The Federal Government of
The Imperium of Diamond's

The One World Global Coalition Party

The ONE WORLD Coalition of Parliamentary Political Parties
Official Document:
One World Coalition in Multinational Legalization (04:54)
King Gottwald Peter ID's
15 July 2019

The Connection in Neutral Immunity of Law:
Right oif Association in Organized Community, Open Communication and Media Activity, Organized Business, International Travel in Protection by Law, Global Project's.

The One World Idea of Vision

Follow The King, and Rise for The One World Your Power !
The One World Vision !
The One World is expression of absolute natural vision of humanity and our world existence, out of the vision a nationalist formation's of border's between states and barricades of nation's which only differenced a People of Great Mankind, where all of us is born equal on planet Earth, the Earth which are is our universal mother country, the place where naturally we are all people have our own citizenship, and our own nationality is a world where not existed the border which have origin in the vision of one party who are want to centralize their local power of control into a board's, and slave their people for only own party profit.
Our world humanity, across millennia, from time of our origin, have building a process of development of nation's, in our human start in lower civilization level, where the people don't have ability to meet together, share a data and intelligences, we are rise without ability to build our diplomacy, without opportunity to unite between people of oversea continent's, and therefore the border's of our nation's is only symbol of the last barbarian time of mankind where a development of our nationality is build under cause of lower civilization level where a people haven't ability to recognize their true identity and citizenship of our planet, the World of Earth where we are have a right to life equally as one citizen's, and therefore our millennia of humanity is only a time of human lose.
And today time, we are life in the world where our political globalism is in the level, and global political understand in democracy of nation's, where we are people have a right to accept and choice, we are have a right to determine a true of our natural existence in purpose of universally united world, where hasn't existed the border's of nation's, and we are increase in our unity as one nation of the Earth, one government of the planet, and one people who are is born equal in our world of humanity, and this is our right of the mankind because we are is here born for it, we are is all equally born as The Human's !
The People, we are is born on planet Earth where we are have equal right to life here as one citizen's, because this is most universal natural true, bud the border's of Your nation is only the ideology of supreme party, a small group of political leader's, who are for their own prosperity control the masses of nation, and therefore in time of Your own childhood at first ability of Your opportunity to understand Your natural right for life in open world between all human's as one nation, in such time when You are never choice the isolation border's for Your Life of Human Kind, You are is slave by the ideology of Your National Border's, which are only isolate You are, Your family, and build the prison of Your nation which in self-suggestion generation to generation isolate a lifes of Your nation in the border's as a great wall agains't the whole world, the Great Wall which are now Your people use for self-isolation agains't whole world which is Your Natural country, the Planet Earth Your natural homeland.
The Border's of Your Territorial Nation, is a border of Your Self-Recognization which You are obtain in childhood without Your own choice, and this territorial border are blockade You in free global life, open space of Your development in level of the world, the blockade agains't Your world energies and development source and capacities, blockade agains't Your world liberties and freedom, the border's established only for Your self-isolated life in one small country which never have the competition power agains't the Greatness of Whole World and Your Natural Right for Life of Global Citizen !
Never in the life of human, has a child own determination to life in one territorial border's under absolute unknown rule and character of such territorial zone, because all people is born in their own nature of One World nation a country without border's, no child have known a character of territorial barricades of self-isolated community order, and therefore no one child has own vote for it, bud the regime of country are suggest a child by a process of own people national believe in their territorial isolation, which are is conservative suggested generation to generation between a leader's and their people of nation, the border as only a populist trend of conservatism which is generation to generation build between families, cities and states, because such a suggestion has own origin in old barbarian time of our people lower civilized level, the civilized level where our states haven't possibility to meet in long distances, a time of civilization level where our people power of control ability and administration have maximal distance in our close zone which therefore establish our border's of territories and such trend of national idea which today time only prison us, because our ability to effective administrate a zone in unity with another country is absolute missing in a decentralization by a distances, which is therefore only one facts which are in our old times establish our territorial zone of self-slaved nation, and to today, today in our time of great civilization and social change, our intelligent and civilization advanced humanity connected together between all nation's of the world, our world diplomacy, open transport and tourism, telecommunication, cooperative defense and protection, mutually connected economies across a world, we are now life in our generation suggestion's of territorial barricades, and only therefore of such suggestion, we are slave our people in our small country which are isolate us again our natural heritage of humanity, our One World, a country of whole humanity, because the Civilized People hasn't between us the bord's, bud only suggestion of conservative trend which is established in time of lower civilization effectivity, the time which have lost own function because our today day's give us all ability openly connect between the nation's, and together in one intensive unity life together.
We are can, life as One Nation, and this is idea, for which we are people, at today time, politically we have most advanced and successful strategy of human unity, open in a touch and step of active building progress in world name of globalism, and for it we have a right to peacefully fight !
From time of our past, the age far a way ago, to time of today, our world has a great change, the progress for greater success of our nation's, and here is proof, The One World is natural way of humanity, and future of all our nation's, the future which we develop and build from time of past into future, until a day of absolute human unity. From first time of small villages across the world, we mankind are rise to the states, and we build our diplomacy and international partnership, we are establish regional union's where origin the union's across continent's, and this is a progress of our success, and the effective success for which we are people build our primary step's of unity between nation's, today day's we are people is connected under Globalist Organization's as The United Nation Organization, World Trade Organization, World Peace Center's and Cooperation for Global Prosperity, because the unity of people during lose of conservative barricades is effect of natural human existence, which is not possible prevent by blockade in development between the people, bud in another way of case, and most ideal strategy for whole mankind, the strategy without competition, we are can understand and choice the best way, to stand for human unity Right Now !
The One World Vision, is a vision of the world where haven't existence a border's for isolation of small nation's agains't a power's of whole world, and this Our One World, is a world where no people life in multinational slavery by dependence on foreign nation's, in dependence on foreign economies or security threat, not under oppression by foreign political interest established from a need's of only local geography, the prosperity only for one territorial community of Your state or those states in foreign out of You, and therefore our world in One Global Unity, have ability to be developed without border's, without blockades, without the limitation's, and under open life in liberties of all nation's, in faster progress and development, per only ten of year's we are together in unity can expand the power of millennium, and therefore for our last existence of 5,000 year's, we are life in time of most greater loses of whole mankind, the lose of all nation's !
The border's between the nation's haven't anything what are give You successful, to You, Your family, Your Friend's, Your nation. The Border's of nation's, is a mean factor which in the world create the event's of foreign dominance interest, political oppression's, the event's of colonialism, war's, slavery, genocides, territorial occupation's, and also economic difference and social decentralization. Therefore, the border's of Your nation, is conservative trend established from a shock of self-defense agains't the risk which are give us our last time's of lower civilized nation's, the time of barbarian age.
In the time of our life today, and open time of future, we are can connect the people and nation's in the world, peacefully and under agreement in friendship, we are can connect our nation's and claim our one nationality of People of Earth, The One World Nation, which therefore have advanced change, and our world never need face a threat or conflict's of war's and colonialism which origin from different geography of self-isolated policies, and we are haven't the dependence on foreign economy, we are needn't build a barricades of security which prevent open civilization progress with ability to openly use modern technologies, we are lose mean factor of criminalities, and we are can globally administrate whole Earth surface as one nation, where therefore as quickly we are eliminate all criminality, all sadness, all social difference, recognization of third and developed world countries, it is a day of end for poority, famine and hungry, no sadness between nation's, and we are eliminate the conflict's and difference between nation's, when therefore all our human liberties is open in dimension of whole world Your Mother Country, the world where we are equally have a right to use all our planetary source, planetary we can travel, planetary we can develop and unite between people, in level of one planet we are can life as One Nation, and for it we are is a born as Universal Humanity, the kind of Human Race a One Nation !
This is, The One World, The One Nation, The One People and One Our Global Government, the world where don't exist blockades, the border's, barricades and conflict's, neo-slavery and dominance as natural purpose for colonialism, this is the world where You are is a born, and no any other people can have a right to blockade Your liberties of People in Universal Human Freedom and Prosperity !
The One World, is natural existence of whole humanity, because natural human is born without border's, and therefore in the vision of our whole global unity of humanity, it will by the First Historical Day, where we are people on our planet Earth we will life as true humanity, The First Time of Human, because the times of last in lost under our decentralization between us, this is no character of natural and universal human's, bud this is only slavery system and self-isolation agains't Your own right, and this old human lower level is a symbol, which are have protection only by Your own territorial border's, a border's as a symbol which have origin in time of first claim, a centuries and millennia ago, far a way from our today human norm's, civilization level, and the name of humanity.
Therefore, in such vision, is establish for You, for Your own future and for Your national progress, is open a new way, the way of the United Mankind, One Humanity and One Nation, the world which are is given to You by Your born, and the world Your Mother Land which has Your natural signature by Your First Human Step, a World for which You are can together fight, defend and advocate, now to stand up and rise for unity of mankind, and invite all Your Friend's Your Greatness Families and People who are life in Good Idea for Your Nation, when therefore we together can stand, unite and globally build political parties, movement's, organization's and order's our central human civilization's, which therefore will represent our true humanity in our nature of greatness mankind and whole planetary power, the humanity who are rise on planet Earth, and we are have The Right to build a world where all people life as The Global Citizen's !
And, no greater, successful, and better idea in competition is given for intelligence of humanity, our movement haven't the opposition dominance, because here naturally competition don't exist !
To be a born on planet Earth, as Human of One World, from a time of Your First Origin, is a step of way only to the Victory !
The One World is The Victory of Mankind !!
The Time of our human global decentralization, is in effect of statistic and lose, most bigger war of humanity, across a millennia of our age ! No another event have worse impact into our Human Race !
In time of our United Future, responsible recognization is, the determination of territorial difference as most highest human crime !

