World Safety & Security Cooperation

The King Statement
The First Problem against Safety in World
European Terrorist Alliance

Statement on ID's DONEABT International Military Base

Official Document:

(1) ID Communication for UN Organization, contact for Russian Ministry of Foreign Affair, and Warning for European Union policies

Declaration on War Interest in defeating the belligerent, European Terrorist Organization.

(2) Communication for UN Security Council, Application for determination on Sovereignty

(3) Communication for UN Security Council and states of The Council of Europe

(4) European Right for Evacuation, according International Law purpose determined

Official Document(1):

Official Document (2):

Official Document (3):

Official Document (4):

Official Communication:

Not receive, only EU & CoE services which have legal responsibility to force frauds between their policies.



Request UNGA, UNSC and UN Secretary General for the possibility of the establishment of the tribunal for crimes European terrorist alliance and their punishment together with a strategy for the implementation of International law and the UN Charter and therefore achieve a step that confirms the justice and legal title over the world, all states and governments, citizens and traders as well as all other legal associations of scale around the world

The task for all members of The International Law Intelligence Council;
Request for all states UNGA;

Expression of interest Imperium of Diamonds to use standard principles of political rights and systems of legal principles reference to the current situation, as system of common safety which in case of actual legal and responsible features designed and capable of ensuring the safety of the period of the early weeks without broadening terrorist threat or force organized criminal networks.

The King of the federal government Imperium of Diamond's and asks for support in defending against crimes and fraud, international terrorism and genocide on the part of European governments and their terrorist alliance.
The UN in formation as a reaction to the Second World War, to prevent and stop further conflict and genocide, so now in a period when European governments are intentionally committed crimes that hard overtook all the statistics of the World War II, so ID's as a legal entity and is justice goal and peacefull activities unprincipled any crime, but in a situation like the Dear Jews people after the Second World War, ID's is like a body with the greatest potential value and capital are entitled to admission to the UN as a right use of legal-political relations and rights and all conventions, implementation of joint prevention strategies against European states, and it is a common law to ensure the development of sanctions and affirm the political bankruptcy of European governments, along with strategies that according to the value range of statistics today's European crime therefore lead to a full expulsion of European countries Member lines of the UN, because of the obligations of all members of the United Nations to prosecute European countries for global terrorism, or an obligation for full liquidation of these countries for the same reason.
European states violate the UN Charter, along with more than 90% violated international rules and legal format represents a violation of UNGA global forces of democracy for all countries around the world, according to the UN Charter values UNGA important than today's UNSC forces. Values of the most important character of contemporary human existence.
European nations made crimes at the killings and blocking civilians, killing innocent people, genocide, against 320 million people, occupation rights and entitlements for the two billion people, expanding threats of genocide against seven billion people and at the same time start the first largest Global War the history of mankind as an inevitable consequence in any case. Already today, the European criminal governments overtook crime statistics Second World War, and according to the principles and reasons of the United Nations must always mean instant bankruptcy policy and regime of such a criminal government, immediate penalties and the steps liquidation of such terrorist civilizations using weapons of mass destruction, in order to fully step the liquidation of all sizes such civilizations.
European governments have reached a stage in which the criminal is a complete loss of rights for their own existence. European governments and at the same time with a terrorist aim of collaborating on the structure of government policy, a policy of international alliances in Europe, structure of state services and also mass civilian movement that functions as a state terrorist medium, so it is confirmed that European governments were in fact destined for disposal using weapons mass destruction and that in the real case, without any respect for the population, because everyone who voluntarily registered as a citizen of the European governments, therefore he also willingly acknowledges that his interest is to promote the strength and stability of the central terrorist regime. No global terrorist own the rights to life and liberty of every terrorist and must be disposed of.
European terrorist regimes violate the jurisdiction of all states in the world and the demands of each merchant and politician at the entirety of the planet Earth. Again confirmed as the biggest act of global terrorism in the history of mankind.
Therefore, in the interest due on the obligation of the rights of the UN Charter and International conventions UNGA, because the UN is a duty to establish a tribunal for investigation and conviction of criminal acts in Europe, ensuring full measure loss of legitimacy and sovereign rights, replacing sovereignty with the help of the legally responsible entity of the Government of the country and ensure that all the rights of full compensation to all justice parties for each state and the association of the entire human world.
All states UNGA together and automatically according to the principles of the UN Charter owns all rights to launch a joint investigation into the act on the territory of the European governments, together with steps to prevent military intervention against the threat of the first global war, while stopping terrorism.
European Evidence of terrorism are every day fully public and known, as well as the threat of global wars. Therefore it is not necessary to obtain any further confirmation.
Today, at the same time, all governments worldwide own legitimate claim and state responsibility, police investigations and judicial proceedings to prosecute all political, government and civilian persons in cooperation with European terrorism and terrorist European Alliance.
The UNSC own obligation to confirm the rights of the World Diamond International Alliance as a major strategy for national self-determination European countries, and therefore, the resolution to create the legitimate sovereignty of the World Diamond in the territory of the European criminal states and their terrorist alliance, the resolutions of the UNSC as the decision to prevent the threat of instability in world politics and World economy in bankruptcy these civilizations terrorist states because of high proportions of financial debts which are in case of bankruptcy of European civilization over the threat of bankruptcy for the world economic system which is again another bankruptcy of other countries and governments that are addicted to the stability of the European economy. This means that half UNSC any other option for the application.
Governments that are addicted to the stability of the European economy, and therefore in threaten of financial crisis or bancrupt, therefore any blockation for The ID's support Global Development is immediately marked as an attempt of terrorism against the whole world political system and global economical stability, opositional threator of terrorist act must be immediately liquid be the World Military power, threator losse every rights for advocacy.
UN must ensure that any halt the spread of European influence on any other countries worldwide. European terrorist regimes must losse all abilities for their political or business expansion.
Republic of France in the direction of rights UNSC member loses the right to issue new resolutions of this nature, because of the confirmed European cooperation on terrorism and responsible for the greatest genocide in human history. That is confirmed by the obligation of all states for the implementation of UNGA Declaration of the French Republic to exclude from membership in the UN.
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the United States of America in the direction of the rights of a member of the UNSC lose the right to issue new resolutions of this nature given the present situation on the ground confirmed the cooperation with European governments in a deliberate strengthening of the powers of the European terrorist ingredients armies such as community NATO , OSCE, European military forces and the stability of crime at the international level, which means responsibility for the UK and USA as acts of cooperation on terrorism. UK and USA own right only to confirm the decisive resolution of the legitimate sovereignty of the World Diamond International Alliance. US media at the same time supports the creation of civil movement for the promotion of European crime and global terrorism or harming the legal rights of others, because of their ability to economic and civilizational competition in maturity. If the US government does not stop terrorist ties, as is confirmed by the obligation of all states for the implementation of UNGA Declaration on the exclusion of US membership in the UN.
