The Popular Government of The Celebrities from around The World

The Popular Government of The Diamond
The Celebrity Policy

Welcome Dear Celebrities and People of Popular Entertainment, Salute every Lady and Man

The Popular government of Diamond consist’s of the composition and presentation of all the celebrities all over the world who are interested in such cooperation and activity. Popular activities in the interest’s of the government are treated as Free Commercial activities with special rights policies issued by the Federal government Imperium of Diamond's, Free open for every celebrity from around the world.
To win the title with the law Chairman or Member in The Popular government of Diamond receives every person who is confirmed as a celebrity, the media recognized and popular. Actor, Singer, Musician, Artist, Moderator, Model, Sportsman, another person media activities.
Popular personalities so they have a right to make use of state-organized activities and event’s in special territory, expanding the network of political and organizing political relation’s and policy. The possibility of joint action is right for the establishment of global conferences, summit’s and activities for celebrities from around the world and expanding cultural event’s.

Each celebrity get’s it’s own asset’s while political right’s for salaries.

On joint participation in exercise activities Popular government may be in cooperation of each agency and corporation’s in the form of protection register’s trademark’s and copyright’s, publishing, television and radio or Internet station’s, representatives of social networking sites, other media companies that respect’s the right’s and claim’s in common association.
Legally active media and businesses have the right to organize and the possibility of extension of the legal principles that relate to the registration mark’s, and such cooperation or commercial services as well as demand’s for power in the form’s of media activities.
The Territory of The Popular government of Diamond will be created on the territory of new planet’s in the Universe, with a plan to values ​​of civilization development into a system of Star City which thus consist’s of a number of civilization hundred planet’s around a single star.
The territory will be provided through the possibility of having territorial of The Federal government Imperium of Diamond's. The Federal government Imperium of Diamond's utilizes proprietary technologies for the possibility of additional location’s of planet’s in the Universe, and so great planet will be presented before the association representation that will decide the selection of the first planet’s to the possibility of creating the first civilization’s.
Civilization popular government is for showbusiness activities, media promotion and cooperation, expanding the world of show business and activities, enabling cultural event’s and ensure full cooperation between other group’s and individual’s nature of celebrity.
The area is also the political nature open to all person’s of interest group’s in the production of film-making, music media, managerial activities, modeling activities, new’s and other form’s of activities from the world of commercial media and showbusiness.
There will also be extending the right’s of journalist’s and other similar association’s for the possibility of extending logistic’s and implementation activities of The Popular government, as well as interest in cooperation in a range around the world.
Any person who so begin their attempt to win the title because their own Representation also right about the media disclosure of the essential activities of terrorist European government’s and such form’s of terrorist alliance.
The Great Economy and Business for Every One !

Great Option for Cooperation


Popular Form of Government is registered as a commercial and copyright of the Federal Government of Diamond's Imperium. Right is applied on the first day since the formation of stable activity without the threat of terrorist activities and from the European regimes Terrorist Alliance.


I really Thank You Very Much !!!
The King Peter Gottwald

The Popular Government


I Really Thank for Every One !!
I thank to You very strongly to any musician, songwriter, actor and film director, screenwriter and any other person who supports me and turns me music videos, movies and mini or long evening movies, games or texts.

Thank You for Every One
from around The World !!
I thank you very much for each of you and thank you greatly. It is beautiful and pleasing, if I can see you are interested to promote and help. Thank you for your efforts and strengthened my strength, my ability to survive today's world and get new information, experience and confidence for the days ahead.

I thank to all of you for your support and work. Thank you for your work that supports me and my activities, therefore, the steps for a better world and a significant future for all mankind. Steps to create new worlds and establishing a new beginning, a new world and an important future of the human race.

I thank for your successes and thank for your willingness. Today, I'm young boy, my goal is to unite the entire world and I want to work with each of you and with anyone else. I want to present a united world and such an option, our great strength in unity and stamina. Steps that can be the most important achievement in human history, the most significant part of the history of the dimensions of the human future.

Today, I want to thank for you, even if I can not contact you, but thank you and I hope that someone meet me, and I so I will be able to return all your actions support and pleasure of your assets and work, effort and courage.

I feel today I am sorry that I can not immediately answer or respond to your creation, artwork and works. I now occupied, and any information from the outside world for me is interpreting through supervisory and secret manipulators. Therefore, I'm sorry if sometimes do not match or you try not to react. I must apologize, sometimes I can not estimate well and truly interested in the result, I can not trust any person around me.

Therefore, I hope that your mood is good, you will not be disappointed and I wish you will always good success!

In the future, when I will freely and independently, without the illegal surveillance and occupation, then I can contact you all, I will support the emergence of new global scene and performances, touring, new concerts, festivals, cinemas and theaters, gaming clubs and many forms similar activities.