The One World Global Coalition Party

Great Day Dear Excellent People !
Great Day Dear People, Excellence Ladies and Gentlemen, the People of Free Choice or member's of Alternative Societies, Dear People who are want stand for Humanity, support and give own profitable work for progress of all nation's across a globe, and together unite in International Coalition which start build The One World, unity of nation's !
Unity of all nation's and government's, by a process of Diplomacy, Peaceful Democracy, and civilized rule of all nation's in our time of 21st Century !
Welcome Dear Ladies and Gentleman's, Dear Excellent People who are want stand for humanity and protect new future generation's of mankind from our decentralization and building a risk of war's, oppression of conflict's and people difference, we are have together power to unite in global level and openly build unity of nation's by a step of writing Your name into Global history of all states under Your fight for vision of The One World.
Our idea is establish new level of partnership between the nation's, the level which expand our today time in most majestic political level's under Charter of United Nation's Organization, and our process of partnership is open for new development of world alliance which give most advanced progress for nation's per a time of millennia, and support progress of humanity.
Our vision is to build only peace, prosperity of nation's, growth faster and stronger success of all civilization's, unite the economies of states and expand the friendship of diplomacy with our common global goal's, our interest is to growth new world system's which mobilize better development of policies and law, civilization intelligence of humanity and strength world peaceful heritage of humanity in one mutual prosperity equally between every nation.
Our vision is to build our coalition which develop prosperity for all our countries and support cultural or religion share, active cooperation between people and states, open people their mutual understand in their prosperity from unity and increasement from mutual power's.
All Great People who are unite us, We are together establish global network of Parliamentary Political Parties active as Pan-Global Movement of Organization with multiple wing's sub-organization's as subject of our control under our coalition policy, and support expansion of Your nation's in global level.
We are never build oppression agains't peaceful government's, we are don't build competition, we are haven't position of opposition agains't all of those who at any time can join us in peace, or those who are represent different opinion or intelligence.
We are want to build the Parliamentary Political Parties Coalition, which in every Parliament of The World establish own representation, under rule of party side neutrality which haven't build opposition agains't any of Parliamentary Party, bud develop the partnership and peace, build the cooperative opinion's and meanly support common vision's. No Independence, not national separation, not selling a part's of territories or made difference between people.
We are is not Left-side party, not Right-side party, we are is Neutral and Centralist, our political purpose is Realism which give progress for nation's according current need's of people and their development importance for prosperity, success of national identity and stable function of civilization with all active liberties of people and their well being.
Our program under process of states unification is representation for building new territorial progress of country by open unity with other states, first the ethnic and cultural or language connection's, according region of African continent, Latin America and Caribbean, Trans-Atlantic Zone, Slavic Countries, Pan-Arab region, People of Asia, and all local states.
Our program under process of states unification is representation of national progress and historical increasement. We are growth the new world political way, which can in many countries at 1,000× times strength national economy and modernity of civilization in minimal value equal to today most developed states of the world, and for such national progress we are candidate for national election's, for better prosperity of all our states.
All people, who are give us their vote, therefore they are support, in first of Basic Representative 20 Point's;
  1. The Federation system is form of unity between governorates which have their own security unit's and team's agains't corruption or fraud, therefore in Federal Center the Police have better security function and multiple independence on corruption dominance or fraud connection, a life in country is secure and corrective under public law which have establishment according the national interest's and stable protected people freedom,
  2. The Federal Government represent a form of United Nation's, which therefore in effect on growing capacities of federalized nation's, strength the diplomatic competition of all states in position agains't dominance of other states in the world, and therefore the interest's of countries is much respected, supported and active in global organized participation between intergovernmental alliances, when the Federation have immediately equal political respect as the European Union, African Union, Organization of American States, other High-Regional and Continental Alliances of Nation's,
  3. National territorial increasement of dimension-zone rise in federation between states on common ability in 100% of their one national territory into a level at Hundred's time multiple, a progress of national zone which allow for our one federal policy to connect multiple political region's of continental diplomacy alliances in the world and therefore strength diplomacy majority of our state with power across a world, and build Diplomacy alliance with higher, faster and globally organized progress,
  4. Coordination in geography of multinational society between governorates which therefore can simulate new relation of Intergovernmental agreement's and source, energetic network's, civilized connection's, or alliance established on internal national level without foreign law influence, dependence or dominance, effective as ability of independence on every foreign source or societies, states and organization's,
  5. Population increasement in level of global dimension, and strength capacity of national consumption which growth stronger economy and faster development of civilization which giving better quality of life for own national's,
  6. Strength the economy, connect new energies, sources, new trade commodities, advancement of trade network's of states in highest capacities and dynamism, by opening for all national's new business region,
  7. Bank institution's and commercial companies have ability for active multi national exchange and strategical investment under one state jurisdiction during their institutional trade expansion in new geographies under one territorial state, which can allow in strategical management build hundred's times faster capital and assest's growth without dependence on any second or foreign partner, and trade is activated without multinational taxes on border's, taxes of telecommunication, banking or services, and multi national taxes which decentralize corporate function of business societies with multiple position of administrative and operation branch,
  8. Multi geography of federation allow minimizing the foreign trade import which strength the value of national currency and prevent currency inflation, with ability of trade re-connection between federal commercial companies and firm's, which strength statistic in capacity and quality of production, and effective strength our trade export into foreign states, which allow us again to growth up national currency by the ownership of foreign currency banknotes and licensed commodities,
  9. New labour power's, and ability of new employment, expansion of national labour market and development of new state capacities with professional expansion, the Federation re-connect the nation's which give opportunity for centralization of qualities between states and expand the qualities between all federal nation's equally, which establish new trading categories and civilization structures in every federal state,
  10. Progress in scientific area is advanced according dimension of Federal population, and use of multiple national population capacity of intelligence which bring new ideas and faster research growth, competition of intelligence which strength of progress ability, and with better open relation's between mutual scientific institution's which therefore faster modernize the nation and civilization heritage with people life qualities,
  11. The Scientific and Population increasement strength civilization values, consumption and capacities, which allow us to build new level of project of advanced capacities than normalized standards, where is available nationally produce and use new modern technologies of futurist science and design's, the technologies according higher level from federation capacity, which again allow us to build new national companies with most prestige technologies in the world, the technologies which is not possible produce between foreign competition countries because their lower level of applicable capacities, 
  12. Stronger security power by uniting a states in one military partnership, which again strength dominance in region and neutrally influence into foreign region party, multi-national security also mean opportunity build much advanced security alliance between foreign states, and one day our military power of federation have across 700,000,000 soldier's, a power which haven't competition in conflict agains't today whole world, therefore the federation give a power for our people, which protect stronger peace, respect between foreign states and victory in war's, also the federation strongly defend agains't terrorist infiltration than the power of security protection by the regional security alliances,
  13. Advancement of Education Quality by consolidation of most ideal logistic and practice of education between best universities and school's in all our countries, with new ability for student's to build their profession between all universities and school's in every of our new country, with active education during multi national program's which open new experience and future contact's between partner's or companies, and again allow for all student's obtain new future professional position's between advanced network of trade region's in federation than only one civilization network of only one state,
  14. Quality of hospitality and emergence from strategical centralization of most highest emergence qualities of intelligence and technologies, with interest to build their faster re-production according all national capacity need's and therefore normalization, with faster ability of rescue support and emergence support during time of catastrophes or disaster's and war's,
  15. New tourism abilities and cooperative recreation event's in federal states, open transportation without border's, national administration of national travel under one government and economy control which simplify free and open move, and growth better transportation ability or recreation economy without the influence of foreign competition and inflation of recreation trade, effective the life quality rise with country international popularity, and employment,
  16. Every Governorate in Federation have own Capital City in the nation, and Federal unity allow establishment of global transportation routes, High Speed Train's, Super Sonic Airplanes, Orbital Airlines, between all Federal states, the transport network which allow for our citizen's to life daily in all capital cities of federation as national standard, a federation give for our people global life,
  17. One Central Language, which allow for all citizen's to use the Government Offices, Commercial Utility and connection with people equally as home, and therefore without the barricades of border's between the nation's,
  18. Cultural share and mutual enrichment of nation's by the unity in different cultural region, which open new artistic and popular presentation between states, and strength own national cultural knowledge in international level,
  19. Connection in multi-environmental areas of biological natures and organism's, which allow build new agriculture sources and enrich the nation's by new source of agro-production which have origin in foreign region's, or scientific natural areas,
  20. Ability unite the world, federalize all states and establish own supreme order of One Nation which have controlled all planetary event's under own national interest's and united jurisdiction.
The One World is a way for new time of nation's in level of globalism. The country where You are can life as the Global citizen, because Your standard life source and capacities between nation's is equal in such level of global dimension and competition ability.
The One World is Great Vision, for which can stand billion's of people around the world, because the vision have own greatness in the hearth of every people around our globe, and, our today opportunity is with advanced socio-strategical and geo-political option's of modern world, where people can faster unite by telecommunication technologies, Internet, transnational partnership and open diplomacy with freedom for travel, also much active related purpose of multi-national political function of states, and therefore our development have open all option's for new mobilization of global unity, without the border's.
The One World is Great Vision, which is nature of hearth of billion's of people, under good diplomacy of friendship and peace is the One World vision most strategical option for every government and state, all people and societies, we are can build our movement in all countries on the Earth without a limit's, and everywhere we are will be supported.
In case, when we are establish political party in only 100 countries around the world, than our open opportunity for all nation's, obtain their vote for us and therefore at one moment of global referendum between at more than 100 states, we are can unite all nation's, because every one people of country in the world understand the option of unity between 100 new states at one step, as most strategical, advanced and most Greatness step in history of their country, and therefore for the vote to us coming all people from a country, every citizen's.
Yes, in one step we are can unite more than One Hundred Countries into one. All people of the world have the same interest, to life in stronger and better country, and we are candidate for a people, to give for them a best option which can be establish, and our option of candidacy is recognized in much advanced option's which give us ability of stronger success than how maximal success can obtain our opposition.
