es:CIAC) Colombia
Indumil Colombia
ISBI ARMORing Inc. (ISBI) (es:ISBI blindajes) Colombia
Adria-Mar Shipbuilding Ltd. Croatia
Aeronautical Technical Center J.S.C. (ATC or ZTC) Croatia
Agencija Alan Croatia
Aluminium Workboats d.o.o. (AWB) Croatia
Brodosplit Shipyard Croatia
Đuro Đaković Holding Croatia
HS Produkt d.o.o. Croatia
M Adler D Ltd. (also known as Madlerd Ltd.) Croatia
Montmontaza Greben Croatia
Marina Punat d.o.o. Croatia
Tehnomont Brodogradilište Pula d.o.o. (Tehnomont Brodogradiliste) Croatia
Union de Industrias Militares (UIM) Cuba
Aero Vodochody Czech Republic
ALFA - PROJ spol. s r. o. (ALFA - PROJ) Czech Republic
Česká Zbrojovka Strakonice Czech Republic
Česká Zbrojovka Uherský Brod Czech Republic
CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP a.s. (CSG) (cs:Czechoslovak Group) Czech Republic
LUVO Prague Ltd. Czech Republic
Military Technical Institute (VTU) Czech Republic
MPI Group Czech Republic
STV Group a.s. (STV Group) Czech Republic
Tatra Defence Industrial s.r.o. Czech Republic
VOP CZ, s.p. (VOP CZ) Czech Republic
Zeveta Ammunition a.s. Czech Republic
Zlin aircraft a.s. Czech Republic
Société Africaine d'Explosifs (Afridex) Democratic Republic of the Congo
Danish Yachts A/S Denmark
Faaborg Shipyard (da:Faaborg Værft A/S) Denmark
Mathis Værft A/S Denmark
Karstensens Skibsværft A/S (da:Karstensens Skibsværft) Denmark
Small Arms Industry (SAI) Denmark
Søby Shipyard Ltd Denmark
Astilleros Navales Ecuatorianos (ASTINAVE EP) Ecuador
Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI) Egypt
Egyptian Ship Repairs and Building Company Egypt
Baltic Workboats AS (BWB) Estonia
Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) Ethiopia
Botnia Marin Oy Ab (trading name as Targa) Finland
Marine Alutech Oy Ab (trading name as Watercat) Finland
Patria Oyj Finland
Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) Finland
UKI Workboat Ltd Finland
Alumarine Shipyard (ALUMARINE) France
Carat Security Group France
CEFA France
Chantier Naval Couach (CNC) (trading name as Plascoa) France
Chapuis Armes (fr:Chapuis Armes) France
Constructions industrielles de la Méditerranée (CNIM) France
Daher France
Dassault Group (also known as Groupe Dassault or Groupe Industriel Marcel Dassault S.A. (GIMD)) France
MBDA Holdings SAS (MBDA) France
Naval Group France
OCEA France
PGM Precision France
PIRIOU (fr:Piriou (entreprise)) France
Raidco Marine France
Soframe France
Safran France
SOCARENAM (fr:Socarenam) France
Thales Group (Thales) France
Ufast France
Verney-Carron SA France
Volvo Group Governmental Sales (VGGS or GovSales) France
Abeking & Rasmussen (A&R) (de:Abeking & Rasmussen) Germany
Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG (Diehl Stiftung) (also known as Diehl Group) (de:Diehl Stiftung) Germany
EMT Penzberg (de:EMT Penzberg) Germany
Fassmer (de:Fassmer) Germany
Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH (FFG) Germany
Hartmann & Weiss Germany
H&K AG Group (H&K) Germany
H. Krieghoff GmbH (Krieghoff) Germany
JANZ Präzisionstechnik GmbH Germany
J. G. Anschütz GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Keppeler Technische Entwicklungen GmbH (Keppeler GmbH) Germany
Lürssen Germany
Mauser Germany
PTW KORTH Technologies GmbH (Korth) Germany
Rheinmetall AG (Rheinmetall) Germany
ThyssenKrupp Germany
Walther Germany
Legal Entity of Public Law — State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta (STC Delta) Georgia
Defence Industries Holding Company Limited (DIHOC) Ghana
BSK Defense S.A. (BSK Defense) Greece
Elefsis Shipyards Greece
Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI) Greece
Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. (ΕΒΟ-PYRKAL) (trading name as EAS) Greece
Hellenic Vehicle Industry S.A. (ELVO) Greece
Motomarine S.A. (Motomarine) Greece
Ordtech Military Industries (OMI) Greece
SuperTermoli powerboats Greece
HM ARZENÁL Elektromechanika Co. (HM Arzenál) Hungary
SERO Engineering Ltd. (SERO) Hungary
Arctic Trucks Iceland
Ashok Leyland Defence Systems (ALDS) India
Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) India
Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) India
Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) India
Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) India
Continental Defence Solutions Private Limited (CoDSo) India
Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) India
Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE) India
Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) India
Hindustan Shipyard Limited (HSL) India
Kalyani Group India
Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) India
Mahindra Group India
Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) India
Metaltech Motors India
Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited (Midhani) India
Narendra & Company Group (also known as Narendra Group) India
Ordnance Factories Board (OFB) India