The Russian Federation and the People's Republic China towards the rights of a member of the UNSC lose the right to decide on the issue of the resolution of this character, because confirmed the efforts of these countries to resist against international rights and international democratic states, along with an interest in provocation and occupation of other territories of other states and suppressing internationally recognized the rights of free states and their demands, the development of influence for the purpose of monopolies at the level of world politics. The Russian Federation and China PR for daring to violate international law by reason of their position membership UNSC and as the world's leading referees, organizers manipulators armies and military forces. UNSC States because they know that my political values on behalf of the World Diamond International Alliance therefore can legitimately establish a system of the new format of world politics that using Form Global Equivalent Democracy and political positions among all countries of the world and replace all positions UNSC and overtake at all levels, it It means that members of the UNSC no longer be able to carry out crimes and abusing their power, bureaucracy and neo-colonialism against the world. States UNSC at the same time know that WD International Alliance as the format of global policy in all categories bigger and better than the UN, especially the more important as the global military and security force, a force against which the value of these States UNSC loses the ability to victoriously resist while all foreign states while always prefer to promote such steps. Therefore, the Russian Federation and China PR losing their claims on the issue of UNSC Resolution into today interest, declared be the Charter of UN. Thus it is confirmed the right of all states for the implementation of UNGA Declaration on the exclusion of the Russian Federation and China PR on UN membership.
States UNGA jointly own the right to substitute a claim UNSC to issue a decisive resolutions with the same name of a political nature as UNSC resolutions, but in order to comply with the UN Charter and in accordance with International convents UNGA, it is an obligation to use only one option and that the Joint Declaration on World Diamond International Alliance as our common system of sovereign governments of our countries here in the European territories. In the same case, even if states UNGA they want because of the UNSC terrorist bureaucracy, requesting the right to use the principles of the UN Charter, a claim the UN General Assembly for the right to vote veto UNSC resolutions, the right to vote on the removal of a member of the UNSC and the election of a new, or the right to vote for the modification of the Charter UN and UN system and the development of policy by the fact of equivalent rights without a strategic position which determines and provides opportunities bureaucratic approach and neo-colonialism of other states, as now, those positions used by Member States to the UNSC.
Because of the relationship UNGA States and all other countries around the world, everyone has full rights to enforce judicial punishment according to the principles of jurisdiction on the territories of these countries' governments, and the use of global cooperation of all governments, for the possibility of a common strategy for the imposition of sanctions against the European terrorist states and recovery of all those who are a reference to terrorism, as well as the right for joint strategies for financial and property seizure, in the first case, immediate blocking and execution of all foreign bank accounts and blocking access to consulates and embassies in your countries, as well as qualifying full execution of any other assets of these terrorist states in the territory of your country.
According to the principles of the UN Charter, a claim for the right to initiate intervention in the territory of the terrorist state and legally so violate the rights of the integrity of these states terrorist alliance, the governments of countries in this case own again all rights to enforce property foreclosures freely in the territories of the European modes, thus no violation of any legal right.
According to the actual interface European countries as the entity governments active in the world of terrorism, as a subject of public services encouraging corruption and terrorist activities of the government of the country and the state, and at the same time as the body of the state as the movement of civilians along with the public relation civilian movement to support terrorist acts and stability terrorist mode European governments, therefore, legally and in accordance with all international principles implemented identification of the whole dimension of the European countries as a terrorist movement that is destined for disposal and the achievement of full blocking identity and all possessions, on behalf of your government and state why internationalization and execution of all government, state and civilian property on the territory of your country's government, with the justification that every civilian who keeps his identity as a citizen of a European terrorist state, then such citizen supports the forces of the terrorist movement and stability terrorist regime, and legitimately mean that every such citizen is designated as a terrorist designated the destruction and extinction, full financial and asset seizure in the blocking of all foreign assets and accounts in banks, law enforcement back without compensation or damages to invoke the courts.
A Terrorist is a terrorist, and terrorists must be disposed of. Citizens of European countries have the right to defend themselves using the legal denial of citizenship terrorist governments and by the adoption of new citizenship, the future government of the European territories such as Imperium of Diamonds, or alternatively any other country abroad. In this case, the citizens lose responsibility for terrorist crimes European governments. Governments of countries worldwide in any case not encourage censorship of the media about the incident and duties as the situation with the same reference value of the real reasons for the founding of the United Nations reactions after World War II. All people must know a reall true !
In case, if anyone, in any way resist against these principles and rights according to international rights and political principles, then each opponent must be disposed of as a person who promotes the activity and stability of world terrorism.
If any stand in relation to terrorist alliance will want to resist against legitimate political principles for using weapons or military attack, so in this case, all governments around the world has all the requirements for the use of weapons of mass destruction and commencement of liquidation European terrorist states.
So King Peter Gottwald, in respect of their rights and legally formal situations, decide the task of each member of the International Law Intelligence Council, the registration court application to the courts of your governments and courts, governments around the world, as well as re-contacting the International Criminal Tribunal UN, UNGA group and the General Secretariat of the UN, for the possibility of establishing the international Tribunal for European condemnation of crimes of global terrorism and violation of the rights and principles of international conventions UNGA.
So King Peter Gottwald, in respect of their rights and legally formal situation, therefore, calls on all governments to adopt such tenders and thus the foundation of our joint steps for the defense of our state and government, defense of civil rights and entitlements of international relations and on behalf States UNGA foundation international Tribunal for European condemnation of crimes of global terrorism and violation of the rights and principles of international conventions UNGA. So because of obligations under international law and Conventions, as well as the responsibility of governments to their own jurisdiction of the state and obligations to the declarations of a state office and the obligation to apply the principles of public services and offices for the legitimate function of the state, as well as my request in good interest for your country and your state, nation and civilization, today in the main event as my first effort to prevent global war.
I thank you for your time and patience, patience is proof of your responsible relationship to politics, and your cooperation is proof of the good and important performances for the world and the future of all countries and world politics.
I King Peter Gottwald and on behalf of the Federal Government Imperium of Diamonds' trying to implore all governments around the world, for your support for the adoption of the Imperium of Diamonds to UN member circuits and also the establishment of joint declarations on our joint diplomatic cooperation.
I thank all the countries that support the development of world politics for a better future for all the peoples and governments of countries for better rights and freedoms diplomatic strength of our relationships to significant levels of world politics. Your courage and responsibility is indeed an important step for the future of the world.