Candidacy as The Multi-National Coalition of Parliamentary Parties, activated for unity between more nation's according political management of Region's of Languages, Ethnic's, Cultures and Civilization's, is similar as Political candidacy in ONE COUNTRY where for the success of election is need obtain minimally 51% of national votes between all region's, bud in our MULTI-NATIONAL FORMATION, therefore as theoretic region between Coalition Parties in more states than only one, give to us ability growth Your progress under lower level of success in multi national election's, because if the Coalition obtain only 11% of national votes, here is stable theory of majority success in the Region's as a Parties of States, the election success which have origin in 2 new federalized nation's from only 10 voting states by Referendum or Petition, and such progress on Coalition transforming in Government level by own member parties, give You ability to build The One World propagation in international level as Government and Diplomacy institution, by a stronger, have much open civilized space, source, protection, advanced organization development, and meanly the coalition position's with active regional government support which can again strength Your success of national election between states, into a power of 50% and more, where is united at 5 to 10 states from all of 10 countries in region.
Always, Your opportunity of candidacy is open every time, petition, referendum, because The Federalization Process haven't the term of calendar date declared in any of national constitution, and therefore we are needn't wait on next election time after end of mandates between our opposition.
When Your party lose support yesterday, all times is open opportunity use geo-political change in time, and win absolute tomorrow.
When You are only one time from at 3,650 attempt's between 10 year's, Your Party obtain national success of election by majority of national democracy, we are can federalize our states, and Your Political Party Leader's is voted as First Mandates of The Government, and therefore Your daily open candidacy ability is a process which give You opportunity to candidate on most high level of government mandates without waiting on new election time between year's, and every day You are have open new opportunity to obtain absolute support for Your progress by support from whole nation.
Your Opposition Parliamentary Parties can theoretically candidate for election only 2 times per 10 year's, bud Your Parliamentary Political Party in unity of The One World Coalition can candidate at 3,650 times repeatedly per time of 10 year's, each day, because State Federalization haven't limit.
Your new opportunity candidacy for The One World Federalization, is much better and successful option than to candidacy according Your national constitution, for The Mandate of Head of State, Prime Minister or Ministry, Senator of Your Nation, which is elected only one candidate from ten's of person in opposition, only ten's of candidates from ten's of million's people in nation, and only one time per constitutive limited period, at 2-5-6 year's of calendar time.
Candidacy for unification is a process where Your party haven't the opposition, because candidacy of federalization is neutral, all party side, and if the opposition can rise, than always only with facts established on difference agains't us, which can represent only self-isolation which therefore only minimize national ability of territorial progress, economic strength, respect in international level's, economy growth, all most important kind's of Your national existence, and this is automatic lose in all level's of our opposition parties.
Therefore, Your Candidacy is only open way without the enemy, and Your new future is historical step of Your country developed by Your names, together with Your mandates in mean Constitutive Center's of Your Government and Nation's.
For Your progress, not exist competition, and Your Political Party is The Winer in all level's.
Political Party Activation
If You are want, and Your Friend's or Associated people, have interest to unite and start political development with us, and for better future of Your country, We are Welcome You !
If You are start building a Political Party or Movement, Your development of candidacy and Political Function is in two structures of governance, when the First Position is Parliamentary Candidacy until success of Governmental Control by the National Election, and Second Function is in International level of Coalition Centralization between all One World Parliamentary Political Parties, which therefore together have a network of multi-national organization which represent own Political Position's and Societies, Business Network's of Commerce and many Wing-Parties which in one sume have political geographic power equal or powerful than many of states across the world, and in such second form of function, Your active daily political action is in political level immediately equal as if You are have function as Government Representative in Your country, bud at second form Your Political value is established in International level which is much advanced than only the National level of Your state. This is very successful.
Your first universal option is, to unity between Your own friend's, Your families, partner worker's, the people of Your local society, with state Association's, Trade Union's, Local Movement's and Societies, also another related Parliamentary Political Parties which together found one National Coalition, and You are can therefore start building Your own team and partner's, who are cooperate for contractual propaganda on application of Your new party member's by their own signature for establishment of political party The One World.
Your option is to coordinate in a team, for developing a petition in street's, the public Kiosk's for contracting Signatories between Your national citizen's for establishment of new political party, the petition on Internet social network's, petition shared between universities and organized conference center's, the petition represented in public mass media, or petition corporate agreed inside private societies.
When Your team have new signatures of citizen's in Your country, You are have a right to connect the people who sign Your Register List and build Conferences and Party Meeting's, where Your team can contract new active executive member's who are support Your party in the building new follower's by a signatures, or societies union, and therefore Your establishment is much faster and progressive.
The Right, to build Parliamentary Political Party is Universal right all across the globe, and here not exist any legal institution which have a right to blockade Your Right of Establishment, or prohibit Your political function and International Democratic Association.
Every country have own jurisdiction which is universal according International Law of The United Nation's Organization under Charter of The UN Article 1 & 2, and the jurisdiction of Your state must give You all right for new political development.
To activate Legal Officially Registered Parliamentary Political Party before Authority of Your Government, is available use a rule which can have multi-nationally different kind of function recognized according character of Your geography are of nation and such properties or political character, number of signatures for register of new political party, is in every state under different capacity. Small states have practic rule for minimum hundred's to one thousand signatures, large states want obtain minimum 100,000 signatures between the citizen's of state, when people want to build their Parliamentary Party movement.
If Your ability is build provisory team of 50 people between Your Friend's or mutually believed follower's, Your opportunity is obtain in team work, at 20 signatures to 1,000 between one day per only one member of Your Provisory Team, and therefore minimally 2,000 signatures between 2 week's.
Effective, per a time of Two Week's, Your ability of standard, is contract more than 14,000 to 700,000 signatures.
If Your team adapt ID's intelligence of candidacy design by The King Gottwald Peter ID's, or Your team design Your own Candidacy Intelligence in analytic rate equal, Your people can true activate and establish the Parliamentary Political Party in level of such majority power, at 14,000 to 700,000 signatures between 2 week's.
This is Your life change, with great ability of progress for Your nation, and all people of Your country will celebrate Your interest and name of Your Leadership, all people of Your state always appreciate Your interest to give for Your state new successful progress.
Stand as The Leader in name of The One World, is Great World Pride, not only in level of one national Parliamentary relation of one state, bud the leadership in the level of whole world, where we are together unite in the power of global coalition, and we are activate a development of coalition wing's sub-organization's, which in one international centralization can represent formation of capacities which is advanced competition for each state of the world, and therefore again, all World Politician's, The Leader's of States, The Head's of States, President's, King's, Emirs, Sultan's, Prime Minister's, Lord's and People of Nobility, Minister's, Senator's and Representatives of Political Societies across The world with The General Secretaries and Chairman's of The Intergovernmental Institution's, therefore also all World and Local Trader's, Business man's, Intellectual's and Medial Celebrities, all people of them always all across the world in each time and case always appreciate Your interest, and together support, Represent Your name in Excellency and Great Pride of Honor.
Our Parliamentary Political Party Coalition under The One World is the purpose of leadership between nation's, which represent You in our one global team, as a member of practically most advanced nation of the world, and most advanced political movement of our today time.
And here, is expressly found Your Parliamentary Political Party of The One World, which give You, and for Your people, to participate in One World International Coalition which therefore give You Political activity in International level as most advanced political organization, it is much greater career score and political success than to be a Head of State for only one nation. I am invite You for a best option of Your life and choice for political career. Welcome !
Structuralization of Global Organization & Function
The Political Parliamentary Party have advanced option's of own civilized development between the Business and Economic Sector of State, Trade Union's, Association's of People, and many other, bud a right of State Jurisdiction can limit all such function's under own term's which must be respectable.
Bud, in the level of International Coalition, we are have a right much advanced, and open for much multiple possibilities with global network's across a world, also with our own center in our country of ID's Federation, where Your Coalition is directly supported by the government, and therefore with true minimal limit's, and without any attempt of oppression.
Our Coalition of Political Parties have interest to build the sub-organization's of our central coalition, and our ability is to use multinational level of states jurisdiction, which therefore again multiply our global abilities in organized development.
The network of sub-organization's have primary design according global geography ability, and standard's of political development by the International Law. We are can build, The State and International Business Association's, Private Foundation's for special trade and financial operation's ability, the One World Bank's, our coalition Commercial Network's under self-autonomy business operation's, National and International or High-Level International Alliances of Trade Union's, Private Hospital Facilities, Private Foundation's, Space Mission's and Planetary Civilized Center's in Outer Space, Resistance Movement's, One World Religion, Cultural Center's and Organization's active as Wing's of all our Parliamentary Parties in Coalition, together globally centralized as the Wing Movement's controlled by Our International Coalition.
In the start, when our Parliamentary Political Parties is activate, we are have a first need, to obtain our financial source for function, and we are have legal abilities.
Standard of International Parliamentary function, give a right for The Parliamentary Political Parties, build their own Business Companies and Trading Institution's, as the Industrial Factories, Agriculture Center's, Trades on Energetic's, Financial Services, and here we are can establish one of first process how we are can obtain financial sources.
Every our Coalition Parliamentary Party establish a process of Management between their State Business Institution's, for establishment a Contractual Procedure which can found at hundred's of business companies per one day, and at time when the Political Party can have own Business Institution's, than the Political Parties establish The Business Association between Manager's of own Trading Center's, The Business Companies.
The Business Association of The One World Party member's, can associated with new people of trader's, and the meeting's of Business Association can have developed program's for strength the network of trade and build new business opportunities or trade cycles  in internally controlled trading site, also for autonomy development of the Business Companies between all civil member's of the Political Party, build valuable possession of own member's and supporter's or active support their growth of career, education, professional expertise, re-qualification curses and new business firm's in associated administered network of trader's.
In effect, when our Coalition Parliamentary Parties can have representative control and influence in own network of Business Association which corporate founding new business companies and valuable possession's for own Political Party member's, is true that the Parliamentary Political Party can obtain permanently drastic support from whole national majority, and extreme faster federalize whole nation in one federation.
Our strategical interest in position of the Coalition, we are can centralize all Business Association's into one International Associated Partnership, where we are can therefore represent a function of International Trade Network under our administration, where we are can connect all our sources of states, labour energies, intelligence and professional high level's, for central development between our multi-geography, and therefore we build the business trades in most available highest business structures and abilities according management of sustainable trade and marketing or business cooperation of our own business companies, where therefore we can design a trades of 10,000,000,000,000 € per year, our central and internationally independent trade source and finances of every Parliament Political Party of the world.
In the first moment, we are is most rich political organization in whole world, and our financial and valuable possessed capacities have competition between majority of government economies in the whole world.