Punj Lloyd Group India
SHM group India
Solar Industries India limited (also known as Solar Group) India
Tata group India
Western India Shipyard Limited (WISL) India
Indonesian Aerospace (IAe) Indonesia
North Sea Boats (trading name as PT. Lundin Industry Invest) Indonesia
PT. Batam Expresindo Shipyard (BES) Indonesia
PT. Caputra Mitra Sejati Indonesia
PT. Citra Shipyard Indonesia
Daya Radar Utama Indonesia
PT. Dok & Perkapalan Kodja Bahari (Persero) (DKB) Indonesia
PT. Dumas Tanjung Perak Shipyard Indonesia
PT. Karimun Anugrah Sejati Indonesia
PT. Komodo Armament Jaya (trading name as Komodo Armament) Indonesia
PT Mandiri Mitra Muhibbah (M-3) Indonesia
PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) Indonesia
PT Palindo Marine (id:PT Palindo Marine) Indonesia
PT Pindad (Pindad) Indonesia
PT Sentra Surya Ekajaya (SSE) Indonesia
PT. Tesco Indomaritim Indonesia
Defense Industries Organization (DIO) Iran
Rayan Roshd Iran
Safehaven Marine Ireland
Aeronautics Ltd. (Aeronautics) Israel
Automotive Industries Ltd. (AIL) Israel
Beit Alfa Technologies Ltd. (B.A.T) Israel
Carmor Ltd. Israel
Elbit Systems Israel
Gaia Automotive Industries Ltd (GAIA) Israel
Innocon Ltd (Innocon) Israel
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Israel
IMI Systems Ltd. Israel
ISPRA Ltd. Israel
Nimda Co. Ltd (Nimda) Israel
Plasan Sasa Ltd. (Plasan) Israel
Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (Rafael) Israel
Silver Shadow Ltd. Israel
SK Group Israel
UVision Air Ltd (UVision) Israel
Armi Jager Italy
Armi Perazzi S.p.A. (trading name as Perazzi) Italy
Armi Perugini & Visini (P&V) Italy
Arsenal Firearms Italy
Baschieri & Pellagri Spa (B&P or Baschieri & Pellagri) Italy
BCM Europearms s.a.s. (it:BCM Europearms) Italy
Beretta Holding S.p.A (Beretta Holding) Italy
Breda Meccanica Bresciana (widely known simply as Breda) Italy
Bremec srl (trading name as Renato Gamba) Italy
Brixia Shotguns srl Italy
Caesar Guerini s.r.l. Italy
CD.Europe s.r.l. Italy
Cheddite S.r.l. Italy
Chiappa Firearms Italy
Costruzioni Aeronautiche TECNAM S.r.l. (Tecnam) Italy
Effebi Group S.p.a. (Effebi) Italy
Fabbrica Bresciana Armi S.p.A. (FABARM) Italy
F.A.I.R. srl Italy
Fausti Stefano s.r.l. (Fausti) Italy
FB Design Italy
Fincantieri Italy
Fipa Group Italy
Fiocchi Munizioni Italy
HEKA s.r.l. (trading name as Giulio Bernardelli Manifattura Armi) Italy
Fratelli Tanfoglio S.N.C. (Tanfoglio) Italy
Giulio Bernardelli Italy
Intermarine S.p.A. (Intermarine) Italy
Iron Armi Italy
Iveco Defence Vehicles Italy
Leonardo S.p.A. Italy
Rizzini srl Italy
R.F.M. Armi Italy
Sabatti Italy
Shipyard Vittoria Italy
Vincenzo Bernardelli Srl Italy
Vulcanair Italy
Zoli Antonio Srl (Zoli) Italy
Daikin Japan
Hakodate Dock (ja:函館どつく) Japan
Hitachi Japan
Howa Machinery, Ltd. (Howa) Japan
IHI Corporation Japan
Japan Steel Works Japan
JFE Holdings, Inc. (JFE Holdings) Japan
Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) Japan
Kiso Shipbuilding Co.,Ltd. (Kiso Shipbuilding) Japan
Komatsu Limited Japan
Toshiba Heavy Industries Japan
Minebea Japan
Mitsubishi Group (Mitsubishi) Japan
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Japan
Nagasaki Shipyard Co. Japan
Sasebo Heavy Industries (ja:佐世保重工業) Japan
Setouchi Craft Co.,Ltd Japan
ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. (ShinMaywa) Japan
Subaru Corporation Japan
Sumidagawa Shipyard Co., Ltd. (SSY) (ja:墨田川造船) Japan
Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI) Japan
Jordan Boats Jordan
King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) Jordan
JSC National Company Kazakhstan Engineering (Kazakhstan Engineering) Kazakhstan
Kenya Ordnance Factories Corporation (KOFC) Kenya
D Dupleks Latvia
JSC Riga Shipyard Latvia
UAV Factory Ltd. (UAV Factory) Latvia
JSC LiTak-Tak Lithuania
11 Oktomvri Eurokompozit (Eurokompozit) Macedonia
ICEMAK Ltd Macedonia
Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation Berhad (BHIC) Malaysia
DRB-HICOM Defense Technologies Sdn. Bhd. (Deftech) Malaysia
Destini Berhad Malaysia
Megalodon Marine Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia
National Aerospace & Defence Industries Sdn Bhd (NADI) Malaysia
Perlis Marine Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (PME or Perlis Marine Engineering) Malaysia
Aguila Ammunition (trading name as TECNOS) Mexico
Productos Mendoza,S.A. Mexico
Tara Group Montenegro
Airbus SE Netherlands
Damen Shipyards Group (Damen) Netherlands
Dutch Special Marine Group (DSMG) Netherlands
KNDS Group Netherlands
Ortega Submersibles Netherlands
van Vossen Nautical architecture & Engineering (Van Vossen or van Vossen Engineering) Netherlands
Barnard Precision New Zealand Limited (Barnard Precision) New Zealand
Q-West Boat Builders Ltd (Q-West) New Zealand
Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON) Nigeria
Epenal Group Nigeria
Navy Holdings Limited (NHL) Nigeria
Proforce Limited Nigeria