The federal government Imperium of Diamonds will create a system Trial Commission to ensure that in each case the procedure of military strategy and military missions only possible, in accordance with international law and rules.
Military actions are under the supervision of formations who are dedicated acreage of international forms of law, army law as well as all safety rules. Army technology and the power of the army is only for the possibility of destruction of the enemy and a terrorist crime. The federal government gives entitlement to other governments for cooperation in order disposal of crime through cooperation as supervising exploited types of technology in the interest of the mission. The federal government Imperium of Diamond's does not own any interest to expand its activities in the form of terrorism or crimes under its own power, strategy or activity.

European Terrorist Organization,
in time when is neccessarry contact UN General Secretary and support prevention against expanding of terrorism and genocides.
08.02.2017, Austria, Vienna International Center

Terrorist organization of Europe, into cooperative structures of European policy, Governments, State services, civil infrastructure. When I go sending my Protocol document from yesterday comunication with AT Parliament, Federal Cancelor, Constitutional court of Austria, than I need sending official document into the United Nation center with my need to contact office of UN General Secretary and therefore start coopered for prevention against Internationaly Organized Crime, Genocides, violation of rights of more than 195 states in the world, and damage of their integrity, than therefore Austrian policy send against me into Metro transports, person for control of my tickets in time when i'am under apartheid and terrorist blockation without possibilities to pay ticket or owe, and therefore they are as a Control Services (Metro Vienna) stop me in last station International Center Station of Vienna, UN Organization centre in Vienna, with terrorist attempt for stop my comunication and sending my confirmation about terrorism in Austria, as Austria disslegitimed identity in form as a terrorist organization and confirmed it according all international rights.
When I comuniced with Security Observer of UN Center in Vienna, they are too dissrespected me and send me police detection and fully dissrespected any my document and right as confirmation act of my extraterritoriality right with political imunity and special privileges for my person, UN police not accept their necessary duty for read conditions and they are therefore too give me stop to registry my document protocol in UN, my document from yesterday comunication as a proof about dislegitimed government of Austria because their terroist actions against International rights and genocides, terrorism in government, state service and civil population, and therefore is it today my legal interest send document into UN General Secretary office, and contact UNSC, with my support for pevention agaisnt genocides and global terrorism who is made be European policy and states services with civil movement as a European states.
I repeadly present that I am king of my country and with every need of confirmation be my documents, principles of rights system and UNGA declarations, but UN police never respected me, never control me, only give me direction that he don't receipt any of my document and I must stay here and wait for police, secondly UN police give only one document, contact paper for UN refugees agency, which mean pass and losse all my rights (!) [attempt for monopol disslegitimation of my right's].
UN police is warned, that AT police is in terrorist cooperation, criminal responsibilities for genocies and violation rights of more than 195 states in the world, but they are never respected my information, and the same as my direction that need in first privilege, for sending my document who have a tittle "+/-Protocol about AT police terrorist activities".....and after I can meet Austrian police because to today, Austrian police in terrorist relation, therefore better like stop me and damage my posibilities for share confirmation of their terrorism.
I ask mr. UN policeman, " what if the Austrian police kill me", and he never aspect.

When come police, I contact immediatelly and first new Austrian policeman, I normaly comuniced and defend my rights, repead the same information, than UN Police too receipt my document and create copies, give me original back.....after acceptation of Austrian terrorist attempt to block my comunication with United Nation and prevent against my possibilities to contact UN General Secretary.

The International Military & Industrial Colony Imperium of Diamond's
Bilateral, Multilateral, Federal

IDs International Industrial & Military Colony

Form urban safety probe, autonomic functions, IDs industrial intelligence is the ability to produce over 1 000 000 000 pieces every day.
The probe is floating in force Iono cycle, form of levitation. Motion system is synchronized with 3D gravity sensor, microscopic resolution dimension, recognizing targets at a distance of hundreds of thousands of kilometers. The speed of the probe is 0.001 Km / one million & + kilometers per hour. The probe can travel up to the orbit of the Earth, with further upgrade too into space.
Probe is designed for security work. Monitoring surroundings, position detection, and detection of sound from a gunshot and explosion of bombs, the cries for help or other kinds of conflict. The probe is able to manage 3D sonar vision.
The probe can recognize a criminal offense, such as possession of weapons, aiming weapons per person, mask on the face, knife in hand, stealing foreign boxs or pick-pocketing, even fast driving on the highway, jam on the highway, crash vehicles, fire, or too threatening gas in the atmosphere. The probe system uses a 3D camera at Multy-Newton telescope with the ability to focus the detail down to the level of hundreds of kilometers, and also to transfer the image to the lens that transforms the digital data into the programming function. Camera recording is processed by computers that can occur during use 3D cameras to process over 1 000 000 000 motions (or more) in one moment. This means that one probe can monitor movement throughout the city, and to detect every kind of crime.
The probe can scan 3D dimension to the face of every man on the street, and therefore perform the detection of identity and recognize people, to determine if a person is in police searches, missing person or unregistered person without identity. The probe is therefore able to patrol the city with detail and always with the ability to ensure the detection of more than 85-100% of all crime.
The probe uses 3D sound sonar, laser cameras, radio spectrometers, thermal vision, while optical camera systems technologies that are synchronized with the technology for virtual recognition of the character of man, vehicle and also its weight, weapons and items, face shapes according to the identification or registration brand vehicles. The probe also possesses the ability to detect the contents of the tank and chemicals.
Probe own programs to calculate the rhythm of our reality by random rhythms and physically hard rhythms, so the probe can predict the location and type of crime, and development or crime, and therefore the probe is also the ability to detect masked criminals, or their organized strategy and full infrastructure.
In the case of the crime registry, the probe can record such an act and initiate immediate coordination with the other probes, this means pursuing criminal movements from several different parties and through CCTV detection and identification of legal status.
The probes can be carried out through questioning of lie detectors. Computer programs that detail recognize rhythms of human communication and patterns of psychological reactions to the same movements of the human body or mimic gestures in the face, and the ability to close the detection of differences in the tone of voice in the ability to detect too ophthalmic lenses and movement of hairs on the skin, monitoring the rhythm of heartbeats and scan level of perspiration on the skin. Probe own program for communication, so the probe can perform autonomous control of the suspect or direct police interrogation on the spot. The probe could spans all kinds of lies, and therefore implement immediate removal of any crime in the street be control act of every movement in the city at one moment.
The probe uses weapons to a method for-profit projectile stun or kill radical offender criminals. The probe also own tools for laser target tracking and sending electric shocks laser stunner. The probe then uses acoustic stunner that is able to create a sound signal that will force the population to flee the crowd or stop aggressive actions. A second ultra-sound audio system interface can dispose of solid objects such as glass, wood, brick, concrete.
The probe is moving at its own fully silent, without any noise, silent levitation system. The probe can also use stealth technology, so the probe can monitor all kinds of suspicions about the crime from local contact, it means the ability to immediately act to ensure detailed detection and gain direct entry as evidence of the crime, and provides instantaneous paralysis criminals, tens to hundreds into moment.
Probe own ability to use the connection to the Intranet, and therefore get detailed local maps, building plans and evacuation routes. Probe autonomously assist in the fires, the floods, while other disasters, or when viral epidemic.
Probe own electric generator, the only source of the whole drive, therefore the probe can be functional without stopping throughout more than ten years. The probe also own program that constantly monitors the stability of the system function, and therefore the probe can detect defective part, and the probe will fly autonomously to technical support, which will be implemented immediately fix the system. For larger malfunctioned, the probe is able to report to headquarters, therefore, the call mechanics service team.
Each probe is registered to the central police stations, and the inherent ability to coordinate with the other sonds, develop common strategies and autonomously or cover the whole surface of cities and civilizations monitoring system. Sonds detail patrol borders and monitor all kinds of movement, and register passports and visa.
The probe can be used as a police patrol, a military patrol and also, for example, or to finish the probe can operate as a military commando and special military unit. Probes can also watch orbit space and universe, perform validation satellites or blasting unregistered objects, such as a missile shield (Infrastructure synchronization, blast all not registered move in distances of 1 000 000 000 LY's from center). Probe satellite range can monitor in detail the movement of all acts of civilization and movement transports detect note the brands of cars, drivers face detection, face detection pedestrian detection of stolen vehicles, wanted persons and missing, and people who are designated for special protection and control processes.

Galaxial Safety

Every Technology plan is open for development and upgrading under Law of Conventional Weapon's type, be the International Law.
If You are don't have interest in Legal cooperation, You don't have right for read, study, use, share or develop this text and intelligence.
King Gottwald Peter, 13.04.2017

Decision's for shared plan's for weapon's for global security because of the threat of terrorism from other government's country, European Terrorist Alliance
Europe, Spain, Madrid

I Peter Gottwald, owner and author of the website (www.europeanpoliticalprisoner.mypage.cz/) or publicator information letter. I declare that my interests are lines for world peace, security, while stability of world politics, army, justice, law and international values, freedom and the common benefit for every movement, nation, country, or society and people.