Certainly I would like for each of you to please you as well.

I also want to work together, to please the whole world and also show our new capabilities to create a unified world and unite everyone who supports a unified world, a new direction of the human race and world politics!

I want to invite each of you. My invitation is for cooperation and establishment of a new world, the expansion of the human world to the level of advanced civilization without crime, without poverty, without deception and murder, or genocide. Read the world who will also be able to expand to the level of cosmic nature and the size of several other planets, planetary civilization and Galaxy. New values ​​for Humanity that will be dynamic and important for us and for our future generations, steps that mankind could mean values ​​for the first time the actual origin of the human race and actually forms as Existence.

It is assured that each one of you also want to support profits and opportunities for joint activities. In any case, we can take advantage of many opportunities for collaboration, cooperation, and also anywhere in the globe. Today it is open the entire world and therefore it is advantageous to utilize such an option.

So I hope that we can therefore come together immediately and to agree to unite, broaden common options, if this is option for you. Today I am under occupation, my communication options are blocked. So I want to ask for your support for the possibility of opening my handcuffs, the release of my freedom and public awareness about my opposition and world terrorism. If you will however be blocked in the interest of the common communication center contact, blocking is not based on my wishes and requests, we are therefore in any case necessary responsibility to comply with any blocking.

I in any case I will be grateful for each of you, so together we can meet, we together can we communicate to extending the relationship or to found many forms of activities in the forms of new conference center for social activities and art, society and showbusiness or another store and social activities of a global nature, together we can foster a better world together we can foster humanitarian action and development of other civilizations, we can prove to provide enough food for kids around the world, we currently can ensure a healthy life for everyone and a quality living standard.

Our cooperation can be humanitarian, social, for the education of the next generation or for political purpose and trade, joint agreement and friendship is a fantasy, because we can communicate and spread.

Culture, Race, Ideology, life opinions, religion, communities and societies, clubs and art direction, many trends and genres of art, always those who ask for freedom and victory! The biggest movement from the history of the world!

We can work with many communities around the world. We can collaborate with many other movements on our planet, we can work together as a large global group that is able to achieve great success and an important step in the dimensions of the human race!

Therefore, I also beg you to support sharing information, encouraging the sharing names and acquaintances in the company, please be backed by the knowledge of humankind and that everyone could know his true potential, the possibilities for us can change the whole world is always as it is for each of us ideal!


I thank each one of You, and for You I wish always significant success and great power !!!