Aerospace Industrial Maintenance Norway AS (AIM Norway) (nb:AIM Norway) Norway
Goldfish Boat AS (Goldfish Boat) Norway
Kongsberg Gruppen (Kongsberg) Norway
Maritime Partner AS (Maritime Partner) Norway
Nammo AS Norway
Umoe Mandal Norway
Air Weapons Complex (AWC) Pakistan
Daudsons Armoury Pvt. Ltd. (Daudsons Armoury) Pakistan
Global Industrial Defence Solutions (GIDS) Pakistan
Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT) Pakistan
Integrated Dynamics (ID) Pakistan
Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Limited (KSEW) Pakistan
National Engineering and Scientific Commission (NESCOM) Pakistan
Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Pakistan
Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POF) Pakistan
SATUMA Pakistan
Desarrollos Industriales Casanave Peru
Servicio de Mantenimiento Peru (SEMAN or SEMAN Peru) Peru
Servicios Industriales de la Marina S.A. (SIMA Peru S.A.) Peru
Arms Corporation of the Philippines (Armscor) Philippines
Government Arsenal Philippines
Ferfrans Philippines
Floro International Corporation (Floro) Philippines
Philippine Iron Construction and Marine Works, Incorporated (PICMW) Philippines
Propmech Corporation Philippines
Shooters Company Philippines
United Defense Manufacturing Corporation (UDMC) Philippines
AMZ-Kutno Poland
FlyTech Solutions sp. z o.o. (FlyTech or FlyTech Solutions) Poland
Polish Armaments Group (PGZ) Poland
Polish Defence Holding (PHO) Poland
Polish Navy Shipyard S.A. Poland
Remontowa Holding S.A. Poland
WB Group Poland
Wytwórnia Broni Jacek Popiński (WBP Rogów) Poland
Construção Naval de Fibras, SA (Conafi) Portugal
Tekever Group (TEKEVER) (pt:Tekever) Portugal
West Sea (pt:West Sea) Portugal
Aerostar S.A. Romania
Autonomous Flight Technologies (AFT) Romania
Avioane Craiova S.A. Romania
Romanian Aeronautic Industry (IAR) Romania
Romtehnica Romania
ROMARM Romania
Almaz-Antey Russia
CJSC Barnaul Cartridge Plant Russia
Concern Tractor Plants (CTP) Russia
GAZ Group Russia
Joint-stock company Novosibirsk Cartridge Plant (JSC NPZ) Russia
JSC Corporation Zashchita (Zashchita) Russia
Kalashnikov Concern Russia
Kirovsky Zavod Russia
Klimovsk Specialized Ammunition Plant Russia
Lobaev Arms Russia
Metrowagonmash Russia
Military Industrial Company LLC (VPK) Russia
Motovilikhinskie Zavody PJSC Russia
Open JSC Pella (Pella) (ru:Пелла (завод)) Russia
Promtechnologies group (trading name as ORSIS) Russia
Rostec Russia
Skat Russia
Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV) Russia
Trident Aluminium boats Russia
United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Russia
United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Russia
JSC Votkinsky zavod Russia
OJSC Zlatoust Machine Building Plant Russia
Abdallah Al Faris Company for Heavy Industries Saudi Arabia
Al-Araba Group Saudi Arabia
Fahad International Group (FIG) Saudi Arabia
Military Industries Corporation (MIC) Saudi Arabia
SAUDI Groups Saudi Arabia
Azimuth Dps Serbia
Belgrade Hunting Ammunition (BELOM) Serbia
Beoline Group Serbia
EDePro Ltd. Serbia
IMK 14. oktobar a.d. Serbia
Holding Corporation Krušik a.d. (Krušik or HK Krušik a.d.) Serbia
Prva Petoletka Serbia
Prvi Partizan A.D. (PPU) Serbia
Sloboda Čačak Serbia
Yugoimport SDPR Serbia
Zastava Arms Serbia
Greenbay Marine Pte Ltd Singapore
Lita Ocean Pte. Ltd. (Lita Ocean) Singapore
ST Engineering Singapore
Suncraft International (Suncraft) Singapore
DMD Group, a.s. Slovakia
Grand Power Slovakia
VYVOJ Martin Slovakia
Arex d.o.o. Slovenia
Ravne Systems Armas (sl:Sistemska tehnika (podjetje)) Slovenia
Tehnični Biro Ravne (TBR) Slovenia
DCD South Africa
Denel SOC Ltd (Denel) South Africa
Milkor (Pty) Ltd (Milkor) South Africa
N4 Trucks (Pty) Ltd (N4 Trucks) (trading name as Panzer Technologies (Pty) Ltd (Panzer Technologies)) South Africa
OTT Technologies (Pty) Ltd (OTT) South Africa
Paramount Group South Africa
Rippel Effect (Pty) Ltd. (Rippel Effect) South Africa
Truvelo Armoury South Africa
Dasan Machineries Company South Korea
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd (DSME) South Korea
DaeKwang Chemical Corporation South Korea
Kangnam Corporation South Korea
Hanjin Heavy Industries South Korea
Hanil Forging Co., Ltd South Korea
Hanwha Group (Hanwha) South Korea
Hyundai Heavy Industries Group South Korea
Hyundai Motor Group South Korea
JINO Group South Korea
Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) South Korea
KAL-ASD South Korea
LIG Nex1 South Korea
Poongsan Corporation South Korea
S&T Dynamics South Korea
SamKwang Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd. South Korea
Samwon Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd. South Korea
Samyang Chemical Co.,Ltd. South Korea
Shinjeong Development Co., South Korea
STX Corporation South Korea
VOGO South Korea
Aguirre y Aranzabal, S.A. (AYA) Spain
Aresa Internacional Group Spain
Astilleros Gondán Spain
Bergara Rifles Spain
everis group Spain
Expal (es:Expal) Spain