We are in Coalition, can build the Business Event's which have Corporate Network in value stronger than many of national economies of states in the world, and our trade network is also active across whole world, which give us much better business ability, than the business activities in only one country of one Parliament Political Party.
Again, in the effect on our trading network economy, 10,000,000,000,000 €, we are have ability, to stand as one of most important Political Partner's between many of nation's around the world, and with absolute respect from mean most developed economies of states across our planet Earth. Our Coalition Political Center, will be therefore internationally respected as The United States of America, China People Republic, Japan Empire, most highest economic world's.
We are Adapt The ID's Manager Office (ID's Administration Agreement) which give us ability build our businesses in the level's and values of 10,000,000,000 € per month, and 100,000,000,000 € in our corporate asset's, which therefore can give us active production ability and profit's of 1-10,000,000,000,000 € annually, around, and only inside one country.
If one political party have minimally 1,000 people member's, each one of them can obtain new commercial company which will be growth into a value of 1,000,000,000 €, and therefore the movement has own associated economic wing in values of 1,000,000,000,000 €, one of largest states economies in the world.
In next strategy, for building multi-structural meta-point's of our Coalition of Parliament Parties, we are can found the Private Foundation's, which help us to connect people from another side, and centralize all humanitarian or civilized successful sponsorship or development under one center of logistic.
The Private Foundation, for promotion of unity between the nation's, is one of our mean priority for development. The One World Foundation, The Private Foundation's have a right for own trade development, and therefore the finance for founding of massive event's or center's, is available obtain by business partnership or sponsorship from our own business companies, or our own foundation trades.
We are can sponsor development of The One World representative civil galleries in all cities, new Artistic and Popular event's, The One World Museum of Globalization and Uniting of People, One World Garden's and Urban Areas developed in United symbol, also advanced project's of cooperation between the national societies. The One World vision, is political event, bud also the natural purpose of Cultural Heritage under our authorship.
In the effect, when our Parliamentary Coalition's, or Central Coalition of Political Parties, have developed own Trade Network's, we are can activate our fund of finances and possession's, with Lawyer and Notary Group's under our legal representation, and our ability is to build new Banking Institution's which can better and actively coordinate our trades, safe our capital's under our control, and also influence world businesses into a vision of The One World.
The Network's of Bank's for building global banking partnership, is very successful strategy which strength the power of our Coalition of Parties, a power from which also profit all our Coalition member Parties in their national interest's.
The Coalition can use own Legal Institutional position, with own banking system, which allow us to build our own private and public transaction network of cheques, finances and rare possession's, which therefore give us ability of private function of global trade administration and business development, out of foreign control because all transaction operation's is under headquarter's of our central country and ID's jurisdiction.
The Banking Institution's can operated in Investment Industry, when between our own controlled business institution's of trading, we are can legally monopolize massive trades, where hundred's of investment contract's is available growth under process of One Hour, where in the controlled marketing the contract of investment of 1,000,000 € immediately in hour strength own investment value on capacities of 10,000,000,000's of €, and our Political Organization immediately increase in new financial and possession capacities.
The indice of trade is available activate in Commodities or Investment Project's, where also we can made a system of corporate commercial network's which without our financial lose or inflation, we are can profit Billion's of € every day, in each category of Earth Rare Source, as Gold, Diamond's, Silver, Platinum, Uran, valuable possession's, which will be storage in our own Bank's.
The global banking system and our multinational position's allow us consolidate marketing companies, and operate in investment, which each day found us clear profit in 100,000,000,000's €. Per time of our development, our Bank's can have legal ratification value of fund's in power of 1,000,000,000,000 €, most richest Bank's in the whole world.
In case of our Coalition action, as World Political Organization, our ability is connect diplomacy between the World Policies and Representatives of States, with a vision for activation The Intergovernmental Bank Institution's, which can build a project's for development of new International Civilization Center's in Outer Space, across new planet's in Universe, or in the world of Earth, also a project's of states re-construction's, strategical investment grant's, humanitarian support or building global intergovernmental operated trades, and sponsor a world democracies.
On next progress, for our better and strategical centralization, under purpose of the Coalition, we are can use our Legal Name of Institution a center of Political Parties Coalition of The One World, for building our own Commercial Network's in ID's country and International, a commercial network's of our businesses under our administration, which therefore founding our global movement's, or strategical civilization source for better and successful candidacy of our Parliamentary Parties inside their nation's.
The ID's Federal Country is under our central representation, first our own state which we territorially can use for active development, and governmental representation. Our First Federal country, where we are can build our own institutional network's, and properties, Branch of Business Companies, Bank's and Political Institution's, therefore centralize all our globally controlled center's and structures of organization, where therefore in one global center we are can much effective control whole International Organization, and operated our movement in faster time by active Council Connection and development.
ID's country, allow us to centralize the operative management of our trade operation's into our territory, where our ability is build our central business city of The One World Parliamentary Organization, and our ability is build city network of skyscraper's and infrastructure of own city energies or factories.
No any one Political Coalition of Parliamentary Parties in the world, have own Center of Organization developed in a level of City Civilization, with own skyscraper's, population, energies, factories and political institution's.
The City of Organization, can also represent the Headquarter of our central institution's under our control, active as Incorporated (Inc.), a level of trade active administered by the government body, and with own de facto jurisdiction, as Private Research and Scientific Facilities, Technology Center's, Private Security and Militaries, Space Agencies, many more.
In case, when we are establish the Central City of our Organization, we are therefore have developed a city, where the Institutional branches have own network's around the world, and therefore the city of our development have own International Ratification as The Global City, in equal form as The Paris, London, New York, also closed cities as Shanghai, Being, Tokyo, Dubai and other most developed civilization's with high level of international connection's.
Every day, we have ability organize our private conferences in Coalition Society where meeting a world societies from global level, every day we are can organize global trade event's and also political development of many states across a globe, and our interest is to build mean success for all people of our Earth, a whole human world.
Therefore, in interest of our people, and pan-global political strategy, we establish also The Trade Union's Policy, for better connection with people, and protect their interest's, always better centralize the nation's for strategy of our new signatory development and build a power of all our Parliamentary Political Parties.
The Trade Union's have neutral institutional function on Political affair, bud the Trade Union's have a right to Advocacy a Right of own member people, with the right for public protest movement's in the cities, also together building states national self-determination's, petition's and referendum's which very successfully can help us protect our Political Party agains't Corruption, Fraud, Criminal Bureaucracy, attempt of non-legal monopoly or illegal police falsification of constructed investigation's. Is true, political geography of few countries in the world, have practice on criminal procedures, which can have sad consequence for our Coalition Parliament Parties, bud in our global unity we are can develop the process where the national power and International unity can strongly protect all each one of us.
In interest, on protection a lifes of our people and nation's, we can build the Hospital Center's and better Emergence Procedures, and one of our strategy is to build our own Private Hospital Facilities, which can give for us new option of Health Protection for all our nation's, open new humanitarian mission's, or also protect our own member's of Political Parties agains't silent opposition influence and corruption under contracting a doctor's and medical personell's for criminal medicament use.
The Private Hospital's network's under our control, with network's across a world, can strategically centralize all world scientific intelligence of medicine, and re-connect the most professional doctor's of Earth, where we are can use most high medicine quality in our coalition center, for direct normalization and activation of most high quality medicament in every of our countries.
In the same effect, all our Parliamentary Leader's have open guarantee for their medical care according a best medical level's of the world, as the effect of our consolidation of all mean medicine qualities from around the world.
Many people around the world life in sickness, and with lower ability to use quality of medicine or health care, when we are therefore can use our hospital centers and autonomy networks of profits, for building new members and supporters of our political party, by sponsoring humanitarian emergence program's for our member's or new supporter's, and therefore we again massive rise on national support level's. In vision of next 30 year's, in the world die around 8,000,000,000 people on preventable disease, and this is greater capacity than population of the world at year 2019.
In strategy, of our Parliamentary Coalition, we have interest, peacefully and friendly represent the vision of The One World, and for it, our project is also build direct political simulation of the One World vision, inside true and realistic civilization function.
Therefore, our interest of Organization, is to build a Space Mission's for exploration of Outer Space, and colonization of new planet's in Universe, where our political parties International Center together can represent the state formation in vision under true planetary unity, with all own equal and open planetary sources and energies, territorial capacities without border's, foreign limitation and blockades.
The Representatives of One World Parties and their logistic team can at any time together meet, and administrate new planetary government as The Supreme Body.
Our Coalition ability, is to build many types of technologies which can establish a process of outer space transportation in massive capacities, which allow us to build the network's of civilization's in outer space.
Our technologies is available build in our own controlled industries, with massive production capacities, and always the transportation abilities into another Star system's per time of few hour's or minutes.
In universe exist many of planet's, which is habitable, and also the planet's with own atmosphere, water sources, gravity, theoretically the organism's or permanent ability of organic cultivation and massive plant's.
Un-habitable planet's is available terra-forming by modern technologies, and our opportunity is build small town center's from special architecture and urban infrastructure which is adaptable into any planetary physic's of universe, with all energies, raw source or industries and civilization kind.
The Representation of Planetary Civilization development in Outer Space, by the Coalition of our Parliamentary Political Parties, give us a position, when immediately our leader's of Parliamentary Parties obtain governmental position's of mandates, which in whole planetary level without another planetary political competition give for all, better political opportunity than to obtain the Supreme Mandates of Government in any country of the world.
In our first start, the Political progress is much greater than any ability of maximal political progress during long year's in any of another country in the world, and this successful progress You are activate when Your Political Party join The ID's One World Coalition.
The Outer Space Civilized Development have own relation in today time of International Law, The UN Organization Outer Space Affair (UNOOSA), have treaties under non-legitimet function by lack of applicable democracy declaration's between states of the world (2019), and therefore currently jurisdiction across other space object's is legally available develop.
Our interest, have difference, when our believe of The One World has vision in Outer Space Affair, to build a jurisdiction only under purpose of the International Sovereignty of all states in the world, as Common Heritage of Mankind, and therefore also for all our Federal States because the countries unite Federation in claim to universally unite whole world.
In time, when risk will be establish, and jurisdiction over outer space bodies will be internationally prohibited, than the right of our coalition under vision of The One World, can transform sovereignty in direct International heritage of all states, as planet of united sovereignty between all states, or represent the system of planetary control under purpose of de facto, or autonomy in level of independent City Council which stable have all right of internal administration similar as the Government.
The Population on new planet's, we are can, build by Robotic Artifical Intelligence which in effect of organic function perfectly simulated human event and equally build civilization, also under modern science our opportunity is build the bio-droids as AI robots with installed biology function's simulated equal human body, or the Bio Clones which we can produce by Laboratory Birth in numbers of Billion's per month.