Basic rules
The rules will subsequently be extended according to the results of a joint session of debate.
State Popular Council
  • Representing 100 member’s will be elected as a mandate Main Presentation with activity as chairman of the State Council.
  • Member’s of the National Popular Council are elected by their values ​​and activities in order to promote the development of a common civilization. Multiple choice is made by the meeting of The Popular Representation.
  • The mandate of Representation of the State Council, is elected for one year, repeated every 6 month’s with the number of elected seat’s 50, because election’s are conducted twice a year.
  • Elected member’s of the State popular Council therefore sit together with the Royal Council to allow political communication.
  • If a celebrity representation will express and disseminate immoral or criminal activity, it may be entitled to vote his blocked as well as with political right’s owned estates.
Popular Representation
  • Every person who own’s a commercial media publicity as a presenter, singer and musician, actor, artist, athlete, entertainer, model, other professional people with commercial publicity and recognition in society, thus automatically become the person’s who are entitled to use the territory of civilization and political principles of the federal Government’s entity Popular celebrities such person with the recognition of the right’s to the performance of representation.
  • A person recognized as having the right to exercise their own representation because the right to sit and vote democratically in the General Assembly with other athletes from around the world.
  • Each person in recognition as a representation therefore own’s qualify for use of government system’s development and without paying it to build it’s own chateau villa on the territory of the government, get a car, limousine, airplane, boat, yacht, orbital ship, interplanetary ship, as well as basic intrinsic value of each Representative in government.
  • Each Representative obtain’s the right to use system policies to ensure payment for his own manager for his activities and performance.
  • Each member representation and own claim for payment for the profit of their own leadership political activities in the interest of Popular government of Diamond. Salary will be calculated according to the extent possible earning celebrities worldwide.
  • Group of the General Assembly of Representatives is a group without any limitation on the number of member’s.
  • Each member of the national team must respect the principles of financial management of own asset’s on the territory of The Popular government, and also in the interest of financial system’s against inflation.
  • Secretary of State administered by the parent entity of the Federal Government in the form of Imperium Diamond's through their own ministries Federation.
  • In the lead management of the Ministries of economic character, the character for corporation’s and agencies cooperation with institution’s of Trademark and licensing, publishing and registration activities and own entitlement Seventh, agencies and corporation’s to protect copyright stamp’s and work’s of art or managerial services of a commercial character, TV station’s, radio station’s, corporation’s, media active and like a native covering the whole world.
  • Council of Popular Representatives of agencies and media corporation’s and earn’s the right to free owning their own residence as Castle villa, private transport’s as car, boat, plane, ship orbital and interplanetary ship.
  • Becoming a crowd as a group own representation and the right to select three other person’s who will meet the mandate given for an auxiliary position Ministries.
The Bank
  • The Bank's management is represented by the Federal Government of Diamond's Imperium.
  • Representation’s own claim for submission of proposal’s before the democratic leadership of the Federal Government Imperium of Diamond's.
  • Council representatives of agencies for the protection of copyright and artistic work’s, TV station’s, radio station’s, media corporation’s active, and the like are becoming claimed to conduct cooperation with other department’s of central bank’s in the territory of the government.
Council of Manager’s
  • Council Manager’s celebrities claimed for the law implementing the planned action and other agreement’s or activities association as a government. Representation is entitled to support Planning Council Manager.
  • Together with the national team is entitled to conduct activity in the form of acquisition and representation of international treaties, agreement’s and declaration’s on participation or so with the intent to propose new International use.
  • Manager’s Council, together with a representation of their own are entitled to exercise the option in the form of effort’s to create political cooperation and communication with any other entities within the entire world.
  • Board Manager you can organize the event open to any person in the whole world, for the possibility of obtaining membership as a team and thus starting a pop career through support from The Popular government of Diamond.
Popular government of Diamond
  • To enable the development of a political nature and other relation’s are in a period full of features and stability expanded right’s representation for the possibility of contact in order corporatocracy government’s and other entities in the Federation of Diamond's Imperium.
  • The Association for Popular Celebrity government system created as part of the Federation of Diamond's Imperium. Popular government has therefore become a federal entity within the federation.
  • The federal government Imperium of Diamond's own and the right to veto decision’s or declaration’s for other department’s, government’s Popular Celebrity.
  • The Constitution of Popular government will be formed by democratic resolution representation after approval by the State Main representation and at the same time in order to be able to central product of the constitution of the Federal Government of Diamond's Imperium.
  • The Territory of The Popular government is always open for access for every person in the world, after the announcement path’s available form or show your own identification on the border territories. Everyone who enter’s the territory of Popular Government must always be checked for safety and safe intention’s.


Profit winning values ​​of personal interest for the development of civilization mean’s the first moment’s:
  • Media support for the liberation of the founder of detention in European countries through apartheid and political terrorism.
  •  Such as the establishment of companies for printing T-shirt’s with the name of the state, and their media promotion.
  •  Publicity in the media and communication, to support the development of media network’s in the country where such activity is legal.
  •  Organizing step’s of cooperation and information dissemination among other celebrities.
  •  The establishment of cultural center’s and the development of media activities. The cultural center is therefore relaxation accessible to all celebrities.
  •  Support for the expansion of communication between political parties, between government’s of countries, among other association’s of political and economic entities.
  •  Opportunity to expand knowledge of information between corporation’s.
  •  Planning project’s for the development of civilization, infrastructure, architecture, economic’s, development project’s.
  •  Creating political activities and presentation’s, founding their own plan’s for their analysis before the vast majority of a debate at the political level.
  •  Support for organizing corporate or liberation of the colonies. Thus founding the ability to gain full access to the territory of planet’s in other galaxies, using special technology for space travel.
  •  Promoting justice and social effort’s to keep the company in the interest of decent direction.
Part of your success may also victory for the Nobel Peace Prize. Support for the federal government Imperium of Diamond's really means the ability to leverage the globe and prove significant opportunity!

= The Nobel Peace Prize =
Today wait for You !




The Connection in Neutral Immunity of Law:
Right oif Association in Organized Community, Open Communication and Media Activity, Organized Business, International Travel in Protection by Law, Global Project's.

Really Thank full for Every People who support a Liberties and Justice, The Popular Celebrities, Scenarists and Game Producer's, Author's, Movie Player's and Actor's, Singer's, Model's, Sportman's, and Intellectual's, all around The World, America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, Pacific !
2017 Greatly We Thank You !!
Whole World Thank You for a Right to The Future !

Original Document open for Online Read or Download:


Manager Office:

The META-National Business in Plan of Activation and profit of 10,000,000,000 € for The Acount Manager per first month.

Contractor Office:

The META-National Business in Plan of Activation and profit of 10,000,000,000 € for The Acount Manager per first month. The Contractor is Represent for Business connection between Private Security Personell's.

Message for All World Conglomeration Trader's:

The Business of partnershiop between the Conglomeration Companies in plan of building New Trade Network's in The ID's territories and found the ID's Manager Corporate Infrastructure. In the world exist more than 800 Conglomeration's, we are have capacity for every one Conglomeration on the world.