Falken S.A. Spain
Construcciones Navales Paulino Freire S.A. (Freire Shipyard) (es:Freire Shipyard) Spain
Fluidmecanica Sur Spain
Grulla Armas, S.L. Spain
Grup Aresa Internacional Shipyards (trading name as Aresa) Spain
Instalaza Spain
Navantia Spain
Rodman Group (es:Rodman) Spain
Colombo Dockyard PLC (CDPLC) Sri Lanka
Solas Marine Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Sri Lanka
Military Industry Corporation (MIC Sudan) Sudan
Dockstavarvet Sweden
Saab AB Sweden
Storebro Boats AB Sweden
Swede Ship Marine AB Sweden
Astra Arms Switzerland
Brügger & Thomet (B&T) Switzerland
KRISS Group SA Switzerland
Pilatus Aircraft Switzerland
RUAG Group (RUAG) Switzerland
Swiss Arms
(US subsidiary known as SIG Sauer)
Asian Marine Services Public Company Limited (Asian Marine Services or ASIMAR) Thailand
Bangkok Dock Company Limited (BDC) Thailand
Chaiseri Metal & Rubber Thailand
Italthai Marine Limited Thailand
Marsun Company Limited (MCL) Thailand
Sea Crest Marine Co., Ltd. Thailand
Panus Assembly Co., Ltd. Thailand
Thai Aviation Industry Thailand
Adler Silah Sanayi Turkey
Akdaş Makina Silah Sanayi İth. İhr. Tic. Ltd. Şti. (trading name as Akdaş Arms Company) Turkey
Akkar Silah Sanayi (AKKAR) Turkey
AKUS Silah A.Ş. Turkey
Alpharms Defence Technology (trading name as Alpha Arms) Turkey
Anadolu Shipyard (ADIK) Turkey
Aral Arms Turkey
Ares Shipyard Ltd. Turkey
ARMSAN SİLAH SANAYİ ve TİC. A.Ş. (trading name as armsan or Armsan & Armtac) Turkey
Arthemis Gun Industries (Arthemis) Turkey
Asil Silah Turkey
ATA Arms Turkey
Avcı Silah Turkey
Aziz Arms Turkey
BMC Turkey
Commando Arms Turkey
DEARSAN Ship Construction Industry ltd. (DEARSAN) Turkey
Derya Silah Sanayi Turkey
Dorkas Dış Ticaret Turkey
Doruk Gun Industry Turkey
Duzgit Group Turkey
GİRSAN Machine and Light Weapon Industry Company (GİRSAN) Turkey
Huglu Hunting Firearms Cooperative Turkey
Istanbul Shipyard Turkey
Katmerciler A.S. Turkey
Kayhan Av Tüfekleri San. ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti (trading name as Khan Arms) Turkey
Kırıcı Silah Sanayii (trading name as Kırıcı Shotgun) Turkey
Koç Holding A.Ş. Turkey
Kral Av Sanayi (Kral Av) Turkey
M&U Shotgun Industry (trading name as Tomahawk Shotguns) Turkey
Matsan A.S. (trading name as Diamond Shotguns) Turkey
Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) Turkey
Mert Arms Turkey
Nurol Holding Turkey
ottoman guns Turkey
Pardus Defence and Hunting Industry Import and Export Co., Ltd. (trading name as Pardus Arms) Turkey
Ranger Shotguns Turkey
Retay Arms Turkey
Safran Silah Turkey
STM Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. (STM) Turkey
Samsun Yurt Savunma Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (SYS) Turkey
Sarsılmaz Turkey
Trabzon Silah Sanayi AŞ (TİSAŞ) Turkey
Torun Arms Company Turkey
Turaç Dis Ticaret Limited Sirketi (Turaç or Turac Dis. Tic. Ltd. Sti.) Turkey
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) Turkey
Uzkon Arms Ltd Turkey
YILDIZ SİLAH SANAYİ ve TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. (trading name as Yildiz Shotgun) Turkey
Yonca Onuk JV Turkey
Zuber Fişek Sanayi Turkey
Aerotechnica Ltd. Ukraine
Kiev Arsenal Ukraine
Lugansk Cartridge Works Ukraine
LATEK OOO (Limited Liability Company) Ukraine
NPO Practika (uk:НВО «Практика») Ukraine
RPC Fort (Fort) Ukraine
Ukroboronprom (UOP) Ukraine
PA Yuzhmash Ukraine
Abu Dhabi MAR (ADM) United Arab Emirates
ADCOM Systems United Arab Emirates
Bin Jabr Group Ltd. United Arab Emirates
Mubadala Development Company PJSC (Mubadala) United Arab Emirates
Riviera Boat Industrial Investment Co. United Arab Emirates
Tawazun Holding United Arab Emirates
International Golden Group (IGG) United Arab Emirates
Isotrex Manufacturing FZE United Arab Emirates
Minerva Special Purpose Vehicles LLC (MSPV) United Arab Emirates
Accuracy International Ltd (AI) United Kingdom
Armalon Ltd United Kingdom
Babcock International Group plc United Kingdom
BAE Systems plc United Kingdom
Blyth Workcats Ltd (Blyth Workcats) United Kingdom
BMT Limited United Kingdom
Britten-Norman (widely known simply as "BN",trading name as B-N Group Limited or BNG) United Kingdom
Chemring Group PLC United Kingdom
Cobham plc United Kingdom
Cougar Powerboats United Kingdom
ELEY group Limited United Kingdom
Ferguson Marine Engineering Ltd. (Ferguson Marine) United Kingdom
Griffon Hoverwork United Kingdom
Holland & Holland United Kingdom
Holyhead Marine Services Ltd (Holyhead Marine) United Kingdom
ISTEC Services Ltd United Kingdom
James Purdey and Sons Ltd. United Kingdom
Lochin Marine International Limited (LOCHIN or Lochin Marine International) United Kingdom
Manroy Engineering Ltd. United Kingdom
Morgan Advanced Materials Composites and Defence Systems United Kingdom
MSI Defence Systems Ltd (MSI-DS) United Kingdom
OVIK Special Vehicles United Kingdom
Penman Group United Kingdom
Rangemaster Precision Arms United Kingdom
Supacat United Kingdom