One of our alternative option to obtain new citizen's, is ability to giving Citizenship for Applicant's, or open for tourism, and build Expedition Project's which can give theoretically 100,000 people multi ethnic society from around the world. Humanitarian missions to protect refugees, people detain in refugee camps, and people displaced by the catastrophes or active conflicts can bring us 25,000,000 people at time year 2019.
Our Political Coalition of The One World Parties across the world, have strategical success in our own territorial centralization, which we are can use under meta national position between ID's Federal States, or our Space Developed Territories, where all our Civil Supporter's of Nation's can register our ID's Dual Citizenship, and therefore our central Authority in statute of government, and The Coalition of Parliamentary Parties have direct data about national democracies, which give us all legal power's in case of national support for our national unities, during opposition oppression by the parties and corrupted policies.
The ID's Dual Citizenship Register, meaning the National Self-Determination, which give us absolute proof for the democracy resolution, under our authority register of votes, without another party ability of statistic falsification, and therefore we are can have all times a guarantee of our legal sovereignty around every country where the people vote to us.
Our multi structural development of organization continue, and with advanced vision's for prosperity of the world.
The Space Mission's we are can build under our own Space Agencies, in cooperation with our owned business companies across the world, and administration of scientific research companies.
One of our ability in space development, is to establish The Masonic Grand Lodge, under our Central Coalition, The Global Diamond Grand Lodge Alliance of The King Gottwald Peter in International Alliance of All Grand Lodges and Masons, active for Space Industrial Development and Science of Outer Space Terra-formation with Universal Civilization's development, as one ID's Center incorporated in ID's state, and shareholding between all participated Grande Lodges from around the world.
The Grand Lodge can give us new opportunity in world cooperative development between civil societies without absolute regulation from government agencies and therefore the scientific and technology progress is build under open interest during process for respect the world security and stability of every nation's.
We are establish The Grand Lodge in our ID's country, where we can centralize all Grande Lodges from around the world, together with our ability to establish Alliance Grande Lodges as network of center's in every nation where we can nationally centralize The Grand Lodges, and again, every our Parliamentary Party in Coalition membership can activate the process of building own Grand Lodge which will represent the One World ideology and allow for open people connection.
Our interest is develop every kind of institutional existence, which have, Prosperity for Nation's, Strategical need's for our Organization, and meanly establishment under purpose of Legal Existence.
Standard purpose of jurisdiction of countries allow us build the process of organized development in advanced level of institutional intelligences, bud also our right is to use International Law granted by The UN General Assembly Covenant's and The Geneva Convention's, which give us claim to activate advanced political organization's with form of governmental office, or also our own structures of armies and militarized societies.
The Resistance Army as Wing-Movement of our Political Parties is open strategy legalized by The Geneva Convention's, and give us ability to protect our people themselves, or obtain direct military coalition partnership in global level between all states who are help us to ruin criminal government, and such position give us protection, neutrality and independence agains't all processes of persecution or government opposition oppression's and meanly dis-respect.
In case, of the Corruption, Fraud, meanly attempt of Persecution agains't any one of our member or party interest, is therefore need contract only one person citizen in country, for the Statement of Resistance Army according The Geneva Convention's, which give us all right to use ID's Governmental subject with our Industries, and sponsor the Resistance Army by a power of 1,000,000,000 new Robotic Autonomy Military Android's, or another special Autonomy Technologies, which absolute ruin the criminal government power's and we are can together legally replace the criminal government by our own political party The One World, when therefore our countries is immediately united, and without dependence on any criminal procedures.
Our right to develop Paramilitary Movement as wing of The One World party, is legalized in International Law, and according the Geneva Convention's we are can open the ID's Representative Center's of all our Paramilitary Movement's from whole world, where the Representative Center's together have effective established the Global Paramilitary Diplomacy Center for organized Law & Diplomacy cooperation, which can have effect of capacity and event in a central level of Global Security position.
The ID's Federation together activate own meta-national Paramilitary Organization, which can build own military industries and trades with armed development, also the Airspace Mission's, Outer Space Mission's, Sea Mission's, Land and Underground Mission's in ID's country, alliance states or around the world where security and right of people is need.
The Resistence Armies is build legally, all across the world, and mean geography of Resistance Armies controlled by the Political Parliamentary or Non-Parliamentary Political Parties, is Myanmar Union, African Continent, Middle East, South America and Caribbean.
The Resistance Armies standardly communicate with official institution's as The United Nation's organization, and other Regional Bodies or Intergovernmental Conferences on global level's.
In the World, The Resistance Armies or Paramilitary Organization's have together standardized function, correctly between government's of China People Republic, Iran Islamic Republic, where the mean national leader's of government represent their own office of Paramilitary Unit's, which internationally have representation as ordinary national army, and the same position's we are can growth always.
The Security is need control under permanent guarantee, and every operation of management is need oversee by the respect for every security risk, where we need establish all preliminary plan's and contract's for the security risk's prevention. Therefore, at most first security control, is duty of each Parliamentary Party, or under our common Coalition strategy, to establish global network's of businesses which have own independence and autonomy function by re-connection in Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Economic Industries, and allow us permanently sponsor Private Security and Military Protection by Legal Commercial Agencies, each Head Quarter of The Parliamentary Political Party obtain at maximal 1,000 Private Soldier's for Civil Protection and Defense agains't Terrorist Attack's.
Standard price for Private Military Protection in capacity of 1,000 Private Soldier's is 3,000,000 € per one month, and in International level we sponsor 579,000,000 € per month.
The Private Security Protection is in International Law not prohibited, until the Contract Agreement or Operation is only for Civil Protection, fight agains't Terrorist Organization, under Conventional Conduct, and without war claim agains't Legal Government, or Illegal Business Enrichment with robberies and Criminal Organization, also is risk non-responsible administration.
Our mutual defense can also rise in additional dual character of Diplomacy Power without arm's. The First character is principle of International Representative Diplomacy, the coalition diplomacy of all Parliament Parties of The One World across a globe, and therefore in our unity, is our diplomacy inside Parliament's and Senates much powerful than the belligerent party or criminal organization which want attempt to blockade our right's of policies, states and people.
Our Coalition member parties, can in one sume represent a diplomacy power of global organization which have therefore influence on global media, influence on global mases of people, influence in Parliament's and also Senates, and Government's, where again, our member's can have quickly developed the mandates of Governor's, Prime Minister's, Minister's, Senator's, Parliamentary President's, the position's which is our absolute power's.
The vision of The One World have naturally very successful support between the people of the world, and therefore, in Second form of defense ability in our Coalition, is our ability use a power of states in global alliance, the states which we together recruit on our side and federalize in form as one nation under our government.
The government's which accept a federalization in our unity, a government's is therefore our direct power for defense by the process of their own geography position, right to join the International Security Coalition, and invade the criminal state which blockade our freedom of Parliamentary development in connection with Democracy of Nation's and friendship with political people building.
As The One World Organization, our own Judicial ability of our defense, is available claim in process of multi-nationalism between states, where our Political Parties have registered their function, where our ability is applicate before Mean Constitutional Tribunal in every state of our political activity, under claim on enforcement of the illegal blockades and crimes agains't multinational political interest which have own action in our states, and therefore the states have a right to defend and advocacy function of the UN General Assembly Covenant on Political and Civil Right, which therefore also give us a right to enforce all government's of our political activity, and the government's across a world, to declare dis-legitimacy of every political institution which are blockade our right, and in the effect, we are will be those who can legally claim sovereignty across country of our criminal opposition policies, and we are obtain International recognization.
Development of the International Coalition of The One World Party also mean, building the Organization, and therefore we are can have established our order, which give us ability applicate on our multilateral and bilateral treaties with other states in the world, when therefore our ability is activate our own judicial tribunal of organization, enforcement strategies with process of strategical investigation's, and claim the agreement's of our organization between a states, for judicial prosecution partnership which can give us our crime opposition party into our hand's directly into a center of our organization by a process, when the police of foreign states give us the criminal person's according their own state bilateral and multilateral agreement's and treaties.
International Law and global institutional system's have own judicial partnership adapted as nature, and therefore, when we are confirm our function of Organization under durable and stable activity, also in vision of our central position in ID's Territory under our sovereignty de jure, our ability is expressly enforce every kind of political person, political society or subject of commerce which attempt at any time violate our right's or disrespect our legal claim's.
The Protection of our Coalition Member's by Resistance Armies, Private Security, Mutual Diplomacy, Law & Justice is Right and Power, bud Development of Resistance Armies can have own effect of people shock, because the process of militarized control is for ordinary civil people unknown affair, and therefore the people can resign from their support to us by their own fear of future.
Our interest is represent our organization in the peaceful heritage, and with prosperity for all nation's of the world, also cultural societies.
The development of Organization also contain a process for establishment of new religion movement, where we are can centralize all our religion belliever's of our parties and people in the state, therefore the first religion act is to activate The One World Religion, is design for uniting of all religion leader's across a world, and building One World Religion which believe in world unity of all nation's who are will life as one, because the Nature of Religion Spirit's across a world is to build the peace, people friendship and good purpose of partnership, our vision of The One World have the same purpose of own existence establishment.
The One World Religion can build own Religion Center's, Charities, Churches, Parish facilities, Hospital with Clinic's, School's and Universities, and build Religion, Cultural and Social event's for campaign of united world.
We are can unite, The Christian Churches, Muslim Mosques, Buddha Temples, all Religion Communities of Peace, and therefore our ability is associate across 4,000,000,000 people across the world, who are in their one democratic unity can determine National Self-Determination process which unite minimally 80% of all states and nation's across the world, an one nation of planet Earth, all people in the harmony, peace, no war or social quality difference, the dream which all people of religion believe need and pray for them.
The Religion movement can share the idea of people-connective process which can unite the world, and together the University network's under education of most high global intelligences can give us ability directly build new generation's of the world, where a young people rise in their life vision and practice of life under daily global connection's and development, where therefore whole generation of most intellectual people of he world is our own follower's, supporter's, member's of Political Organization and active partner's.
The One World University is project where the student's is educate in global intelligence of all nation's, under a level of most advanced qualities in a world of education prestige.
All child's of our member families can obtain study payed by our own organization, and therefore Your family will be growth in prestige and most highest intellectuality, also our political organization strength the power in level of own competition as society agains't all factor's of opposition political parties, movement's and people, also states.
The intelligence is rhythm of most effective logistic choice, which in each time determine a best option to build unity between all nation's, and therefore we are want protect, a right of all people across the world to obtain quality of education.
Building of new education institution's have great vision in progress of nation's, between conservative states which nationally maintain their ideology out from the world connection and isolate them selves in one form as national facility order which therefore weakness during own self-isolation defense.