Message for every Electro-Industrial Company in The World:

Special META-National Conglomeration, Consortium of Electro Technologic Companies, active as one corporation with own source of material, industries, and marketer's, the company have own internal trades and opportunities of development, own projekt's building. First level of Society value is 1,000,000,000,000 € per start, increased from only Contract connection.
Invitation for All World Professional Sport Leagues

Official Invitation Document:

Do You Like Your Profit from Management Cooperation and Organizing common profit's ?

The Popular government of Diamond, autonome state form in the federation of The Imperium of Diamonds
- Strategy plan development for International Lawyer Intelligence Council, part of full document.

Dear Lawyers and Profesionals in the Laws, is too true that Developing your personal contacts is an important goal for your future in the world today. Many people around the world, people who are our strength and confidence of the future, people who have a great potential and ability to use our resources for our mutual benefits on a range of global interests.
The federal government Imperium of Diamonds is therefore devoted efforts to develop cooperation also at the level of show business and the arts of public character steps as concerns cooperation between movie stars and actors, musicians, and musicians, singers, modeling celebrities, comedians and storytellers, known critics and all other media known stars.
Our goal is to jointly organize actions for cooperation activities conferences, summits establish and celebrities also shared cultural centers around the world, organizing joint cultural activities of a global dimension and thus jointly get the full dimension of our cooperation with each showbusiness publicly known person, and celebrity artists.
Our goal is to rebuild a new step in global show business, who will be with the purpose of world alliances and build new worlds and civilizations, new cities and strong advantages for today's global population size.
One of these goals is to create a step formation of Popular Diamond government in federal unity of Imperium of Diamonds.
Popular government is an entity which is based on new territories of space, territory and the territory as a center of global entertainment and show business, just as today many well-known film cities, centers and well-known enterprises.
One of our first plans is to build artificial islands and specialty centers below the water surface of the ocean, for example, in the zone of the North Atlantic Rockall Diamond, and soon the ability to produce and Great levitating city as a center that will be used for our joint meetings and activities.
Space territories will be developed for the interest of building a dynamic civilization level of luxury and expensive possessions, real estate and towns, along with factories for luxury cars, aircraft and yachts, luxury textiles and other forms of expensive and luxurious social values above which will be based strategy function of our civilization.
Great interest becomes the production of luxury jewelry and precious objects of cultural presentations and trade. It is true that the market value of the state of the popular Diamond really does become economically very advanced levels and strong value against foreign markets.
Showbusiness, luxury, beauty, world associating.
Popular government Diamond and simultaneously becomes a place of act of global gatherings of celebrities and their public appearances, major festivals and parades of stars, friendly parties is the foundation for the luxury tastes, as well as developing and Centers for recording music, movies and video clips, support for the development of art and literature creation and the shooting of our joint programs for television and popular broadcaster.
Festivals that are accessible to everyone around the world, theater and game creation, conference or transfer of major awards for career achievements and creativity, philosophy and acting talent, achievements of addressing public companies and the development of global media and organizational network of cooperation between all associations for activities celebrities.
Every celebrity who will use this alliance thus becomes the person who sits at the Center of other celebrities and celebrities and jointly decide on the extension of civilization and internal political rules because celebrities are the main personalities that are used by civilization and jointly develop our activities.
Each celebrity therefore also acquires and entrance gift like villas, luxury families and mass settlements, custom cars, yachts and airplanes, important possessions such as skyscrapers, cultural centers for each celebrity to represent the names, perfect life in a true paradise and the opportunity to live a beautiful life no worries, a new paradise. Values in minimum size at tens to hundreds of Miliards of €, while property as an investment materials that are growing at their own cost by economic growth and the economy Popular Diamond as a strong financial level is the basis for most luxury estates around the world and therefore really the ability to rapidly strengthen values that significantly strengthen the economy and the value of other investment assets.
Manager for every celebrity gets well again cashed salary for his work, and such a profit is freely usable on the territory of a Popular government Diamond. Therefore, it is preferable to contact all associations celebrities and famous names of their managers.
A step which is strategically and economically advantageous for business development and future careers.
Every celebrity who uses the possibility of such cooperation is therefore soon become unable to make use of this possibility of power and possessions Popular Diamond governments, and with the purpose dynamically and globally organize their own activities and career development among all celebritied from around the world. Significant gains and the ability to simultaneously visualize distinctly his own personality in the light of the global media scene.
Exchange fairs and luxury goods markets with the most expensive paintings and art forms the show's finest luxury textiles and fashion tastes, all activities are based on the highest attainable luxury, and luxury and also with its own production.
It's also the fact that today the level of modern technology and science, industrial civilization is able to function with full automation without the need to expand staffing employees. Therefore, every celebrity in our union by recreatively can build their own corporate and legal names that are determined to develop the production of luxury yachts, luxury cars, luxury architecture and luxury jewelry, textiles and fashion, many, other forms of production.