Webley & Scott United Kingdom
W. W. Greener United Kingdom
Abrams Airborne Manufacturing Inc. (AAMI) United States
Advanced Defense Vehicle Systems Corporation (ADVS) United States
AeroVironment United States
Aero Precision USA United States
Alexander Arms United States
All American Marine Inc United States
Alpine Armoring Inc. United States
American Built Arms Company (AB Arms) United States
American Outdoor Brands Corporation United States
Ares Defence United States
Armstrong Marine, Inc. United States
AirTronic USA, Inc. United States
Anzio Ironworks Corporation (Anzio Ironworks) United States
APOC Armory United States
Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg. (APO) United States
Barrett Firearms Manufacturing United States
Bates and Dittus LLC (B&D) United States
Beemiller Inc. (trading name as Hi-Point Firearms) United States
Black Hills Ammunition (Black Hills) United States
Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS) United States
Bollinger Shipyards United States
Bravo Company MFG, Inc. (BCM) United States
Brunswick Commercial & Government Products United States
Calico Light Weapons Systems (CLWS) United States
Caspian Arms Ltd United States
Central Missouri Machine Gun, Inc. (CMMG) United States
Charles Daly United States
Charter Arms United States
CheyTac USA LLC (CheyTac) United States
Cobra Enterprises of Utah, Inc (trading name as Cobra Firearms) United States
Colt's Manufacturing Company (CMC) United States
Combined Systems, Inc. (CSI) United States
Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company (trading name as Galazan) United States
Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc. (trading name as Cooper Firearms) United States
Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services (DPMS Panther Arms) United States
Daniel Defense United States
Delta Firearms Manufacturing United States
Delta International Defense, Corporation United States
Derecktor Shipyards (Derecktor) United States
Detonics United States
Diamondback Firearms United States
DRD Tactical United States
Excel Industries, Inc. United States
Falkor Defense United States
Freedom Group United States
Fulton Armory United States
GA Precision United States
General Atomics (GA) United States
General Dynamics (GD) United States
Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding United States
Gravois Aluminum Boats, LLC (trading name as Metal Shark) United States
Gulf Coast Shipyard Group Inc. United States
H-S Precision, Inc. United States
Harris Gunworks United States
Henry Repeating Arms United States
Heritage Manufacturing, Inc (HMI) United States
High Standard Manufacturing Company United States
Hodgdon Yachts United States
Honeywell United States
Hornady Manufacturing Company United States
Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. (HII) United States
International Armored Group (IAG) United States
Ithaca Gun Company United States
JP Enterprises Inc United States
Juggernaut Tactical United States
Kahr Firearms Group United States
Kaman Aerospace Corporation (Kaman) United States
Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc United States
KFS Industries Inc. United States
Kimber Manufacturing, Inc. (trading name as Kimber) United States
Knight's Armament Company (KAC) United States
Kolar Arms United States
L3 Technologies, Inc. (L3 or L3 Technologies) United States
Land Warfare Resources Corporation (LWRC) United States
LaRue Tactical United States
Ledesma Arms LLC United States
Lenco Armored Vehicles United States
Les Baer United States
Lewis Machine and Tool (LMT) United States
Liberty Ammunition, Inc. (Liberty Ammunition) United States
Lockheed Martin Corporation United States
Manroy USA United States
MasterPiece Arms United States
MD Helicopters, Inc. United States
MG Arms Incorporated United States
Miku's Machine Manufacturing United States
Moose Boats United States
Navistar International Corporation (trading name as Navistar Defense) United States
Nesika Bay Precision United States
NonLethal Technologies, Inc. (NLT) United States
Noreen Firearms LLC United States
North American Arms United States
Northrop Grumman Corporation United States
Norton Firearms, Inc United States
Nosler United States
Noveske Rifleworks (Noveske) United States
O.F. Mossberg & Sons (Mossberg) United States
Olympic Arms United States
Orbital ATK Inc. United States
Oshkosh Defense, LLC (trading name as Oshkosh Defense) United States
Palmetto State Armory (PSA) United States
Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF-USA) United States
Polaris Industries United States
PolyCase Ammunition United States
Raytheon Company United States
RND Manufacturing United States
Rock River Arms United States
Rockwell Collins United States
Safariland, LLC United States
SAFE Boats International (SBI) United States
Sage Ordnance Systems Group United States
Scorpion Armaments United States