New generation's of people who are build their education experience inside One World Education Center's, can immediately understand greater success of their life in global intelligence, and their nation is again stronger, because the student's centralize their life career again inside their country.
We therefore want support maximal progress of all generation's of people across the world, and our goal is organize development the curses, requalification's, education seminar's, school's and universities in the ideology of The One World, a career of globalism and international life, which together during education procedure can use partnership between legal commercial companies and found new legal institution's for all curent student's together.
Our student's obtain opportunity of education, with instant activation of their career under legal name of institution, which again in effective mechanic function and connection around the world again strength the heritage of The One World vision, and the alternative source of The One World Organization.
The One World Young Union is part of our generation education project, and all Young's can obtain own membership in Young Union wing, where always people develop their life intelligence and private contact's under social rule in the One World believe, and such massive connection create again matrix organization which have own social function only for the Unity of Mankind.
The One World Coalition of Parliamentary Political Parties, in design for activation new wing's of coalition and our member parties, is design of management theory and idea of authorship, which can create the Organization active on global level, and connected in most important societies of whole world.
The Organization, can have own level in norm of advanced states and nation's, because our network can contain, our own cities, private transport's and port's, source of raw material's, source of energies, global network's of political position's, our own bank's, associated people and population, our medical facilities, religion's, scientific and industrial center's, universities, also armies and developed project's with global structure greater than continental union's of states and such capacities, therefore we are immediately represent global geo-political position in capacity of most advanced nation of the world.
Our vision is unity of people, states and nation's, the One World, where expressly in our unity under One World Coalition, we are have controlled multi-institutional network's in such dimension, and this is in every category great success of our society.
The Organized society, consolidated by Parliamentary Political Parties centralized under one coalition, have ability obtain international recognization on statute, respected and declared as the Organization of The One World, One World Organization (OWO), with own supranational function under order of legalized extraterritoriality and associated function between the Intergovernmental Organization's.
The Order of Nobility and Organization's, in interactive knowledge of humanity about the Order of Maltese Knight's, or other Order's recognized as Micro Nation's with statute of own self-governing bodies, our ability is build our movement of The One World, in a system of Intergovernmental or Neutral International Organization between the states, where our center's can use private jurisdiction or extraterritorial immunities, and our growth is available develop in power of international state network.
In case, when we obtain diplomatic mission in foreign state, we are have ability to build our governing conferences, centralize properties and institutional network's, build under legal diplomatic immunities, develop the cooperation with strategies of organized law development, we are can use our own Passport document's and identification system, also build our own register of sea and space ship's or route vehicles, also administrate our own society under practice of civilized government with level of state properties.
The Organization Statute allow us registry our own incorporated economy under organization integrity, and therefore our authority can claim our own Organization Currency, The One World currency, shared exchange under limited banknotes for sustainable regulation of private trade network's and organization industries with function under our management control and International Diplomacy agreement's of trades.
The Coalition in own Legal Institutional position, and active administration of global commercial network's with other form's of Institution's, is in International Political nature characterized as Organization, and therefore ability of our Coalition is declare and represent The Order of Organization.
The Organization obtain first own recognization by the Authority of ID's Federal government, with the ability to use our global Parliamentary diplomacy for obtain new recognization between foreign states, and therefore our opportunity is to build own organization character, Ministries, Head Quarter's, Bilateral and Multilateral Agreement's, together with our own currency.
The Currency of Organization, is establish on Central Fund of Organization, which register a financial capital of own incorporated Commercial Network's and possession's, with active ability for production of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamond's and register the Investment properties, which allow us Print the Banknotes under our ownership, which have effective function as Share Paper under ratification of our Central Fund value and number of banknote total point's per Capital Fund.
Our currency of Organization is available exchange between foreign government's than the body of Organization, or use internally in our own controlled network of Organization Trade Institution's, and therefore our ability is to control the process of trade management from alternative source under our author regulation.
The process for activation of the currency is simple, and for first need is start building own controlled trading center's, or recruit foreign business people for development of their new business branch under our jurisdiction of Organization, and therefore we are establish a system of trade processing with applicability for our currency.
The currency is available applicate on International Level, and use the partnership with Investment Agencies, Encrypted Currency Holder's, or Virtual Currency STOX Agencies, and therefore build a trend under process of Investment management, where the external investor deposit valuable possession in our capital ownership, therefore obtain equal point's in value of our currency, and we are use the valuable possession for investment operation in establishment of our new trade network which can increase our currency value at 10 to 100 times, and therefore give new profit for our investor's.
Fast growing of currency value, give us ability activate global investment trade.
In function as International Organization of Order, we are can also design the International Parliament, which can have function as The Intergovernmental Organization, or only associated conference of member parties across the world, and the International Parliament can associate every Parliamentary Political Party from around the world, without any recognition on the difference in political believe or religion self-determination, therefore all Parties equal, and with interest of common talk about the Global Political Affair, with interest to build new influence in world policies according our strategy of democracy defense and prevention of all war's, criminal event's, governmental radicalization or Nazism between a states.
The International Parliament is strategical option, where all our Coalition member parties, in level of small number or high world majority of Political Parties in our Coalition Unity will by maintain, each time we have ability use neutral position of The International Parliament which allow us recruit more member Parliamentary Political Parties and therefore strength our ability of resistance agains't anti-democracy regimes or persecution attempt's of criminal parties in International Coalition's.
The Organization established by our Parliamentary Political Parties is advanced theme, and our development is always possible activate in every level of open ability.
One of first simulation is design, and available activate, when all our Coalition member parties together choice own central leader's and build logistic team's, which therefore give us ability, share the ID's Federal Mandate of "Ex Officio" between our party member's, and the mandate give a right for us to administrate affair of ID's Federal government in relation on representation the ID's Diamond Oasis North East Africa Bir Tawil, where we are can centralize political diplomacy and active develop the process of central civilization development, with active intergovernmental diplomacy and participation in international organization's, management of trades and development of new cities.
The Mandate of ID's Federation, give for the Coalition, new ability centralize the development sources and logistic under the Government statute with Governmental Economy which can give us ability obtain Coalition Source and Global Network's of institution's by a process of easy contract which can immediately in one step and absolute free-of-payment found at more than 10,000 business companies across world, global network of bank's, universities, business association's, space agencies, and other multi-wing's institutional network's of all our coalition member parties.
Provisory Administration of The ID's Government Authority, in statute of "Ex Officio", is preliminary claim, and will be given, for voted representatives of Coalition member Parties, and our goal is to activate The ID's DONEABT Governorate authority, Ministries, Provisory Parliament, State Agencies and Service Department's, with International Diplomacy and membership in Intergovernmental Organization's, also our central position in civilized environment under our control, which together can at one time give us governmental recognization for function as Legal Institution in form of Self-Ordered Organization, and statute of Ex Officio will by given at a day of secure ability.
The Global Change for Your Nation
We are is a subject of The One World vision, and in our capacity of global coalition of Parliamentary Political Parties, our geography change by a process of intensive development of unity between our states, is strategical ability which is no only in the National structures, bud in global geography.
Our unity, is process of Your national development into Global Power, and the process is activate peacefully under the rules of Parliamentary Parties democracy candidacy, for better option's of state and country.
The One World vision has own level's of world unity and progress from minimal position of global coalition between state parties into the united world, is new level of management process of institutional transformation's, and development of new international network's, treaties, law and rules.
If we are unite only few countries under their region's, we strength the power of countries, in minimally two times size. This is very successful.
When we are unite states in continental federation, we are have represented most powerful state of the world. This is very successful.
When we are unite multiple number of countries between the world region's, we are establish one national structure of state consolidation between the governorates, which give us ability re-connect in our membership all supranational institution's and regional organization's, across the world, and therefore our political subject of federal government stand in competition as second most powerful political subject in the world, before the United Nation's Organization. And, this is very successful.
When we are unite across 130 states across a world (2019), we are can use a procedure of The UN Charter, and Declare by a democracy power of UN 2/3 member states, resolution on Incorporation of UN organization into our government as our national authority together with all UN sub-organization's, and all last 1/3 states of the world have a right to use UN Office equally as before incorporation, bud in difference on our National Rule which is under our corporate (private) democracy, therefore out of influences by interest of any foreign democracy power.
Our nation's never need any dependence on any foreign body, and our states together administrate our nation's according only our national rules and resolution's.
This is most advanced power ability into today time, for protection and establishment of the Absolutist Independence of our nation's !
The process of global change, in One World unity, is process where the people of the world, lose oppression by the war's, political competition's, financial and economic dependence, dependence on foreign exchange, territorial limit's or complication in daily contact with global societies.
The One World is process, which is most successful for every state of the world, and in the position when all nation's together unity, therefore Your nation is those who are stand as global power and most advanced country in new level of human age.
One of the password in vision of The One World, is idea where haven't existence of separation or independence, because in every circumstance is better, when we are stand together.
If You are unite us, we are stand together for always, and we always Welcome !
The ID's World Parliamentary Conference
Our interest is sustainable protect World Democracy and support protection of liberties between every nation's in the world, protect human right and prevent criminalization of government's agains't the national liberties.
One of our goal, is connect all Parliamentary Political Parties, for interest to build parliamentary neutral political organization with own conference function, representing the system of Global Parliamentary Unity for mutual protection between all Parliamentary Parties which together in mutual power of law, can recognize about function of future government's, mandates and prevent all risk's on decentralization of every controversy agains't national and global security.
In case, if Your Excellence connect the partnership in ID's One World Coalition, we are can activate recruitment of all World Parliamentary Political Parties, for neutral partnership in the process of World Parliamentary Conference where we can together unite in power of global democracy, as global institutional society in world geography level secondary form of United Nation's General Assembly, and therefore in mutuality with UNGA Covenant's we are have ability to stand as most powerful organization in absolute dominance agains't every criminal policy, dictator or non-conventional opposition around the world.
The ID's WPC, Internet link source:
King Gottwald Peter ID's
Europe, Austria, Vienna, continental hostage zone, 11.07.2019
The King of The Imperium of Diamond's
Legal Signature of 2016