Notable celebrities that work with us will encourage the growth of cultural centers and studios, art centers and associations, as well as the possibility of creating a joint festivals and fun festivals, modeling shows, conferences and fairs or open new businesses for the global media coverage with television, radio and newspaper newsletter new TV show business centers and media sharing at the international categories.
The first strategy is the creation of the Declaration Civic Association as a people's cultural beliefs and interests. The People Associations as social associations legal name, and to combine all media personalities in your country, singers and musicians, actors and too literary creators, writers, presenters TV shows and public events, as well for our start really convenient to contact other fitness centers, sports centers, modeling agency, agency for fashion, many young and beautiful people who will want to become a member of our association and thus to promote our shared development using our festivals and cultural events, play a new films and music videos, coordinating the creation Cultural Centers of Diamonds and development our settlements, with the possibility of establishing commercial office, too, such as hotels, clubs and restaurants, golf center, spa, sports center but also a new theater hall and also a commercial media services.
Anyone who knows hears our common opportunities of dynamical success, because everyone always gratefully appreciate this possibility of our cooperation and the development of our bundles Popular Association, and therefore everyone is always happy and grateful enters our circuits Association for cultural and social interest and business.
Celebrities around the world will support our mutual growth and the ability to be able to create a new center of the company, our headquarters and studios cultural houses, centers for drama and especially the possibility of jointly dynamically organize cultural events for our common development.
The big advantage of the strategy is to open new TV studio and launch a television commercial broadcast on an international scale and for the purpose of profit from advertising strategies and the benefits of the right to hold public events, festivals and performances, as well support our coordination between artists and the stars show business, celebrity and media celebrities.
The same concern for us given the chance to promote the development of radio broadcasting centers, and also Internet radio and television, and together with newspaspers magazines and center for festivals and games modeling and presentation.
First, however, the need to obtain working staff, young people interested in developing their careers, young people who want to gain new experiences, beginning with actors and artists, as well as a fitness center and athletes and people who are mainly engaged in flexible acts and art.
Television created with the help of co-operation between the centers of theaters, opera, actors and show business restaurant with comic performances, from which businesses can also arise studio to record television programs and presented meeting with the other traders, artists and celebrities, as well as with politicians. The first investment in the development of the television studio is advantageous to do the same for the rest of the business agreement between the corporations that want to take advantage of advance agreements on any subsequent dissemination of advertising at the start of full-function television broadcasting. Needed is a little, just enough room for a shooting location for the archive, beauty center and also office. Rent or use of spaces with a common trader. It would then need only to earn the right to broadcast or use claims extrateritoiality to reach out to the global community to initiate a broadcast over its own commercial broadcasting stations, satellites and spacecraft.
Satellites and satellites us secure business networks Corporation Managemet our cooperation, as well as equipment to the studio and the necessary space.
Radio broadcasting is a simple step to start commercial activities immediately. Needed is just get legaly connected to the own transmitter, and then we will possess the opportunity to present a global news inforace of economics and statistics at the same time, with the possibility of organizing public events with musicians and artists, interviews with your favorite people and thereby initiate development and our popularity.
For activities through newspaper reports, it is the best option to create a calculation management of advertising revenue, and consequently the price of rent payments and the value of the printer to editors and reporters, as well as the calculation of prices for rental outlets. Traders and other corporations that are seeking new ways of advertising provides you with good finances for full operation, as well as many commercial printers to give you the opportunity to develop using common store. Young students and intelligent people who are looking for work can provide us many interesting reports from the society and civilization life, as well as other people without jobs can sell the newspaper for financial rewards from the sale.
Build these commercial structures can be simple, just to ensure the emergence of several documents with the presentation of a business plan, and then get a confirmation of interest to business participation from other celebrities that will want to support such a possibility to jointly develop personalities as legal names of corporations, institutions, and together with celebrities. Our power is sucessfull for it.
Goal in each case is to expand public knowledge about our activities and strengthen the structure of celebrities, celebrity, or create new ones that will support us again.
Television, radio, magazines and especially the Association and Global Conferencies with shows, our convenient option is to use the rights of trade for the establishment of public commercial activities, public performances and fashion shows, as well as with the ability to establish cooperation with the textile commercial brands, other commercial and association groups companies and agencies that for us to always provide the ability to fully develop and expand our target Popular government as the composition of celebrities planet Earth.
Our aim is also to build a joint strategy and the strength of the cooperation of our Association International Lawyer Intelligence Council Imperium of Diamonds, and therefore the possibility to support our future collaboration with Popular government, and thus get much better intercourse and the ability to fully organize our common activities and interests, goals and projects, steps to show the whole world about our interests, goals and tasks that significantly encourage change for the world.