Seekins Precision United States
Serbu Firearms United States
SilencerCo United States
Silver Ships, Inc. United States
Special OPS Tactical (SOT) United States
Springfield Armory United States
SSK Industries United States
STIDD Systems, Inc (STIDD or STIDD Systems) United States
STI International United States
Stiller's Precision Firearms, LLC United States
Strategic Armory Corps, LLC (S.A.C.) United States
Strayer Voigt Inc United States
Sturm, Ruger, & Co. (Ruger) United States
Swiftships, LLC, United States
Taser International United States
Textron, Inc. United States
THOR Global Defense Group United States
Traditions Firearms United States
TriStar Sporting Arms, Ltd. (TriStar Arms) United States
Troy Industries, Inc. United States
United States Marine, Inc. (USMI) United States
U.S. Ordnance Inc. (USORD) United States
Vigor Industrial LLC (Vigor) United States
Vista Outdoor Operations LLC. (Vista Outdoor) United States
Weatherby, Inc. United States
White Sound Defense United States
Willard Marine Incorporated (Willard Marine) United States
William E. Munson Company (trading name as Munson Boat Company) United States
Xtreme Machining United States
Yankee Hill Machine (YHM) United States
Compañía Anónima Venezolana de Industrias Militares (CAVIM) (es:Compañía Anónima Venezolana de Industrias Militares) Venezuela
Unidad Naval Coordinadora de los Servicios de Carenado de la Armada (UCOCAR) Venezuela
Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (SBIC) Vietnam
Song Thu corporation (vi:Tổng công ty Sông Thu) Vietnam
Zimbabwe Defence Industries Zimbabwe
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The creation of Consortia business entity as a legal person introduced Organizer
Organiser acquires the business parties, corporations and businesses at the state level, the foreign country and internationally, for the opportunity to ensure the growth of transnational relations business sides of the same category and thus their alliance to form a single entity activating the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's like a business Consortium at a unitary corporations representing General Council composed of many of the numerous range of business entities with legal personality.
Organiser is organizing a group as the third representative of the Organizing documents such entities trading parties in the form of consortia which are composed of all acquired by business corporations, and thus create a common trade as an act collectively to expand its network of sales offices with a new name legal society over the legitimacy of the Organizing Document of the consortium and this authorization to use profits from its own program, trade and investment by the joint development of guarantee contracts between traders consortium.
The consortium thus arises that three or more, and no limit on the number of parties business corporations the same size business category and merchants together constitute an agreement on trade cooperation as a consortium of ID's, and that means that the members of such an agreement becomes General Council as the main representation for body Consortium. The consortium is a fully independent body and its representation own dimension as the General Council functioning on the territory of jurisdiction of Diamond's Imperium, and thus no obligation dual taxation for persons from foreign countries.
The consortium and its General Council are therefore legally recognized as the second person with his own foundation's headquarters under the jurisdiction of Diamond's Imperium, and not against a foreign state.
Each consortium obtains legal address within the Imperium of Diamond Offshore's under the format of principle, while the right anonymous bank account of the State Imperium of Diamond's.
Organiser therefore own position only as a contracting authority with a registry document and produce evidence common parties in order to form a consortium and the selection of the registration fee which will be handed over to the official authorities ID's government and to confirm the registry of a new business entity in the ID's Commercial Register, it means the ability to start a legitimate business activities in the Imperium of Diamond's and the extent of such jurisdiction.
Organizer subsequently obtains financial share for its activity and gain a new member of the Group Consortium. For each consortium receives profits immediately in the event that the subject of the Consortium made a first payment of income taxes and profits. Profit from the creation of the consortium is ratified by the number for every single entity, while in the second ratification of a number of active business entities in the interest of capacities necessary for the full functioning of the consortium as a stable business entity, and therefore with acreage values ​​of the capitalist system ratification by market levels.