Therefore illustrate my proposal to create a new international system for first- and international security policy. System to be maintained, therefore, that each country's government could be sufficiently politically able to cooperate in the International Democratic Union, the equivalence policy which undertake to recognize logical and natural rights for security and international truce stability, freedom and internallity of nations and their security.
My suggestion is a new system that stops any possibility of abusing the political rights of other countries' governments therefore to be able to attack other territories form of terrorism is damaging and destroying. Therefore, must never fails and is abusing its political value that could threaten another country's government and its stability, because of the commercial expansion, market competition, inconsistencies and legal certainty resistance against other terorismum or other similar steps that are no longer in the history of world politics He played the part of many other countries around the world!

Therefore, it is my goal to create a new Security Council which will be based on legal values ​​and System Options that surpasses the political values ​​of the UN Security Council and the political or security options and discriminated system of rights and oppression UN General Assembly.
It moznsot to create a new world system already on, always secure the peace, the world of security and order, always with immediate response and the strong value, without the possibility of losing legal party, confidently global resistance against any threat from around the world.

My suggestion is the name of JD ISC,

References to basic draft rules:

At the same time, therefore, to ensure our strength really a sufficient value, so we offer a new Option to establish a common defense. This system technology that is described in the basic measure. Technology that can serve as shock cannon against any threat to the whole world.Hammering gun that can attack at any position on the entire planet or in space. Atmospheric Kanon which will be established in orbit around the planet Earth. Our goal is to make the gun on some plan at the same time the gun which is based on the ability to produce silver sphere as a hub. It is possible to use the internal production of titanium charge, charge or tungsten for example sapphire charges. Many other cartridges. Cannon power of a value may in values ​​over a hand grenade in the first phase. The second phase is reached after the hundreds of nuclear bombs ,, TSAR ''.
Atmospheric gun is placed in orbit, it is therefore not possible to shoot down today's technology types that are publicly available. Therefore, it is vulnerable to attack from any position and without compromising our technology.
At the same time, due to today's threats in the direction threat to world peace by the government country victimizing their political rights for the occupation of other territories, such as the US and Europe against the world, in a quiet occupation values ​​220 million dead children, thefts and damage trillions of euros from a minimum of Each country's government, many other against the world. For example, blocking the transmission of information for the UNGA or blocking of international tribunals, justice and benefit from international political rights for security, as it was in the habit against Yugoslavia, 1999th.
Therefore, my offer is to create an international duty to each country's government which start from anonymous cooperation, each of us must make own weather cannon and through a second transport him to the orbit. This means that the ways of achieving our fearlessness and victory.

Therefore, I add ja proposal on the fundamental principle and function of atmospheric gun by my suggestions, in the Czech language in the text on ten pages without images.
The proposal is only in the base system which is designed for a new kind of international transport between the mainland of the city, between the planets in the solar system or for traveling into the next solar system for a duration of transport ten minutes.
Anyway, it's a certainty that my proposal will successively gun I want to promote the value of my rights to vlasteni, manufacture, sale and promotion of organized or other movement in the interest of the law on patent values ​​and copyrights.
Therefore, I fully issued permits for each country's government from around the world. Each government land to add to the possibility to use the ISC of JD, while ensuring full security cooperation in a number of world policy and to follow righteousness, justice and security, so I issued the license to produce those types of weapons against to ensure a common order. Such types of weapons must be owned and used under the legal value of the International Council. Each Government countries around the world has full access to enjoy the atmospheric gun positions from its own territory as well as creating other types of weapons and possibilities in a format such technology. Against the Ground Based Missile shield, special turbines similarly as aircraft turbine, atmospheric current position is centered in the pipe in which the charge. In a similar manner to create a large machine gun nests that installs the systems for satellite radar locator, radar on the ground, cameras and other probes or measuring motion locator. Each gun can be on the arm flexibly. One bullet can reach speeds of over 900 million miles per hour. This means that no missile or warplanes unable to break into the territory of our country.
Similarly, machine gun nests can be created next to the central cannon orbit. This causes the gun will always indestructible, you can not shoot him down a missile or other aircraft. Only threat today is special technology under the historical name Haunebu, Foo-Fighter and UFO-disk. Similar technologys today can secretly own European government's, France, Germany, Spain, Great Britany, Italy, may be Swizz, too U.S.A.. According to my original plan, be first classand step of technological constuction be natural ideology and mathematical logic, it is a technology which, according to my plans can travel at speeds of one miliard kilometers per hour, with the possibility of speeding every second for an additional one miliard kilometers per hour. Therefore in One minit is it 60 miliard's kilometer's per One hour. Therefore, at a time when there is united international safety advice, then jointly agreed on the use of a common security system designed to ensure our safety.Next, my plan for trawel with similar technologys, can used speed of kvintilion's kilometer's per one hour, added every second.
At the conclusion, in any case, I want to add that such an offer is not for anyone who has in their own interest to support terrorism, abusing their own political values ​​for the operation of a crime or a similar direction. My offers and proposals are only for the governments of countries that initiate the full cooperation of the international agreements on safety according to my designs.

REFERENCE TO PLAN atmospheric canyon.





Subsequently, it will obtain an agreement on the option for creating other common weapon in our safety volume.

WARNING: European governments the country, United States, so a group of NATO, they know my technology of eavesdropping and spying my people. Therefore, they are trying to rob my person on my patent rights and projects, plans to produce sophisticated weapons and technology. It is the same in the direction of my projects for markets and cooperation.
Proof, in the direction of technology for weapons production, Europe has used the service, including BAE System, for theft of my plan to create atmospheric gun. BAE system publishes information on atmospheric canyons since 2014. Atmospheric gun is my project, which is aged over ten years, according dokazatelnych proofs of society and the proposals of the paper or document. Witnesses over a thousand people. (Anyone who would support such a crime, he must be punished to the electric chair. If it has the BAE System supported such a step, then they lose their right to trade and a common Amounts owed to terrorism. That means that our group owns full rights to takeover of joint share of Bae System, subsequent manufacture of all the technology in the interest business law and petentu BAE system.)

Atmospheric gun designed for anti-aircraft and missile defense is possible to use a variety of other positions. One is a ground based and mobile missile defense system. A similar system can be installed on ships, in aircraft or tank for example.
Such a system can isolate any threat from the enemy, Shoot each missile or aircraft. The system can monitor the entire territory and to remove every move discern.

Better ensure the safety and ability to remove any threat from the enemy is to create a system that is able to perform accurate online monitoring enemy territory, territory in which the moves terrorism.
I know the way to anyone of us can very easily can monitor any movement of enemy territory and create exactly the Blast position with the help of straight track at a distance of over 100,000 kilometers example from the target.

It's a simple system that is based on the same technology as atmospheric cannon. System is easy, in the first phase it is necessary to bring the state firm atmospherically gun in orbit around our planet earth. It is then simple to remove all obstacles from the enemy.

Joint use of such a system orbital cannon is intended only to support the world's security. It is not permitted to compromise the common people and their civilization.

For creating such a possibility should be simplified option for transportation between planet Earth, our surface and from the orbital position in the universe.

Therefore, it must follow the following figures.