We Love the World, Support and Develop. The One World !
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Global & Universe
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Space Civilized zone's and State Ship's
Universal Civilization's
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If you not received a response, please contact the nearest police department against terrorism and in the form of anti-hacker activity, or another International Political or Safety subject around the world.


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The creation of Consortia business entity as a legal person introduced Organizer
Organiser acquires the business parties, corporations and businesses at the state level, the foreign country and internationally, for the opportunity to ensure the growth of transnational relations business sides of the same category and thus their alliance to form a single entity activating the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's like a business Consortium at a unitary corporations representing General Council composed of many of the numerous range of business entities with legal personality.
Organiser is organizing a group as the third representative of the Organizing documents such entities trading parties in the form of consortia which are composed of all acquired by business corporations, and thus create a common trade as an act collectively to expand its network of sales offices with a new name legal society over the legitimacy of the Organizing Document of the consortium and this authorization to use profits from its own program, trade and investment by the joint development of guarantee contracts between traders consortium.
The consortium thus arises that three or more, and no limit on the number of parties business corporations the same size business category and merchants together constitute an agreement on trade cooperation as a consortium of ID's, and that means that the members of such an agreement becomes General Council as the main representation for body Consortium. The consortium is a fully independent body and its representation own dimension as the General Council functioning on the territory of jurisdiction of Diamond's Imperium, and thus no obligation dual taxation for persons from foreign countries.
The consortium and its General Council are therefore legally recognized as the second person with his own foundation's headquarters under the jurisdiction of Diamond's Imperium, and not against a foreign state.
Each consortium obtains legal address within the Imperium of Diamond Offshore's under the format of principle, while the right anonymous bank account of the State Imperium of Diamond's.
Organiser therefore own position only as a contracting authority with a registry document and produce evidence common parties in order to form a consortium and the selection of the registration fee which will be handed over to the official authorities ID's government and to confirm the registry of a new business entity in the ID's Commercial Register, it means the ability to start a legitimate business activities in the Imperium of Diamond's and the extent of such jurisdiction.
Organizer subsequently obtains financial share for its activity and gain a new member of the Group Consortium. For each consortium receives profits immediately in the event that the subject of the Consortium made a first payment of income taxes and profits. Profit from the creation of the consortium is ratified by the number for every single entity, while in the second ratification of a number of active business entities in the interest of capacities necessary for the full functioning of the consortium as a stable business entity, and therefore with acreage values ​​of the capitalist system ratification by market levels.