Consortium may be founded in order to produce oil companies, firms and corporations with electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, medical center or as agricultural centers and financial services, even the side of the bank from foreign countries together can launch function as a consortium of which there is one company form.
Consortium may be established for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of another legal person status, and to the Strategic Trade Cooperation in the Imperium of Diamonds or the use of a new center for the export of the product abroad, mainly as a second source to ensure their own development resources to foreign parties.
Advantage consortium for each business group, is the possibility of cooperation in a multi-national group and develop also thanks to intelligence and technological advancement from other individuals in the group and therefore is entitled to conveniently organize and develop as a group and with global selecting the best intelligence and values. Development is organized by the willingness of commercial parties in the interest of the provisions on deposit in contracting act of the General Council of the Consortium.
Creating the Consortium on the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's is an opportunity to develop trade markets and build common commercial properties on the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's, under the name of the state Imperium of Diamond's and legal registry in the territory of international waters, as well as to free orbit and subsequently in free cosmic space and on other planets in the cosmos.
This creates the ability to dynamicly developing at advanced level and significantly grow into the largest business groups in converting the entire world. Cooperation is beneficial for all traders and their interest in growth when using the multi-dimensional nature of global cooperation organized by the Common Market.

Multy Consortium

Multy consortium becomes subject which comprises a further alliances between several different categories of Consortia which are tied together related business networks, meaning the structure of the system of Internal trade organizations to build their own modernization of all groups Multy Consortium for using common resources. Market development and financial cycle is composed of its own closed cyclisation without inflationary rhythm. The groups will jointly develop and produce advanced level of their own capabilities.
Example activities and composition of the Consortium's multi-trade system when a corporation jointly formed a consortium single category of the market, such as consortia that may be composed of one business category, such as Metallurgy, is the second category Electronics, the third category Agriculture, and so on.
Consortia are therefore then collectively unite to form a multi-consortium that it may be active as a group composed, for example, a business category markets for mining resources and their laboratory production, followed by the category manufacturing solid materials, machining category, categories of construction technology and product electrical engineering and thus the sales or the economic and strategic use of its own internal management of the consortia, or trade on the open market.
This creates a multi-consortium. Multi-consortium may also focus on the public market, as is standard business corporation.
Multy consortium is also based on a system of cooperation with the Government of Diamond's Imperium for planning grants and financial development objectives or division missions and projects, expanded categories multy national dimension.

Business Categories
Business categories of legal business associations offered by the federal government Imperium of Diamond's

The Imperium of Diamond's Government Form for Register of Commercial Subject's

Official Form type:
Junior Business
Trade body at the social company level, but the foundation office in the form of legal commercial entity. Business entity is intended only for small markets and easy to work voluntary nature. Junior business is a form of trafficking for children from 10 years, child's who is Freely interested.

The body as a natural person presenting a certificate of proficiency in performance in the professional field, and thus the right to form a business as a contract company. Every natural person has the right to create an unlimited number of property firms owned by qualification and profession without reference to any other form of legal ownership of the name. The company is the physical association.
Start Corporation
Start Corporation is a business association that is designed for people who obtain certification for mental health condition and ability of professional development training is. Start founding corporation formed under the authority of an autonomous government Imperium of Diamond's why the owner of Start Corporation does not need any financial resources and expertise in the profession, while losing his own responsibility activities of the corporation. Start Corporation is a business-led management of the Government Office and the authorities organize the procurement of trade and development 'trade union. Corporate profits are determined to ensure the quality of life of the owner Start Corporation, and especially for his study or family development. In the period when the owner Start Corporation received sufficient education, the business association handed over to full management responsibility and ownership. If the owner fails to achieve the necessary qualifications, it will start Corporation passed in the name of another person in order, or will be made public outcry. Start Corporation is active at the public market, and particularly for cooperation with educational centers in order to provide practice for students during their education at the level of real business environment, and is a corporation or used for public purpose.
Register Company
The company provides for the registration of copyright and the arts of individuals and society by supporting the organization of business activities with the copyright value.

Offshore Management Service
The entity which is led by the retailers who are expanding strategy of the association on behalf of other clients entrusted corporations as owners of the business entity, or the Council Offshore Service Management team takes clients to the possibility of using the service team in order to create a new business entity.
Association of firms and smaller merchants who together create a partnership agreement that arises from a commercial entity as a legitimate company in order to function according to the size category of rights trading company.

Representation Company
The company belonging to another legal entity without a shared relationship, only destined for ceremonial matters.
Public Media Corporation
Television, radio, magazine, news and commercial act before a public audience.

3DD Real Estate Company
Trading company active in the digital world and the network business economics among others 3DD Real Estate companies. Virtual entity can possess anyone, without any limit while having the maximum number of other business entities.
Capital Company
Company managing only the capitalist system-driven market and thus activate the self-development of commercial interests and strategic development under capitalist stragy.
Investment Company
Investment company creates financial and development resources for other companies and corporations that use sponsorship in order to expand their own market and profit from investments to ensure the return borrowed for Investment companies.
Prime Corporation
Ownership of the business Company, only one person, and with the established management team. Prime-Corporation Limited own capital limit.
Comand Company
The association of two parties composed of persons as a financial investor and business organizer, thus to agree on a common profit.
Interactive Comand Company
The association of two parties composed of persons as a financial investor and flexible business organizer, thus to agree on a common profit. Flexible organizer of trade is only temporary partner that can be exchanged for another candidate to Community if the candidate will possess a better business plan than its competitors.
Holding Company
Trading company in order to develop transport logistics and establish cooperation as a supplier of goods under transit and either by private taxi service charges.
Building Corporation
The corporation focuses on construction markets, development of architecture and urbanization, and therefore the possibility of establishing a dual takings as its own center of the construction industry and activities of architect engineering and construction of the building. Construction Corporation consists of a number of professional experts and companies who jointly expand the building fund.
Market Company
Market processing and sales, management uses its own market when market activity of other traders and thus the creation of common own financial profit from the value added to the price of products and services.
International Company
The use of logistics management of international markets for the possibility of interactive planning and expand contractual relationships with global traders to develop their own gain and the structure of markets. The government has the right support development of logistics management.
Joint-stock Company
Business association with the obligation upon the leadership level budgets to the limit dimension of owned capital to the level of maximum profits without limitation except for the obligation to respect tax systems. Joint-stock Corporation issued and limits their own investment securities available for sale are the foundation of their prices by size of economic power joint stock corporation.
Civilizational Corporation
State organizes business in order to build new markets and business, raw, resource and financial networks civilization.