Next one of many option how to ,,easy'' fly to Orbit Line, we can use Ionocraft (USA1920-30) for Material and Passenger transport on Orbital Line:

Earning into orbit in free space or anything goes. For example, military satellites for espionage or for example satellites that are part of anti-missile system which transmits digital information for ground-based system, or for another orbital cannons against missiles and space fighter airplanes. Satellites which owns a variety of sensors, optics, radar, for example, firearms or devices.

Atmospheric cannon that will orbit, the gun is able to focus accurately on any target and strafing over two positions at once, two positions which are spaced over 50,000 kilometers in a single moment. Kanon can attack from a height of over 10,000 or 100,000 kilometers from the target. Kanon can be moved to the other side of the planet Earth, within ten minutes.

Orbital cannon can create, the force of impact in the value of one standard rockets or up stronger than the meteorite that could destroy an area of ​​over 5,000 kilometers within a radius.
Therefore, it is necessary in any event, ensure our strong cooperation and maintain security rules, so therefore there is no heavy genocide and abuse of the system for mass destruction if that is not sufficient need.
Standard value of the gun should be addressed to the destruction zone covering an area of ​​one kilometer, and the like. The charge goes interactively regulate their strength.

Today, the greatest danger to our side, especially technology based on HAARP. It is a technology known in the world. It is a system that is able to redirect stream of radio waves with the help of the reflection from the sphere of ionization. The reflected wave then acts on the specified area and can create an earthquake or control the weather.
Satellites can in a few few minutes to create X-ray of the entire city area of ​​Madrid, Geneva, Rome and Vienna and others. Such a system and similar technology can be used for X-ray of the country. This means that housed underground and secret arms factories which are under the earth's surface, these positions is easy to detect. The computer detects the skeleton of your person. Then, the computer recognizes your skeleton body of people in the database has saved in the database of monitored persons, like fingerprints.
Computer Your Search according to shape and detail of your skeleton, then the computer can check other information with the help of optics and your position, detect your identification data.
System of such a computer is easy. Your computer may be about the size of cigarette cartons. The computer can monitor your political or personal movement for 24 every day, without any interval. If you manage to be hidden beyond the reach of radio waves, then the computer will search your person in town and Positions stored by the movement of your person. Computer can examine all persons in the vicinity over several kilometers, for several minutes.
This means that the system HAARP technology can give your people could be found within a few minutes. Then Vas Such a system can operate anyone. Handling mind. Many scientists are now able to convert basic information from your computer to the human brain using radio waves. Emotions, feelings, thoughts and texts. Modern technology may be advanced. Transmission emotion of memories, memory changes, new reflections or similar information.
The technology is able to transmit various kinds of information as digital data. Such systems are simple and known in the world, modern science. Today, in France, several people who already over several years to present the same information, transfer information to the brain, with the help of radio waves. According to such information by other researches neuron psychological knowledge about hypnosis, it is simple with the help of HAARP technology affect human mind and thought, memory or habits. Is the need to perform spatial centralization of data transmission, similar as if you wanted to streamline lightning from storm clouds.
The human brain is a special muscle that can only work in a state when you are in a state of hypnosis. This means that such muscle starts to store information that you want other people arrayed into your consciousness. Such a brain muscle stores all the information and will write to the cerebral crystalline mass. This is the place where you store all your memories, information, habits, the main center of Your Mental existence!
This information out there who are enrolled may remain in your memory for one week or longer than 50 years. This is the place where all of your experiences from your entire life!
HAARP technology can change your psychology, your memory, your habits and character or ideology, changing your bioritmi the help of a psychological stimulation, control your movement, dictate your passwords from a bank account, to dictate your response by police to dictate your behavior in any conflict or the situation dictate the value of your shopping day or a business process, and views or demand and direction of development of your business.
If you do not know about that change and protest against it, then it will be for example a lifetime. These are the changes that had not ever change, if you do not fight change.
Such a process of writing data to your crystalline materials can create a change of mind, change your character reflex. Erasing memories. False memories. Your new natural reaction. Your natural intuition and your personal views in a special moment.

Therefore, because European governments NATO country and possibly abusing such technology for the emergence of terrorism today in Nepal, earlier in Japan at the Fukushima explosion or many other places, it means that we must build sufficient protection from any technology HAARP. Our goal is to destroy satellites that carry out any operation with different types of waves, without the registry in our database!

Because there are many existing value of security threats against world peace, because I want to offer our joint collaboration, and extend greater certainty and stability of your country to ensure order within the scope of European governments in the country.
We may unite and ensure our strong safety. We must unite and create a good enough force that will be able to oppose against European governments countries!
Our capabilities and technologies will be enough because we could oppose European governments land. We are able to stop any threat that European policy had set against our party. Together we could win and ensure our common security, pride, cooperation in the interest of certainty and knowledge of all facts!


I am person who is every day under monitoring be the Time-space and Reality Technology manipulation.

Confirm is in number's of the time's and price's for product, in date's of dates next three day's. Similar form of methaphorical activities is around me every day and every where. The text's, incident's in television or newspaper's, text's and music, time and incident's, physical activities and their score, lotery, people and their date of born, everythink.




The federal government Imperium of Diamonds confirms the value of their own ability to achieve industrial strength activities on education are able to produce about 1 trillion cosmic fighter aircraft of this type.
Each of these cosmic fighter aircraft proves to be based on autonomous control digital form.
Fighter aircraft may benefit from better motor types, silos can achieve such a feat ,, width across endless light-years away in 1 second. ''
Weapons can be replaced with a better type of system which is capable of destruction Obekt to force a projectile across several billiard light years per second. Systems are synchronized with navigation technology that can focus on targets with measuring one atom at a distance of several billiard light years from a gunshot arm. Focus and success interference target it is accurate. Missiles can carry out the destruction of the object with dimensions of several planets.
Another technology is the ability blasting area dimension in the form of ten galaxy. Such a system can create technology for the destruction of 10 galaxies within 1 second.

Next step of Power
Infinity LY per 1 Second
Liquidation of 100's Galaxies per 1 second
Super System's and High Capacity Power for Defense with Supercomputer Strategies


Technology for Mass Monitoring against Criminal movement

Technology of optical systems multy zoom and camera system super lenses, as well as the system of the telescope's ability to recognize close objects at a distance of 10,000 kilometers, from the position of the orbital path around the Earth, with the ability to sync with supercomputing headquarters that automatically monitors the selected cities with the ability to track detailed movement all persons, vehicles and routes so supercomputer scans the faces of all monitored persons and then evaluate the result of the comparison with a database of wanted or missing persons.

System will be used for global search of all terrorist individuals and criminals on the run, or for the monitoring of armed movements in a natural cover.