Consortium may be founded in order to produce oil companies, firms and corporations with electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, medical center or as agricultural centers and financial services, even the side of the bank from foreign countries together can launch function as a consortium of which there is one company form.
Consortium may be established for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of another legal person status, and to the Strategic Trade Cooperation in the Imperium of Diamonds or the use of a new center for the export of the product abroad, mainly as a second source to ensure their own development resources to foreign parties.
Advantage consortium for each business group, is the possibility of cooperation in a multi-national group and develop also thanks to intelligence and technological advancement from other individuals in the group and therefore is entitled to conveniently organize and develop as a group and with global selecting the best intelligence and values. Development is organized by the willingness of commercial parties in the interest of the provisions on deposit in contracting act of the General Council of the Consortium.
Creating the Consortium on the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's is an opportunity to develop trade markets and build common commercial properties on the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's, under the name of the state Imperium of Diamond's and legal registry in the territory of international waters, as well as to free orbit and subsequently in free cosmic space and on other planets in the cosmos.
This creates the ability to dynamicly developing at advanced level and significantly grow into the largest business groups in converting the entire world. Cooperation is beneficial for all traders and their interest in growth when using the multi-dimensional nature of global cooperation organized by the Common Market.

Multy Consortium

Multy consortium becomes subject which comprises a further alliances between several different categories of Consortia which are tied together related business networks, meaning the structure of the system of Internal trade organizations to build their own modernization of all groups Multy Consortium for using common resources. Market development and financial cycle is composed of its own closed cyclisation without inflationary rhythm. The groups will jointly develop and produce advanced level of their own capabilities.
Example activities and composition of the Consortium's multi-trade system when a corporation jointly formed a consortium single category of the market, such as consortia that may be composed of one business category, such as Metallurgy, is the second category Electronics, the third category Agriculture, and so on.
Consortia are therefore then collectively unite to form a multi-consortium that it may be active as a group composed, for example, a business category markets for mining resources and their laboratory production, followed by the category manufacturing solid materials, machining category, categories of construction technology and product electrical engineering and thus the sales or the economic and strategic use of its own internal management of the consortia, or trade on the open market.
This creates a multi-consortium. Multi-consortium may also focus on the public market, as is standard business corporation.
Multy consortium is also based on a system of cooperation with the Government of Diamond's Imperium for planning grants and financial development objectives or division missions and projects, expanded categories multy national dimension.

Business Categories
Business categories of legal business associations offered by the federal government Imperium of Diamond's

The Imperium of Diamond's Government Form for Register of Commercial Subject's

Official Form type:
Junior Business
Trade body at the social company level, but the foundation office in the form of legal commercial entity. Business entity is intended only for small markets and easy to work voluntary nature. Junior business is a form of trafficking for children from 10 years, child's who is Freely interested.

The body as a natural person presenting a certificate of proficiency in performance in the professional field, and thus the right to form a business as a contract company. Every natural person has the right to create an unlimited number of property firms owned by qualification and profession without reference to any other form of legal ownership of the name. The company is the physical association.
Start Corporation
Start Corporation is a business association that is designed for people who obtain certification for mental health condition and ability of professional development training is. Start founding corporation formed under the authority of an autonomous government Imperium of Diamond's why the owner of Start Corporation does not need any financial resources and expertise in the profession, while losing his own responsibility activities of the corporation. Start Corporation is a business-led management of the Government Office and the authorities organize the procurement of trade and development 'trade union. Corporate profits are determined to ensure the quality of life of the owner Start Corporation, and especially for his study or family development. In the period when the owner Start Corporation received sufficient education, the business association handed over to full management responsibility and ownership. If the owner fails to achieve the necessary qualifications, it will start Corporation passed in the name of another person in order, or will be made public outcry. Start Corporation is active at the public market, and particularly for cooperation with educational centers in order to provide practice for students during their education at the level of real business environment, and is a corporation or used for public purpose.
Register Company
The company provides for the registration of copyright and the arts of individuals and society by supporting the organization of business activities with the copyright value.

Offshore Management Service
The entity which is led by the retailers who are expanding strategy of the association on behalf of other clients entrusted corporations as owners of the business entity, or the Council Offshore Service Management team takes clients to the possibility of using the service team in order to create a new business entity.
Association of firms and smaller merchants who together create a partnership agreement that arises from a commercial entity as a legitimate company in order to function according to the size category of rights trading company.

Representation Company
The company belonging to another legal entity without a shared relationship, only destined for ceremonial matters.
Public Media Corporation
Television, radio, magazine, news and commercial act before a public audience.

3DD Real Estate Company
Trading company active in the digital world and the network business economics among others 3DD Real Estate companies. Virtual entity can possess anyone, without any limit while having the maximum number of other business entities.
Capital Company
Company managing only the capitalist system-driven market and thus activate the self-development of commercial interests and strategic development under capitalist stragy.
Investment Company
Investment company creates financial and development resources for other companies and corporations that use sponsorship in order to expand their own market and profit from investments to ensure the return borrowed for Investment companies.
Prime Corporation
Ownership of the business Company, only one person, and with the established management team. Prime-Corporation Limited own capital limit.
Comand Company
The association of two parties composed of persons as a financial investor and business organizer, thus to agree on a common profit.
Interactive Comand Company
The association of two parties composed of persons as a financial investor and flexible business organizer, thus to agree on a common profit. Flexible organizer of trade is only temporary partner that can be exchanged for another candidate to Community if the candidate will possess a better business plan than its competitors.
Holding Company
Trading company in order to develop transport logistics and establish cooperation as a supplier of goods under transit and either by private taxi service charges.
Building Corporation
The corporation focuses on construction markets, development of architecture and urbanization, and therefore the possibility of establishing a dual takings as its own center of the construction industry and activities of architect engineering and construction of the building. Construction Corporation consists of a number of professional experts and companies who jointly expand the building fund.
Market Company
Market processing and sales, management uses its own market when market activity of other traders and thus the creation of common own financial profit from the value added to the price of products and services.
International Company
The use of logistics management of international markets for the possibility of interactive planning and expand contractual relationships with global traders to develop their own gain and the structure of markets. The government has the right support development of logistics management.
Joint-stock Company
Business association with the obligation upon the leadership level budgets to the limit dimension of owned capital to the level of maximum profits without limitation except for the obligation to respect tax systems. Joint-stock Corporation issued and limits their own investment securities available for sale are the foundation of their prices by size of economic power joint stock corporation.
Civilizational Corporation
State organizes business in order to build new markets and business, raw, resource and financial networks civilization.

Federal Company
Company commercial interest only active on the territory of the Federation, or between Company bodies and by expanding own multi infrastructure throughout the civilization. The company has a widespread development rights at official level synchronization.
Multy Company
The association of a consortium of one category of the retail market and thus functions as a business company.
Commercial Consortium
Association of Corporate different business categories and the creation of business cooperation such as jointly owned other person associated corporations made up for the purpose of activities as a single business entity based on the form of the Business Council dealer associations.
Multy Consortium
Association of consortia to function as one company.
Management Company
The company with the register of trade associations that own the debt level of confidence of the financial crisis and bankruptcy, and there are obligations of the act entrusting the indebted business entity into the hands Management Company that extends the strategy of the foundation property uses many of the numerous dimensions of a registry operated business associations which are therefore in the hands of management administration form internal and public business strategy of common interest for the financial management and development of business entities with a view to ensuring their deleveraging and returning back into the hands of the legal owner. Indebted corporations that are responsible of its trade name.
Interactive Corporation
Group of companies based on a system that allows immediate own immediate ability restructuralization markets and internal resources in accordance with the strategic plan and emergency situations civilization and business markets. Corporations own source benefits and the right to activate multiple forms multy trade, as well as an interactive cooperation with Federal Bank.
Private Corporations
Publicly anonymous business entity is a form of private association which is associated with the business of government, and receives orders from the authorities of the states. Military orders, arms manufacturing, technology, special resources, others.
Intelligent Corporation
Corporations that contacts with other governmental and foreign merchants or services, and always with a view to selling the business intelligence development plans and building intelligence used to grow new projects in the rhythm of state business stability and also to develop new markets or increase their dynamics.

Booking Company
Trading company with its own jurisdiction in the form of a free trade categorization of activities in the space reserved for a limited period of time and with limited territorial zone. The register is kept at the offices of the government.

Corporations with form their own principles of jurisdiction and activity for the purpose of self-interest according to the contractual provisions with the government of the country.
OFFICE Company
Trading company that supports government and local authorities, with their own financial profit from operations in the fees for use of authority and the establishment of commercial and professional intelligence networks or Multi sponsorship, development and consumerism. The Office carries out political activity in public affairs, and it is necessary to respect the obligation of the company structure in sync with the authorities, police and investigative bodies governed by public action.
Research Corporation
Form institution and business entity uses its own business entity management used for the commercial application of research and securing sources of finance.
Planetary Corporation
Corporation active in the size of the planet and as a business entity expanding its own infrastructure company.
Stationary Corporation
Corporation active in the dimension of space stations and expanding as business entity owns the infrastructure company.
Universal Corporation
Multy business entity with its own infrastructure cosmic sources and industrial centers between planets in the universe.
Space Science Corporation
Research center with free opportunities to own and expand their own resources to develop the infrastructure at the research center and to research work around the space subjects special natural phenomenon.
Business Burza
Diet merchants in common centralization of business rhythm in the same direction, thereby resulting Mercantile Exchange as traders parliament in order to increase the centralization of market intelligence and enable a steady income logistics business development. Exchange is led by the founder, or representations that have been selected from a number of traders active on the exchange. Stock representations loses other rights of ownership and management of any other business entity. Exchange may collect fees for the financial register of cooperation and business development rhythms or register a trade with investment materials. The Exchange is a legal institution.

Your Primary option for Business Start ?

Corporation in Legal possession of Register people, and under management supervisory of Manager Council's of Imperium of Diamond's and Manager's Legal responsibility.
People in registration have profit from Corporate business activity, and duties for their own education in profession until time, when owner of corporation have certification for his intellectuality and responsibility for managing corporation.

ID Corporation's Start, open to everyone around the world, the goal is to stabilize markets and civilization of the country's ID, and the growth of the body corporatocracy.
Today, because of terrorism on the part of European governments, each Applicant has own entitlement to apply for a judicial procedure which means the right for full financial compensation for blockages to develop.
The situation in Europe, the influx of immigrants and migrants, each of which owns all rights to know such opportunities for their own development, and that because the federal government Imperium of Diamonds opens right of citizenship to all people around the world.

Please certified Your register in Notari or Lawyer Quartier, and with Your own description of Your interest for business activities.

Easy Strategy for development of the Business Infrastructure:
  • Free Autonome activity, open for Every One (as The First)
  1. Offshore Management Service Logistic center (Global Post comunication)
  2. State Comerce Center of Legal Affairs and Development Business (Organizers, Advocate & Analytic cooperation)
  3. Registered Corporation's in Contact List (Corporation's and Conferencies cooperation)

Registry Your New company Head Quartier and Your Cheque Claim
2,000,000,000,000,000 € in IDMD


ID's Registration of Head Quartier Company
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