Federal Company
Company commercial interest only active on the territory of the Federation, or between Company bodies and by expanding own multi infrastructure throughout the civilization. The company has a widespread development rights at official level synchronization.
Multy Company
The association of a consortium of one category of the retail market and thus functions as a business company.
Commercial Consortium
Association of Corporate different business categories and the creation of business cooperation such as jointly owned other person associated corporations made up for the purpose of activities as a single business entity based on the form of the Business Council dealer associations.
Multy Consortium
Association of consortia to function as one company.
Management Company
The company with the register of trade associations that own the debt level of confidence of the financial crisis and bankruptcy, and there are obligations of the act entrusting the indebted business entity into the hands Management Company that extends the strategy of the foundation property uses many of the numerous dimensions of a registry operated business associations which are therefore in the hands of management administration form internal and public business strategy of common interest for the financial management and development of business entities with a view to ensuring their deleveraging and returning back into the hands of the legal owner. Indebted corporations that are responsible of its trade name.
Interactive Corporation
Group of companies based on a system that allows immediate own immediate ability restructuralization markets and internal resources in accordance with the strategic plan and emergency situations civilization and business markets. Corporations own source benefits and the right to activate multiple forms multy trade, as well as an interactive cooperation with Federal Bank.
Private Corporations
Publicly anonymous business entity is a form of private association which is associated with the business of government, and receives orders from the authorities of the states. Military orders, arms manufacturing, technology, special resources, others.
Intelligent Corporation
Corporations that contacts with other governmental and foreign merchants or services, and always with a view to selling the business intelligence development plans and building intelligence used to grow new projects in the rhythm of state business stability and also to develop new markets or increase their dynamics.

Booking Company
Trading company with its own jurisdiction in the form of a free trade categorization of activities in the space reserved for a limited period of time and with limited territorial zone. The register is kept at the offices of the government.

Corporations with form their own principles of jurisdiction and activity for the purpose of self-interest according to the contractual provisions with the government of the country.
OFFICE Company
Trading company that supports government and local authorities, with their own financial profit from operations in the fees for use of authority and the establishment of commercial and professional intelligence networks or Multi sponsorship, development and consumerism. The Office carries out political activity in public affairs, and it is necessary to respect the obligation of the company structure in sync with the authorities, police and investigative bodies governed by public action.
Research Corporation
Form institution and business entity uses its own business entity management used for the commercial application of research and securing sources of finance.
Planetary Corporation
Corporation active in the size of the planet and as a business entity expanding its own infrastructure company.
Stationary Corporation
Corporation active in the dimension of space stations and expanding as business entity owns the infrastructure company.
Universal Corporation
Multy business entity with its own infrastructure cosmic sources and industrial centers between planets in the universe.
Space Science Corporation
Research center with free opportunities to own and expand their own resources to develop the infrastructure at the research center and to research work around the space subjects special natural phenomenon.
Business Burza
Diet merchants in common centralization of business rhythm in the same direction, thereby resulting Mercantile Exchange as traders parliament in order to increase the centralization of market intelligence and enable a steady income logistics business development. Exchange is led by the founder, or representations that have been selected from a number of traders active on the exchange. Stock representations loses other rights of ownership and management of any other business entity. Exchange may collect fees for the financial register of cooperation and business development rhythms or register a trade with investment materials. The Exchange is a legal institution.

Your Primary option for Business Start ?

Corporation in Legal possession of Register people, and under management supervisory of Manager Council's of Imperium of Diamond's and Manager's Legal responsibility.
People in registration have profit from Corporate business activity, and duties for their own education in profession until time, when owner of corporation have certification for his intellectuality and responsibility for managing corporation.

ID Corporation's Start, open to everyone around the world, the goal is to stabilize markets and civilization of the country's ID, and the growth of the body corporatocracy.
Today, because of terrorism on the part of European governments, each Applicant has own entitlement to apply for a judicial procedure which means the right for full financial compensation for blockages to develop.
The situation in Europe, the influx of immigrants and migrants, each of which owns all rights to know such opportunities for their own development, and that because the federal government Imperium of Diamonds opens right of citizenship to all people around the world.

Please certified Your register in Notari or Lawyer Quartier, and with Your own description of Your interest for business activities.

Easy Strategy for development of the Business Infrastructure:
  • Free Autonome activity, open for Every One (as The First)
  1. Offshore Management Service Logistic center (Global Post comunication)
  2. State Comerce Center of Legal Affairs and Development Business (Organizers, Advocate & Analytic cooperation)
  3. Registered Corporation's in Contact List (Corporation's and Conferencies cooperation)

Registry Your New company Head Quartier and Your Cheque Claim
2,000,000,000,000,000 € in IDMD


ID's Registration of Head Quartier Company
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