Autonom Android for Safety Monitoring and Defend
ID's Autonom Android Safety technology
06.11.15 - 1.jpg
The Federal Government of
The Imperium of Diamond's

The Martial Law according need's for remove of terrorism

Situation, European terrorism situation and such consequences

EU states robbing the world of values ​​that are greater than the value of planet Earth. Robbing is created through the abuse of a person under hypnosis and illegal manipulation, monopoly and global terrorism, treaten against the peace. Therefore, there is a threat to the future stability of world politics, economy, security and peace, and in some cases there is a lot of threats against the existence of all humanity.
European governments have overtaken the worst values ​​of World War II and the crimes. This legally formed biggest terrorist in the history of human existence.
Every so that he may understand what is the actual value and the threat of the current situation in the ratio over the world and in the interest of the strategy and the consequences of the most important international rights, everyone must therefore thoroughly understand what the difference is between the second World War in history, according to understand the value of words to today, The First GLOBAL War on humanity in the establishment of relations in the interest of the values ​​of the current situation.
In order duty of all governments in the world, anyone who wants to fight it and to ensure safety, each must therefore ensure major security action and cooperation by the established pattern of the main claimant and the referee situation.
The right to determine the decision was based on the claim the constitution of the International Alliance The World Diamond, also under the Charter of the UN, and by 90% of the world's political rules that in the interest of possibilities for their application in a situation and in full conformity with the obligations and without possibility of appeal to any manner.


Security step's in the form of Martial law
  1. Elimination of terrorist governments of European sovereignty and the establishment of an international regime and the sovereignty of the International Alliance of governments and by compliance with the constitution of The World Diamond International Alliance and again in order to comply with the constitution of the Federal Government Imperium of Diamond's.
  2. Confirm the illegitimacy of all existing agreements in the interest of European terrorist states and to subsequently use the Constitution of the International Alliance of The World Diamond, the possibility of maintaining stability which is maintained on the card and bilateral or multilateral and diplomatic relations between the Government of your country governments and the European countries.
  3. Immediate blockage of all the activities and performance of the political nature of the government of the country in cooperation on terrorism, all rights of ownership or business activities, movement in society and communication, movement in the interest of media activities, communication with any person and at every political person, president, king Prime Minister of the Government, MPs, senators, political parties and any other persons who are active in any way in the interest of the government of the country that whenever and however supported terrorist activity. All policy who coopered in interest of the terrorist government, they are support value andm activity of terrorism.
  4. Political people, civilians, every person who supported the motion of terrorism as well as those who are in any contact with these persons, the relationship between the family member, friend, a working relationship, contractual relationship, such a person must therefore be confined to the detention customs and under below thorough interrogation. In this case, the value immediately blocked all legal names and or options activity in society, rights to trade rights to media activities, rights to free movement. All the properties will be immediately blocked by the government. It will be applied to the appeal of this paragraph through a government decree.
  5. All foreign media will be granted temporary blockade. National media will be under the full control and under censorship.
  6. All publicly accessible center for connecting to the Internet will be blocked immediately and without the possibility of their use.
  7. Internet will be under censorship and monitoring.
  8. Telephone communication will be under monitoring efforts in order to detect any threats of terrorism and any form of organized movement in the crime.
  9. Each government of the country in the entire world must support the temporary closure and control of all borders within the European terrorism territories, and also the issuance of all persons who have fled abroad and cooperation in publishing all information on terrorism.
  10. Attempted illegal border crossing will be punished by immediate imprisonment for a period of five years in prison. In the case of the efforts of the opposition to criminality person shot.
  11. Schengen Agreement is concluded for a short time, then there is a clarification of the agreement. Applies border regions. At each regional boundary will run full control of identity and security through legal checks.
  12. Any person who shall be heard and dismissed out of control, because a person obtains a legal certificate of inspection. Legal confirmation in the form of municipal control, regional control, state control, civil control.
  13. Issuing new identity and a passport to travel to all persons who were allowed to investigate the polygraph or through other other special tactic's. A person who refuses inspection must be heard forcefully or shot for their support and cooperation for global terrorism. Subsequently, it will be blocked all rights for business, media and social activities for each family member or friend and well-known among these people who refused to provide cooperation for the elimination of international terrorism.
  14. Police and special investigative persons have the right to control all persons in the apartment and other buildings through thermal monitoring, visualization and X-ray technology. Everyone must respect the rights and safety of families and citizens. No one at the same time must not obstruct inspection, control is more important than the rights of a different nature.
  15. New legal documentation will be issued after an inspection of each person. To document that is proof of citizenship is required to issue a fingerprint image ophthalmic lenses, X-ray skeleton body, facial features, other basic biometric characters for the possibility of real legal certainty the value of the new document.
  16. New documents will be issued until the declared fully legal status and guarantee security in the country. This means the realization of checks on all persons who have moved within the European and terrorist activities have any connection with terrorism. So again, until the hearing, every person who lives or has lived in the territory of these states.
  17. The first step will be summoned every citizen to secure his control of the police.
  18. The second step is to check and blocking all roads out of the city, highway, water trails, forest roads, railways, airports, and any manner of movement. Anyone who wants to pass blocks, must be the first incident investigated by questioning the fundamental lie detector. Anyone who would argue, must be imprisoned.
  19. Will be created police, military and civilian those that ensure close monitoring of the entire territorial space, cities, forests, meadows, water surface, any other center.
  20. Will be developed special technologies that will autonomously monitor all movement and identification of persons in the city, in any other zone. In the case of recording a person who is not identified, the person will therefore stoped and imprisoned in jail until fully ensure its safety or court judgment.
  21. Any person who is undergoing interrogation must be willing to answer every question, and before all the known information on all persons who are in cooperation on terrorism or any other criminal activity. Efforts to lie in order to harm the investigation is punishable by imprisonment and immediate destination for questioning in an isolated prison for several years.
  22. Any person living in a country with the obligation to provide all personal information in order to master data to enable space-time calculations of our reality through supercomputers are used for detailed analysis of all the activities and events or crime in the past, at present and in the future. The information will be used for the removal of all criminal activity or criminal threats and terrorism.
  23. Support for terrorism and any action that leads to support for terrorism, such activity is a criminal act.
  24. The suspects or other persons who support terrorism as it should be confined to prison and be under constant interrogation for a period of several years, in the psychological coercion to ensure all full statements and information about terrorism. Then decide on the dismissal, imprisonment or the death penalty. King also owns the right to decide the outcome of the judgment in the interest of his performance.
  25. Construction of special prisons which are based on the full isolation from any value or civilization of human existence. Prison is for people who work together on global terrorism which is a threat because of the emergence of the first global war.
  26. Refusal to respect the rights of the document will be punished by immediate death penalty immediately after questioning persons terrorist activities.

Martial law and international situation and the application:

Martial law is declared on the activity of legal claim The constitution of the World Diamond International Alliance, and again in the interest of the constitution of the federal government Imperium of Diamond's.
Martial law is declared in the activity of the legal-political principles of the UN Charter at a special system which originated through the current situation which is based on organized crime and the abuse of political power in the United Nations. Security Council no longer entitled to principal executive directors, and the loss of rights is declared through the main rules of the UN Charter and at the same time the interplay of all signatories to the Declaration and international rules among all states and governments of countries around the world. Therefore, the claim of martial law is fully applied without the possibility of any sort of conflict and change.

It will also be applied in the interest of the International Alliance Constitution, Chapter One, the second part during the testimony under the UN Charter.

Strategy for international use:

The government of the country that supports terrorism because Europe is losing the right to political or any other form of cooperation. This leads to opportunities bankrupt the government, the economy, and any other important values ​​of international relations and communications. Therefore, it can also be a national overthrow the government and establish a new regime that accepts accountability after the previous government sovereignty. Obligation due to the basic nature is therefore cooperation.