Program for Development of The First Industrial Colony, Diamond Oasis

ID's Diamond Oasis Industrial Colony I.

ID's Copyright Certification for oportunities of Cooperation in Global site's
The King of The Imperium of Diamond's
Legal Signature of 2016

We Love the World, Support and Develop. The One World !
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If you not received a response, please contact the nearest police department against terrorism and in the form of anti-hacker activity, or another International Political or Safety subject around the world.


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The creation of Consortia business entity as a legal person introduced Organizer
Organiser acquires the business parties, corporations and businesses at the state level, the foreign country and internationally, for the opportunity to ensure the growth of transnational relations business sides of the same category and thus their alliance to form a single entity activating the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's like a business Consortium at a unitary corporations representing General Council composed of many of the numerous range of business entities with legal personality.
Organiser is organizing a group as the third representative of the Organizing documents such entities trading parties in the form of consortia which are composed of all acquired by business corporations, and thus create a common trade as an act collectively to expand its network of sales offices with a new name legal society over the legitimacy of the Organizing Document of the consortium and this authorization to use profits from its own program, trade and investment by the joint development of guarantee contracts between traders consortium.
The consortium thus arises that three or more, and no limit on the number of parties business corporations the same size business category and merchants together constitute an agreement on trade cooperation as a consortium of ID's, and that means that the members of such an agreement becomes General Council as the main representation for body Consortium. The consortium is a fully independent body and its representation own dimension as the General Council functioning on the territory of jurisdiction of Diamond's Imperium, and thus no obligation dual taxation for persons from foreign countries.
The consortium and its General Council are therefore legally recognized as the second person with his own foundation's headquarters under the jurisdiction of Diamond's Imperium, and not against a foreign state.
Each consortium obtains legal address within the Imperium of Diamond Offshore's under the format of principle, while the right anonymous bank account of the State Imperium of Diamond's.
Organiser therefore own position only as a contracting authority with a registry document and produce evidence common parties in order to form a consortium and the selection of the registration fee which will be handed over to the official authorities ID's government and to confirm the registry of a new business entity in the ID's Commercial Register, it means the ability to start a legitimate business activities in the Imperium of Diamond's and the extent of such jurisdiction.
Organizer subsequently obtains financial share for its activity and gain a new member of the Group Consortium. For each consortium receives profits immediately in the event that the subject of the Consortium made a first payment of income taxes and profits. Profit from the creation of the consortium is ratified by the number for every single entity, while in the second ratification of a number of active business entities in the interest of capacities necessary for the full functioning of the consortium as a stable business entity, and therefore with acreage values ​​of the capitalist system ratification by market levels.

Consortium may be founded in order to produce oil companies, firms and corporations with electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, medical center or as agricultural centers and financial services, even the side of the bank from foreign countries together can launch function as a consortium of which there is one company form.
Consortium may be established for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of another legal person status, and to the Strategic Trade Cooperation in the Imperium of Diamonds or the use of a new center for the export of the product abroad, mainly as a second source to ensure their own development resources to foreign parties.
Advantage consortium for each business group, is the possibility of cooperation in a multi-national group and develop also thanks to intelligence and technological advancement from other individuals in the group and therefore is entitled to conveniently organize and develop as a group and with global selecting the best intelligence and values. Development is organized by the willingness of commercial parties in the interest of the provisions on deposit in contracting act of the General Council of the Consortium.
Creating the Consortium on the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's is an opportunity to develop trade markets and build common commercial properties on the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's, under the name of the state Imperium of Diamond's and legal registry in the territory of international waters, as well as to free orbit and subsequently in free cosmic space and on other planets in the cosmos.
This creates the ability to dynamicly developing at advanced level and significantly grow into the largest business groups in converting the entire world. Cooperation is beneficial for all traders and their interest in growth when using the multi-dimensional nature of global cooperation organized by the Common Market.

Multy Consortium

Multy consortium becomes subject which comprises a further alliances between several different categories of Consortia which are tied together related business networks, meaning the structure of the system of Internal trade organizations to build their own modernization of all groups Multy Consortium for using common resources. Market development and financial cycle is composed of its own closed cyclisation without inflationary rhythm. The groups will jointly develop and produce advanced level of their own capabilities.
Example activities and composition of the Consortium's multi-trade system when a corporation jointly formed a consortium single category of the market, such as consortia that may be composed of one business category, such as Metallurgy, is the second category Electronics, the third category Agriculture, and so on.
Consortia are therefore then collectively unite to form a multi-consortium that it may be active as a group composed, for example, a business category markets for mining resources and their laboratory production, followed by the category manufacturing solid materials, machining category, categories of construction technology and product electrical engineering and thus the sales or the economic and strategic use of its own internal management of the consortia, or trade on the open market.
This creates a multi-consortium. Multi-consortium may also focus on the public market, as is standard business corporation.
Multy consortium is also based on a system of cooperation with the Government of Diamond's Imperium for planning grants and financial development objectives or division missions and projects, expanded categories multy national dimension.