The threat of weak activity in international representation of global security and stable laws:

European and other terrorist governments run by terrorist activity to the greatest extent racist, inhumane and immoral, perverted activity that is the real norm responsible for designation as a value capable of global terrorist attacks, the emergence of the first global war, the effort to eradicate or enslave any country that cooperates against terrorism. That means a threat to the existence for seven miliard people on the planet.
European governments and their terrorist alliance was able to get through spying and information technologies that are able to travel into outer space between galaxies and alien planets. Therefore, there is a risk if world politics is not sufficiently active in the interest of safety and security features of the system according to the international agreements and responsibilities of political parties, then it will be possible to terrorist governments jointly managed to ensure the emergence of a new civilization anonymous for the development of further movement a terrorist regime.
The new regime terrorist activities may therefore be a major threat to the future security of the governments of the countries on the planet Earth and our generations of the human race. We do not know the value of the enemy, not know the position of the enemy, not know the interests of the enemy, we let the enemy so that he could develop their own values ​​over several tens of years and without supervision or blocking against terrorism.
Current and future governments of your country have in such a case full entitlement to achieve today's questioning of the government and obtain information from all persons who have caused the government does not respect the country's international obligations and the principles of world peace. This means that any such person is therefore designated as a criminal who is responsible for criminal acts and support world terrorism with support for the emergence of threats to the creation of the first global war and the removal of human existence.

The Martial Law
The King of The ID's
The King of The Imperium of Diamond's
Legal Signature of 2016

We Love the World, Support and Develop. The One World !
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The creation of Consortia business entity as a legal person introduced Organizer
Organiser acquires the business parties, corporations and businesses at the state level, the foreign country and internationally, for the opportunity to ensure the growth of transnational relations business sides of the same category and thus their alliance to form a single entity activating the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's like a business Consortium at a unitary corporations representing General Council composed of many of the numerous range of business entities with legal personality.
Organiser is organizing a group as the third representative of the Organizing documents such entities trading parties in the form of consortia which are composed of all acquired by business corporations, and thus create a common trade as an act collectively to expand its network of sales offices with a new name legal society over the legitimacy of the Organizing Document of the consortium and this authorization to use profits from its own program, trade and investment by the joint development of guarantee contracts between traders consortium.
The consortium thus arises that three or more, and no limit on the number of parties business corporations the same size business category and merchants together constitute an agreement on trade cooperation as a consortium of ID's, and that means that the members of such an agreement becomes General Council as the main representation for body Consortium. The consortium is a fully independent body and its representation own dimension as the General Council functioning on the territory of jurisdiction of Diamond's Imperium, and thus no obligation dual taxation for persons from foreign countries.
The consortium and its General Council are therefore legally recognized as the second person with his own foundation's headquarters under the jurisdiction of Diamond's Imperium, and not against a foreign state.
Each consortium obtains legal address within the Imperium of Diamond Offshore's under the format of principle, while the right anonymous bank account of the State Imperium of Diamond's.
Organiser therefore own position only as a contracting authority with a registry document and produce evidence common parties in order to form a consortium and the selection of the registration fee which will be handed over to the official authorities ID's government and to confirm the registry of a new business entity in the ID's Commercial Register, it means the ability to start a legitimate business activities in the Imperium of Diamond's and the extent of such jurisdiction.
Organizer subsequently obtains financial share for its activity and gain a new member of the Group Consortium. For each consortium receives profits immediately in the event that the subject of the Consortium made a first payment of income taxes and profits. Profit from the creation of the consortium is ratified by the number for every single entity, while in the second ratification of a number of active business entities in the interest of capacities necessary for the full functioning of the consortium as a stable business entity, and therefore with acreage values ​​of the capitalist system ratification by market levels.

Consortium may be founded in order to produce oil companies, firms and corporations with electronics, metallurgy, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, medical center or as agricultural centers and financial services, even the side of the bank from foreign countries together can launch function as a consortium of which there is one company form.
Consortium may be established for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of another legal person status, and to the Strategic Trade Cooperation in the Imperium of Diamonds or the use of a new center for the export of the product abroad, mainly as a second source to ensure their own development resources to foreign parties.
Advantage consortium for each business group, is the possibility of cooperation in a multi-national group and develop also thanks to intelligence and technological advancement from other individuals in the group and therefore is entitled to conveniently organize and develop as a group and with global selecting the best intelligence and values. Development is organized by the willingness of commercial parties in the interest of the provisions on deposit in contracting act of the General Council of the Consortium.
Creating the Consortium on the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's is an opportunity to develop trade markets and build common commercial properties on the territory of the Imperium of Diamond's, under the name of the state Imperium of Diamond's and legal registry in the territory of international waters, as well as to free orbit and subsequently in free cosmic space and on other planets in the cosmos.
This creates the ability to dynamicly developing at advanced level and significantly grow into the largest business groups in converting the entire world. Cooperation is beneficial for all traders and their interest in growth when using the multi-dimensional nature of global cooperation organized by the Common Market.

Multy Consortium

Multy consortium becomes subject which comprises a further alliances between several different categories of Consortia which are tied together related business networks, meaning the structure of the system of Internal trade organizations to build their own modernization of all groups Multy Consortium for using common resources. Market development and financial cycle is composed of its own closed cyclisation without inflationary rhythm. The groups will jointly develop and produce advanced level of their own capabilities.
Example activities and composition of the Consortium's multi-trade system when a corporation jointly formed a consortium single category of the market, such as consortia that may be composed of one business category, such as Metallurgy, is the second category Electronics, the third category Agriculture, and so on.
Consortia are therefore then collectively unite to form a multi-consortium that it may be active as a group composed, for example, a business category markets for mining resources and their laboratory production, followed by the category manufacturing solid materials, machining category, categories of construction technology and product electrical engineering and thus the sales or the economic and strategic use of its own internal management of the consortia, or trade on the open market.
This creates a multi-consortium. Multi-consortium may also focus on the public market, as is standard business corporation.
Multy consortium is also based on a system of cooperation with the Government of Diamond's Imperium for planning grants and financial development objectives or division missions and projects, expanded categories multy national dimension.

Business Categories
Business categories of legal business associations offered by the federal government Imperium of Diamond's

The Imperium of Diamond's Government Form for Register of Commercial Subject's

Official Form type:
Junior Business
Trade body at the social company level, but the foundation office in the form of legal commercial entity. Business entity is intended only for small markets and easy to work voluntary nature. Junior business is a form of trafficking for children from 10 years, child's who is Freely interested.

The body as a natural person presenting a certificate of proficiency in performance in the professional field, and thus the right to form a business as a contract company. Every natural person has the right to create an unlimited number of property firms owned by qualification and profession without reference to any other form of legal ownership of the name. The company is the physical association.
Start Corporation
Start Corporation is a business association that is designed for people who obtain certification for mental health condition and ability of professional development training is. Start founding corporation formed under the authority of an autonomous government Imperium of Diamond's why the owner of Start Corporation does not need any financial resources and expertise in the profession, while losing his own responsibility activities of the corporation. Start Corporation is a business-led management of the Government Office and the authorities organize the procurement of trade and development 'trade union. Corporate profits are determined to ensure the quality of life of the owner Start Corporation, and especially for his study or family development. In the period when the owner Start Corporation received sufficient education, the business association handed over to full management responsibility and ownership. If the owner fails to achieve the necessary qualifications, it will start Corporation passed in the name of another person in order, or will be made public outcry. Start Corporation is active at the public market, and particularly for cooperation with educational centers in order to provide practice for students during their education at the level of real business environment, and is a corporation or used for public purpose.
Register Company
The company provides for the registration of copyright and the arts of individuals and society by supporting the organization of business activities with the copyright value.