Business Categories
Business categories of legal business associations offered by the federal government Imperium of Diamond's

The Imperium of Diamond's Government Form for Register of Commercial Subject's

Official Form type:
Junior Business
Trade body at the social company level, but the foundation office in the form of legal commercial entity. Business entity is intended only for small markets and easy to work voluntary nature. Junior business is a form of trafficking for children from 10 years, child's who is Freely interested.

The body as a natural person presenting a certificate of proficiency in performance in the professional field, and thus the right to form a business as a contract company. Every natural person has the right to create an unlimited number of property firms owned by qualification and profession without reference to any other form of legal ownership of the name. The company is the physical association.
Start Corporation
Start Corporation is a business association that is designed for people who obtain certification for mental health condition and ability of professional development training is. Start founding corporation formed under the authority of an autonomous government Imperium of Diamond's why the owner of Start Corporation does not need any financial resources and expertise in the profession, while losing his own responsibility activities of the corporation. Start Corporation is a business-led management of the Government Office and the authorities organize the procurement of trade and development 'trade union. Corporate profits are determined to ensure the quality of life of the owner Start Corporation, and especially for his study or family development. In the period when the owner Start Corporation received sufficient education, the business association handed over to full management responsibility and ownership. If the owner fails to achieve the necessary qualifications, it will start Corporation passed in the name of another person in order, or will be made public outcry. Start Corporation is active at the public market, and particularly for cooperation with educational centers in order to provide practice for students during their education at the level of real business environment, and is a corporation or used for public purpose.
Register Company
The company provides for the registration of copyright and the arts of individuals and society by supporting the organization of business activities with the copyright value.

Offshore Management Service
The entity which is led by the retailers who are expanding strategy of the association on behalf of other clients entrusted corporations as owners of the business entity, or the Council Offshore Service Management team takes clients to the possibility of using the service team in order to create a new business entity.
Association of firms and smaller merchants who together create a partnership agreement that arises from a commercial entity as a legitimate company in order to function according to the size category of rights trading company.

Representation Company
The company belonging to another legal entity without a shared relationship, only destined for ceremonial matters.
Public Media Corporation
Television, radio, magazine, news and commercial act before a public audience.

3DD Real Estate Company
Trading company active in the digital world and the network business economics among others 3DD Real Estate companies. Virtual entity can possess anyone, without any limit while having the maximum number of other business entities.
Capital Company
Company managing only the capitalist system-driven market and thus activate the self-development of commercial interests and strategic development under capitalist stragy.
Investment Company
Investment company creates financial and development resources for other companies and corporations that use sponsorship in order to expand their own market and profit from investments to ensure the return borrowed for Investment companies.
Prime Corporation
Ownership of the business Company, only one person, and with the established management team. Prime-Corporation Limited own capital limit.
Comand Company
The association of two parties composed of persons as a financial investor and business organizer, thus to agree on a common profit.
Interactive Comand Company
The association of two parties composed of persons as a financial investor and flexible business organizer, thus to agree on a common profit. Flexible organizer of trade is only temporary partner that can be exchanged for another candidate to Community if the candidate will possess a better business plan than its competitors.
Holding Company
Trading company in order to develop transport logistics and establish cooperation as a supplier of goods under transit and either by private taxi service charges.
Building Corporation
The corporation focuses on construction markets, development of architecture and urbanization, and therefore the possibility of establishing a dual takings as its own center of the construction industry and activities of architect engineering and construction of the building. Construction Corporation consists of a number of professional experts and companies who jointly expand the building fund.
Market Company
Market processing and sales, management uses its own market when market activity of other traders and thus the creation of common own financial profit from the value added to the price of products and services.
International Company
The use of logistics management of international markets for the possibility of interactive planning and expand contractual relationships with global traders to develop their own gain and the structure of markets. The government has the right support development of logistics management.
Joint-stock Company
Business association with the obligation upon the leadership level budgets to the limit dimension of owned capital to the level of maximum profits without limitation except for the obligation to respect tax systems. Joint-stock Corporation issued and limits their own investment securities available for sale are the foundation of their prices by size of economic power joint stock corporation.
Civilizational Corporation
State organizes business in order to build new markets and business, raw, resource and financial networks civilization.