Offshore Management Service
The entity which is led by the retailers who are expanding strategy of the association on behalf of other clients entrusted corporations as owners of the business entity, or the Council Offshore Service Management team takes clients to the possibility of using the service team in order to create a new business entity.
Association of firms and smaller merchants who together create a partnership agreement that arises from a commercial entity as a legitimate company in order to function according to the size category of rights trading company.

Representation Company
The company belonging to another legal entity without a shared relationship, only destined for ceremonial matters.
Public Media Corporation
Television, radio, magazine, news and commercial act before a public audience.

3DD Real Estate Company
Trading company active in the digital world and the network business economics among others 3DD Real Estate companies. Virtual entity can possess anyone, without any limit while having the maximum number of other business entities.
Capital Company
Company managing only the capitalist system-driven market and thus activate the self-development of commercial interests and strategic development under capitalist stragy.
Investment Company
Investment company creates financial and development resources for other companies and corporations that use sponsorship in order to expand their own market and profit from investments to ensure the return borrowed for Investment companies.
Prime Corporation
Ownership of the business Company, only one person, and with the established management team. Prime-Corporation Limited own capital limit.
Comand Company
The association of two parties composed of persons as a financial investor and business organizer, thus to agree on a common profit.
Interactive Comand Company
The association of two parties composed of persons as a financial investor and flexible business organizer, thus to agree on a common profit. Flexible organizer of trade is only temporary partner that can be exchanged for another candidate to Community if the candidate will possess a better business plan than its competitors.
Holding Company
Trading company in order to develop transport logistics and establish cooperation as a supplier of goods under transit and either by private taxi service charges.
Building Corporation
The corporation focuses on construction markets, development of architecture and urbanization, and therefore the possibility of establishing a dual takings as its own center of the construction industry and activities of architect engineering and construction of the building. Construction Corporation consists of a number of professional experts and companies who jointly expand the building fund.
Market Company
Market processing and sales, management uses its own market when market activity of other traders and thus the creation of common own financial profit from the value added to the price of products and services.
International Company
The use of logistics management of international markets for the possibility of interactive planning and expand contractual relationships with global traders to develop their own gain and the structure of markets. The government has the right support development of logistics management.
Joint-stock Company
Business association with the obligation upon the leadership level budgets to the limit dimension of owned capital to the level of maximum profits without limitation except for the obligation to respect tax systems. Joint-stock Corporation issued and limits their own investment securities available for sale are the foundation of their prices by size of economic power joint stock corporation.
Civilizational Corporation
State organizes business in order to build new markets and business, raw, resource and financial networks civilization.

Federal Company
Company commercial interest only active on the territory of the Federation, or between Company bodies and by expanding own multi infrastructure throughout the civilization. The company has a widespread development rights at official level synchronization.
Multy Company
The association of a consortium of one category of the retail market and thus functions as a business company.
Commercial Consortium
Association of Corporate different business categories and the creation of business cooperation such as jointly owned other person associated corporations made up for the purpose of activities as a single business entity based on the form of the Business Council dealer associations.
Multy Consortium
Association of consortia to function as one company.
Management Company
The company with the register of trade associations that own the debt level of confidence of the financial crisis and bankruptcy, and there are obligations of the act entrusting the indebted business entity into the hands Management Company that extends the strategy of the foundation property uses many of the numerous dimensions of a registry operated business associations which are therefore in the hands of management administration form internal and public business strategy of common interest for the financial management and development of business entities with a view to ensuring their deleveraging and returning back into the hands of the legal owner. Indebted corporations that are responsible of its trade name.
Interactive Corporation
Group of companies based on a system that allows immediate own immediate ability restructuralization markets and internal resources in accordance with the strategic plan and emergency situations civilization and business markets. Corporations own source benefits and the right to activate multiple forms multy trade, as well as an interactive cooperation with Federal Bank.
Private Corporations
Publicly anonymous business entity is a form of private association which is associated with the business of government, and receives orders from the authorities of the states. Military orders, arms manufacturing, technology, special resources, others.
Intelligent Corporation
Corporations that contacts with other governmental and foreign merchants or services, and always with a view to selling the business intelligence development plans and building intelligence used to grow new projects in the rhythm of state business stability and also to develop new markets or increase their dynamics.

Booking Company
Trading company with its own jurisdiction in the form of a free trade categorization of activities in the space reserved for a limited period of time and with limited territorial zone. The register is kept at the offices of the government.

Corporations with form their own principles of jurisdiction and activity for the purpose of self-interest according to the contractual provisions with the government of the country.
OFFICE Company
Trading company that supports government and local authorities, with their own financial profit from operations in the fees for use of authority and the establishment of commercial and professional intelligence networks or Multi sponsorship, development and consumerism. The Office carries out political activity in public affairs, and it is necessary to respect the obligation of the company structure in sync with the authorities, police and investigative bodies governed by public action.
Research Corporation
Form institution and business entity uses its own business entity management used for the commercial application of research and securing sources of finance.
Planetary Corporation
Corporation active in the size of the planet and as a business entity expanding its own infrastructure company.
Stationary Corporation
Corporation active in the dimension of space stations and expanding as business entity owns the infrastructure company.
Universal Corporation
Multy business entity with its own infrastructure cosmic sources and industrial centers between planets in the universe.
Space Science Corporation
Research center with free opportunities to own and expand their own resources to develop the infrastructure at the research center and to research work around the space subjects special natural phenomenon.
Business Burza
Diet merchants in common centralization of business rhythm in the same direction, thereby resulting Mercantile Exchange as traders parliament in order to increase the centralization of market intelligence and enable a steady income logistics business development. Exchange is led by the founder, or representations that have been selected from a number of traders active on the exchange. Stock representations loses other rights of ownership and management of any other business entity. Exchange may collect fees for the financial register of cooperation and business development rhythms or register a trade with investment materials. The Exchange is a legal institution.

Your Primary option for Business Start ?

Corporation in Legal possession of Register people, and under management supervisory of Manager Council's of Imperium of Diamond's and Manager's Legal responsibility.
People in registration have profit from Corporate business activity, and duties for their own education in profession until time, when owner of corporation have certification for his intellectuality and responsibility for managing corporation.

ID Corporation's Start, open to everyone around the world, the goal is to stabilize markets and civilization of the country's ID, and the growth of the body corporatocracy.
Today, because of terrorism on the part of European governments, each Applicant has own entitlement to apply for a judicial procedure which means the right for full financial compensation for blockages to develop.
The situation in Europe, the influx of immigrants and migrants, each of which owns all rights to know such opportunities for their own development, and that because the federal government Imperium of Diamonds opens right of citizenship to all people around the world.

Please certified Your register in Notari or Lawyer Quartier, and with Your own description of Your interest for business activities.

Easy Strategy for development of the Business Infrastructure:
  • Free Autonome activity, open for Every One (as The First)
  1. Offshore Management Service Logistic center (Global Post comunication)
  2. State Comerce Center of Legal Affairs and Development Business (Organizers, Advocate & Analytic cooperation)
  3. Registered Corporation's in Contact List (Corporation's and Conferencies cooperation)

Registry Your New company Head Quartier and Your Cheque Claim
2,000,000,000,000,000 € in IDMD


ID's Registration of Head Quartier Company
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