Federal Company
Company commercial interest only active on the territory of the Federation, or between Company bodies and by expanding own multi infrastructure throughout the civilization. The company has a widespread development rights at official level synchronization.
Multy Company
The association of a consortium of one category of the retail market and thus functions as a business company.
Commercial Consortium
Association of Corporate different business categories and the creation of business cooperation such as jointly owned other person associated corporations made up for the purpose of activities as a single business entity based on the form of the Business Council dealer associations.
Multy Consortium
Association of consortia to function as one company.
Management Company
The company with the register of trade associations that own the debt level of confidence of the financial crisis and bankruptcy, and there are obligations of the act entrusting the indebted business entity into the hands Management Company that extends the strategy of the foundation property uses many of the numerous dimensions of a registry operated business associations which are therefore in the hands of management administration form internal and public business strategy of common interest for the financial management and development of business entities with a view to ensuring their deleveraging and returning back into the hands of the legal owner. Indebted corporations that are responsible of its trade name.
Interactive Corporation
Group of companies based on a system that allows immediate own immediate ability restructuralization markets and internal resources in accordance with the strategic plan and emergency situations civilization and business markets. Corporations own source benefits and the right to activate multiple forms multy trade, as well as an interactive cooperation with Federal Bank.
Private Corporations
Publicly anonymous business entity is a form of private association which is associated with the business of government, and receives orders from the authorities of the states. Military orders, arms manufacturing, technology, special resources, others.
Intelligent Corporation
Corporations that contacts with other governmental and foreign merchants or services, and always with a view to selling the business intelligence development plans and building intelligence used to grow new projects in the rhythm of state business stability and also to develop new markets or increase their dynamics.

Booking Company
Trading company with its own jurisdiction in the form of a free trade categorization of activities in the space reserved for a limited period of time and with limited territorial zone. The register is kept at the offices of the government.

Corporations with form their own principles of jurisdiction and activity for the purpose of self-interest according to the contractual provisions with the government of the country.
OFFICE Company
Trading company that supports government and local authorities, with their own financial profit from operations in the fees for use of authority and the establishment of commercial and professional intelligence networks or Multi sponsorship, development and consumerism. The Office carries out political activity in public affairs, and it is necessary to respect the obligation of the company structure in sync with the authorities, police and investigative bodies governed by public action.
Research Corporation
Form institution and business entity uses its own business entity management used for the commercial application of research and securing sources of finance.
Planetary Corporation
Corporation active in the size of the planet and as a business entity expanding its own infrastructure company.
Stationary Corporation
Corporation active in the dimension of space stations and expanding as business entity owns the infrastructure company.
Universal Corporation
Multy business entity with its own infrastructure cosmic sources and industrial centers between planets in the universe.
Space Science Corporation
Research center with free opportunities to own and expand their own resources to develop the infrastructure at the research center and to research work around the space subjects special natural phenomenon.
Business Burza
Diet merchants in common centralization of business rhythm in the same direction, thereby resulting Mercantile Exchange as traders parliament in order to increase the centralization of market intelligence and enable a steady income logistics business development. Exchange is led by the founder, or representations that have been selected from a number of traders active on the exchange. Stock representations loses other rights of ownership and management of any other business entity. Exchange may collect fees for the financial register of cooperation and business development rhythms or register a trade with investment materials. The Exchange is a legal institution.

Your Primary option for Business Start ?

Corporation in Legal possession of Register people, and under management supervisory of Manager Council's of Imperium of Diamond's and Manager's Legal responsibility.
People in registration have profit from Corporate business activity, and duties for their own education in profession until time, when owner of corporation have certification for his intellectuality and responsibility for managing corporation.

ID Corporation's Start, open to everyone around the world, the goal is to stabilize markets and civilization of the country's ID, and the growth of the body corporatocracy.
Today, because of terrorism on the part of European governments, each Applicant has own entitlement to apply for a judicial procedure which means the right for full financial compensation for blockages to develop.
The situation in Europe, the influx of immigrants and migrants, each of which owns all rights to know such opportunities for their own development, and that because the federal government Imperium of Diamonds opens right of citizenship to all people around the world.

Please certified Your register in Notari or Lawyer Quartier, and with Your own description of Your interest for business activities.

Easy Strategy for development of the Business Infrastructure:
  • Free Autonome activity, open for Every One (as The First)
  1. Offshore Management Service Logistic center (Global Post comunication)
  2. State Comerce Center of Legal Affairs and Development Business (Organizers, Advocate & Analytic cooperation)
  3. Registered Corporation's in Contact List (Corporation's and Conferencies cooperation)

Registry Your New company Head Quartier and Your Cheque Claim
2,000,000,000,000,000 € in IDMD


ID's Registration of Head Quartier Company
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